Amerika Rilis Video Salah Sasaran Drone MQ-9 Reaper di Afghanistan

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SEQURE S1012 – Recensione Test Démo – Résultat Concours Permanent !

Pour la prochaine, quinzaine, je rajoute le petit chose quon, va voir aujourdhui donc la prochaine quinzaine du concours, permanent commence aujourdhui samedi aprs midi et jusqu vendredi dans quinze jours, o je ferai le tirage au sort, pour donner la rponse le samedi comme dhabitude aujourdhui on veut Voir un petit fer souder de […]

RoninUAV: Ronin MK2 4" FPV frame. #fpv #drone

No money has exchanged hands and no one has had approval on what i say or do in this video. Hey folks welcome back to the channel, so this day and age were living in the sub 250 category really got popular, and now it seems like its kind of like dying out a little […]

10 Killer cinematic drone movesFly like a Pro

What is happening? Everybody? It is your boy shawna lamiano, whatever you are, you are being fabulous. Remember back in the day when having a drone used to be a luxurious tool for even filmmakers and photographers im, talking 2015 2016 back when any aerial footage looked like it was from a whole other planet […]

How the FAA 2022 Remote ID Update will impact your drone!

Even most drone operators who support the concept of remote id are highly concerned about the stipulations within the final rule. Regarding the broadcast of the pilots location. Bene, things around remote id just got a little more spicy Music, hey everyone! My name is sean and welcome to geeksvana. As regular viewers will know, […]


If you may do we lucu banget Iya biasa, Siamo spiacenti, Kita, tu, potere, ajarin, Ya, Questo è tutto, Ya, ok, noi, mau kemana, sih sakroni, Ho, tu, Hai, JalanTikus, kasih, sapere, Eh, ma, Sakura, Nih, Credo, aku, volere, ajak, temen, tu, Deh, siapa, yang mau kamu, ajak, Teh, siapa, Ya, yang Cowok deh kira kira, siapa ya, […]

2022 Triumph Speedmaster Review

This is a newly updated model for the 2022 anno di modello. Its had some engine upgrades and some bits and pieces for euro five when i last rode this a few years back, i absolutely loved it. Lets take this new one for a spin, see if shes still as good as i remember Music, […]

holy stone HS175D gps drone unboxing & Filmati ( stabilized in post production)

In a facebook page it calls holly stone, club or something and the photo won, and so they sent me a main prize, which is this little drone, and now i will give it a try. We will open it test it and let me see how it performs it has looks like a mavic […]

Drone migliori 2022 || ✅ || In alto 5 Best Drone Camera To Buy in 2022

An integrated camera uses a latest generation sensor for spectacular 4k hdr videos and 21 megapixel photos. Hdr has a far more dynamic range to the image, its ideal for filming a sunset or a bright blue sky with exposed backdrops, and if he is the only drone on the market able to do this. […]

Unboxing dan Review Cutting Mat Terbaik | Cutting Mat nya Pilot Drone Profesional

, Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, Salam Satu Langit, Ciao, Sobat Pilot Selamat, datang kembali di Akmal, Firdaus channelnya, para pilot Drone, pemula. ok, sobat pilot kita, immediatamente, saja, Unboxing, salah Satu Cutting Mat. Questo, adalah Cutting Mat dengan, ukuran A1 Oke kita langsung buka aja ya. Oke inilah cutting mat dengan, ukuran A1 yang besar. ok […]


Ed ha un prezzo fantastico si chiama vga e mini s e tra, poco, vedremo, perch secondo me il miglior drone economico senza patentino del 2022 questa la scatola del di gemine, se costa in questo, momento 290 euro su amazon, amazon italia in precedenza, veniva distribuito in in Cina e poi dopo successivamente in […]

4DRCVicky drone from eBaycustomer couldn't start it, can I? Plus review.

So the drone its for drc or something called vicky here – Oh, if only you could see it. Sì, vicky you got a camera at the at the bottom, and youve got a front facing cam as well. Here you get a top two front lights and red at the back, and you need […]