Composizione veloce EP 21 – Jerry Calverley

DJI MINI 2 Flight Test Review IN DEPTH – Quanto è buono…DAVVERO!?

DJI Mavic 2 Recensione Pro – Parte 1 – [Unboxing, Ispezione, UPDATING Madness!]

Questo è gon na, be awesome, we're gon na review this. Questo è gon na, be the first part of a review series. I'Ve got the fly market here, I'm, also going to be doing the Mavic zoom so stay tuned, because we're gon na have a series of videos on this new Mavic let's […]

Migliore Mavic Air 2 Video del drone cinematografico che potrei catturare – Honolua Bay Maui Hawaii

DJI Mavic AIR 2 Recensione di prova di volo IN-DEPTH – Quanto è buono…DAVVERO!? (BONUS CRASH TEST!)

Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to […]

MAVIC AIR 2 Recensione – Parte 1 In profondità – FLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Programma di installazione, Aggiornamento dei! Pro & Contro

This is the fly more combo. As you may know, DJI does not send me demo units, yet I should probably contact them again to see if I can get some, but maybe it's, because my reviews are brutally honest. I'M, not sure I do show the pros and the cons as they are. Questo […]


Primo venerdì Live

It still takes all dang day to get to get it done and and I'm still, non completamente pronto, there's like 50 cose. I wanted to do, but hey I'm here you're here, we're here together and I'm super happy about that. I want to give a big shout out, first of all to everyone […]

A un prezzo stracciato & fantastico! – $113 NUVOLA DI RETTILI 149mm 3″ Cinewop – RECENSIONE & VOLI

It is one of the cheapest sand, whoops out there it's 3 Amp 4 s, capable it has a 4 bolt top plate, which I love and a GoPro mount on the front. It is not TPU, Tuttavia, it is also an XT 60 in the back and a wheelbase of 149 millimeters on this […]


But today, we're gon na check out the DJI version. In particolare, the wheelbase is a hundred and thirty eight millimeters. Lo è 3 K, carbon fiber top and bottom plate. It has the DJI air module with DVR in the back with the accessible SD card, and the two antennas are flush mounted, anch'io […]

Qualità DJI Cinema! – DJI GepRc CineRun HD3 – REVISIONE COMPLETA ?

Batteria 850 è il mio suggerimento: you'll get up to about five minutes flight time on this quad. Ha un passo di 155 millimetres on it and it has a top mount battery with an additional GoPro mount that comes along with it, che è bello. It fits the GoPro, seven I'm sure, Non sono sicuro […]

Which DJI Drone is the Quietest Drone?