Fpv a LUNGO RAGGIO sotto i 250g – Diatone ROMA F4 LR 4" Drone – RECENSIONE & VOLI

It is brand new. It comes in around the 300 mark we're going to test it with a lipo on here, a 4s 850 as well as a nice long range battery on there from gap, rc it's, the 4sp 3000 milliamp. It should get me up where it's 20 minutes flight time on this […]

Autel EVO 2 Range Test to 0% Potenza – Fino a dove andrà? (Will it CRASH?!)

As far as we can so let's get started. This is evo 2.5 firmware, and this is off of my oneplus 6t phone and it's just screen screen recording this is the same phone i used in my original flight test that gave video lag problems, turning off all of the obstacle avoidance sensors here […]

Summer of Drones GiveawaysAutel Evo Winner

Was he happy to hear from us? I sent him an email and i said glenn you won the drone. Get back to me. Give me your address, so i can ship it and he got back to me and said this can't possibly be true. I never win anything. This has got to be […]

Autel Evo 2 Recensione – Parte 1 In profondità – (Unboxing, Ispezione, Confronta, Programma di installazione, Aggiornamento dei! Pro & Contro)

40 minuti di tempo di volo. What claimed 9 kilometers of range and fully autonomous 720 degrees wow really interested to see. How really close it comes to that 40 minutes of flight time and really how autonomous this is and if it can crash into anything you know i'm going to be testing it. Questo […]

Autel EVO 2 Filmati di volo – Scarica e giudica per te stesso!

Così si può confrontare il nuovo Evo 2 pro al Mavic 2 Pro e il Fantasma 4 Pro v 2.0. Now I'll film. Tutto a 4k 30 frames a second because that's a common format for all three of these and I'll post those files on the web and there's a link below […]

Autel EVO 2 Pro – Hands On Overview!

It open and inside was the Evo 2 Pro and I can't wait to get this thing up in the air and start flying it. Purtroppo, New Jersey's had some really crummy weather over the last couple of days. It'S been windy, it's been raining like cats and dogs. So I can't fly this and […]

Qualità DJI Cinema! – DJI GepRc CineRun HD3 – REVISIONE COMPLETA ?

Batteria 850 è il mio suggerimento: you'll get up to about five minutes flight time on this quad. Ha un passo di 155 millimetres on it and it has a top mount battery with an additional GoPro mount that comes along with it, che è bello. It fits the GoPro, seven I'm sure, Non sono sicuro […]

Autel Evo 2 – Primo volo & Esempio di riprese 4K!

Now I haven't flown this guy, eppure li ho appena aperti un paio di giorni fa, we've had tons of rain and cold weather. So today's sort of the first nice day that I get outside and really fly this guy, so I'm gon na power it up put it up in the air […]

Autel Evo 2 – Vi mostro come scambiare la fotocamera – Bendato

Ieri, Ho postato una clip dove ho fatto una panoramica del drone, e ho sottolineato alcune delle caratteristiche e funzioni chiave e l'innovazione che gli ingegneri da oltre all'Hotel robotics sono stati in grado di costruire in questo. Incredibilmente, drone intelligente – and I am so excited about this because I feel like […]

Autel EVO Flight Test Review Update – 6 Mesi più tardi – Has it Improved?

Autel EVO Range Test – [Light Urban Interference] – (Conservative First Try)

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