Va bene ragazzi bentornato al canale un altro fresco cinque pollici sul canale per la revisione di oggi. Questo è il settore hdrc 5v3, with gps on the back and it's running an 800 milliwatt vtx qui. Quindi, se si vuole davvero uscire per un paio di miglia su video analogico, tu […]

Live from Colorado

As matter of fact, I was probably the best part of the show. Purtroppo, but we are here, we are live. Goods Channel. We are here, live if you just refresh that you'll get it here in a second. You have to actually go back, but we are live from Colorado. I'Ve got a drinker […]


This is the kind of a beginner introduction to fpv droning in general. This comes with every single thing you need you, don't have to buy anything extra in order to get up and running with fpv goggles with the controller and the little drone all in this package. In one box for a great […]

CRAZY MOFO! – Catalyst Machineworks MOFO Premium Race Quad – Recensione & Voli ?

I have a treat for you today. This is something new from catalyst. Machine works it's been a while, since we had a catalyst machine work squad on the channel. But if you look back maybe over a year ago now we reviewed catalyst. Machine works, America rig and it was similar to the spring. […]

A un prezzo stracciato & fantastico! – $113 NUVOLA DI RETTILI 149mm 3″ Cinewop – RECENSIONE & VOLI

It is one of the cheapest sand, whoops out there it's 3 Amp 4 s, capable it has a 4 bolt top plate, which I love and a GoPro mount on the front. It is not TPU, Tuttavia, it is also an XT 60 in the back and a wheelbase of 149 millimeters on this […]

Più conveniente & MEGLIO!!! – iFlight Green Hornet 3″ Cinewop – RECENSIONE & VOLI ????

Questo è il volo oculare. Green Hornet è un 3 pollici. 4S configurato video analogico Cinna whoo. It does have the t700 carbon fiber on here. This is different than your standard. 3K. Carbon fiber 3k used to be the most durable and nicest quality carbon fiber. That most of us got on the frames, […]

$119 Fpv Quad a lungo raggio! – Eachine TYRO119 – Compilazione, Programma di installazione, & Betaflight

Questo è un quad da sei pollici con GPS a bordo. So I'm gon na walk you through the steps we're going to build up the frame. We'Re gon na slaughter up the esc s to the motors. Il controllore di volo ha istituito l'RX, il VTX, il gps. Tutto qui, we're gon na get […]

FLYPRO XJAGUAR 190 – Recensione completa – [Unbox / Compilazione / Test di arresto del volo / Pro & Contro]

IL FUTURO DI FPV RACING – Geprc Dolphin Stuzzicadenti 4″ – Recensione completa

La comunità sta cercando, qualcosa che sarà sotto 250 grammi, ma altrettanto veloce come un 5 pollici, Allora 4 centimetro potrebbe essere. Il nuovo 5 pollici 149 for the dolphin toothpick under 250 grammi, con un 4 s 850 battery onboard, we have a wheelbase of 153 millimeters on this baby and […]

Caricabatterie LiPo – Tenergy T180 100W con touchscreen

Caricabatterie LiPo – Tenergy T180 100W con touchscreen

MJX RC bug 8 Recensione Pro