GDRC 4D F4 Low Cost Two Axis Gimbal Brushless GPS Drone Flight Test Review

Quindi congratulazioni buongiorno, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new gdrc, 4d f4 gps. Drone. Ora, why am i interested in this particular drum? Bene, for one thing, this is a folding motor folding drone for maximum portability, with two axis gimbal, che è bello, but what i like about it is […]

SMRC ICAT7 Pro 2 Axis Gimbal Camera Drone Flight Test Recensione

Sunjin era fresco di dire prima in uno dei miei recenti video e quindi vince questo grido fuori. Quindi congratulazioni buongiorno, quadcopter 101, qui con una recensione del nuovo smrc icat 7 drone pieghevole pro. Un'altra gente pieghevole di droni qui per te, uh what's special about this particular drone, is first off i […]

Live Q&A! PARROT DISCO 25 Mile Automated Flight From Maui to KahoolaweI lost it! ?

Tuning in this will be a little bit of a live. Visualizza. It'S been about, I want to say, I started at like 930 and it's 1000 quasi 1020 ora, so this is supposed to be like a 55 minute flight and I'm. Just gon na show you the screen here on the iPad. Ho […]

HUBSAN H301S SPY HAWK Recensione – Parte 2 – [Batteria estesa, Prova della portata, Acrobazie, Crash Test ?]

Ancora – and I was using a stock battery in the first video so in this one I'm using a hubsan H, 501s 2700 quadcopter battery, so we're gon na see if we get any more flight time see what the flight characteristics are and I'm just going to go Straight out this way you […]

HUBSAN X4 H501S AVANZATO – Parte 2 – [Doppia batteria Mod / Scambio di antenna / Prova della portata]

Questa è la versione nera, come potete vedere, e questa è la versione avanzata con questo – a little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

Eachine EX5 229 grams Brushless GPS 4K Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Martin timon was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's when's, the shout out. Quindi congratulazioni buongiorno, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new eachine ex5. What is the ex5 look at this little thing? Bene, looking at this little thing, you can see right away what […]

Global Drone GW90 GPS Brushless Folding Camera Drone Volo Test Recensione

Che cosa è questo colpo a? Quindi congratulazioni buongiorno, abbastanza copter 101, qui con una recensione del GW 90 global drone brand new drone just came out on the market. So what is the global drone if you're looking at it? You can see that it is a forum. Drone actually comes with a […]

Mavic Air 2 Ritorno al test a casa

As many as it can get so, it's updated the home point, that's a good sign 17 satellites bouncing between 16 e 17, so that's, a pretty good number let's go ahead and take it off, fly at 500 feet away and 200 feet in the air and then We'Ll hit return to home and […]

SMRC S30 GPS Camera Drone Volo Test Recensione

Questo è il SM RCS 30. Ora, prima di iniziare il mio cane dorme accanto a me qui. So if you hear some snoring that's hurt okay, cos'è la SM RCS 30? Guardandolo, we can see that it is it's, un mini stile fantasma. Look drone but what's special about it, folks its […]

L109 Pro GPS 2 Axis Gimbal FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Recensione

Stephen è stato il primo a dire prima in uno dei miei video recenti e quindi quelli questo girato in modo congratulazioni buongiorno. Bel capitolo 101 ecco una nuova recensione del nuovo L1 O 109 Pro. Those of you who have subscribed to my channel know that I've reviewed previously the L 109 SGPS […]

KK-13 GPS senza spazzole Dragonfly 2 Axis Gimbal Drone Flight Test Recensione

DJI PHANTOM 4 Recensione – Parte 3 – [Test di volo, Pro & Contro]