Oggi ho un nuovo aereo qui. Questa รจ una gara fpv, incrociatore ad ala o a medio raggio. Potresti chiamarlo un incrociatore a lungo raggio se vuoi aggiungere un controller di volo e un gps in questo. Sta eseguendo una configurazione molto simile a molti dei nostri quad da corsa da cinque pollici. We have a five inch tri blade prop in the back with a 2306 1700 kv motor and that's, a really low kv, and the reason that they chose that, Per te, ragazzi, is to make this one a cruiser. If you want this to go really fast ali shimano out there, he put a super large motor on it, and this plane flies really well at high speed. So if you want to make an fpv race plane out of this, you can do that so i'm. Non gon na. Do that in my review. What i'm going to do is i'm going to set this one up with our standard 4s 1550 batteria, which would be in most of our typical race quads i'm, using this azure prop in the back it's a 50 40 prop and we're going to go ahead and Send it up in the air we're going to do some line of sight flying with it. I want to see what the flight characteristics are. I want to see how well this plane will slow down, and i also want to see how it does on the high end of throttle see if we have any wobbles and some of these planes.

They have a little bit of wobble at high speed um on the zod flight controller. If you turn down the gain, if you have wobble just turn down your gain with that, screwdriver and that'll help stabilize it but i'm happy that there is tons of room in the back here. So you have two different options: con un 20 da 20, mount already set up with all the standoffs there from the company and a 30 da 30 mount option in the back. The zod flight controller didn't fit on that. So i just put it on some vhb right ahead of all these mounts. Abbiamo un 30 amp speed controller. Qui, i've got my xt60 ready to go to plug in and it has a sliding battery bay. The battery is going to mount back here. In realtร , two bolts will let this slide back and forth so that you can get your cg right, so i use it's about an inch from the leading edge right here. You put your fingers there once you have your battery in there and your front canopy on it. Should balance out nice and level for you if it's a little bit nose heavy that's better than being tail heavy fpv race wing does not like to be tail heavy, so let's go ahead now and let's put this little dolphin up in the air with the 4s 1550, on board and i'm expecting a really long flight time out of this plane, especially if you want to hook up a lion system to this one.

You probably get, i don't know maybe an hour, but we'll have to see how it does with the 4s 1550. Oggi, for just a standard battery that you have laying around let's see how the dolphin does here, andiamo bene, guys let's go ahead and do the flight test. Now i have to tell you before we even get started um, i had a 1550 lรฌ dentro. I 4 1550 is the battery we're gon na fly today, and the coolest thing about it is that it came down with like another volt lift in the battery. I flew for 10 minutes like close to 10 minutes and i still had another volt left, so i think you could get 18 minutes out of a 4s 1550 che รจ davvero buono. In realtร , the plane is super light. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of um. I would say close to the zod orbit: maybe the zod over it's a little bit lighter and you can also fly the same size battery in the zod or you can get a 4s 1550 in the zod orbit and i'm kind of making a mild comparison to That plane, because i really like the zod orbiti think that one was probably it should have been sold out pretty quickly because it's just so portable and you could throw it up anywhere and fly long range. You know i've i've flown the zod orbit miles out on 600 milliwatt and it'll, make it past three miles easy on 600.

This one in particular. The first thing i noticed after that crazy sketchy, launch um was that once i got it up and i started playing around with the trims, i got my elevator trim right and the nose was up it. I noticed that it tracked really well, and it has a really nice smooth and easy throttle and flight characteristic. It tracks really really well. Allora, if you're flying this fpv or you're flying at line of sight, you can really see where the plane is going and it's. Not one of those planes that feels unpredictable on the sticks. Now on mine, i added about 15 A 20 percent expo on all the surfaces, quindi consiglio di farlo. If you're going to be flying line sight fpv, that would be the best way to set up and you can do travel limit as well so put a little bit of travel limit on your servos, so that you're not doing full extension. Unless you want those whippy, you know snappy type of barrel rolls um and i'll i'll test it out. I'Ll do some barrel rolls here coming up, but my first impression was that wow. This is really really a smooth plane to fly. Turns nice, bello, controlled swoopy turns, and it feels great as far as the tracking it tracks really nice, and i was trying to find the tip stall point and even on some of my sharpest turns it never kind of bottomed out and spun out on me um.

I never found the tipping point on the plane and for this review actually actually going to slow it way down on the throttle and bring it down to like 30 valvola a farfalla 25 valvola a farfalla, and that was enough still to even keep the nose up so uh for long Range purposes: that's, good news, Perchรฉ, con questo motore a basso kv 1700 kb you get to that lowest point of your throttle and if you're on a lion pack lion packs don't like high throttle. In ogni caso, you can probably get 45 minutes to an hour out of this type of motor, and i honestly it can be a speed demon if you want it to be put that big, big ass race motor on there and um. You can make this thing. Fare 100 miles an hour if you want so it kind of has a lot of like versatility, and then the back bay in this plane is insane. So it is like a a flight controller addicts like heaven. As far as some of the other planes, it has a much larger flight controller bay than the orbit uh. The orbit i felt like was kind of crammed, and you know once you get a larger battery in there, you really don't have a lot of space between the flight controller and the battery, and this plane has so much space in the back that i was able, Even to just center mount my zod flight controller with some vhb right in the middle of the wing, and there goes my first barrelroll which i'm very cautious on uh doing any barrel rolls or loops in a maiden because bad things can happen so um.

You can really find out planes characteristics when you, you do your first barrel roll, but here i'm getting a little more comfortable with it, and i want to. I want to try some more rolls. I think that that one went just fine and sometimes if you have a little too much expo it'll, be a really slow, roll and it'll. Surprise you and sometimes you will lose control in those roles, so i'm very cautious and i usually try to keep it up. Pretty high because i don't want to crash it today, for you guys i'm going to try not to do a durability test, but my previous, my my previous landing, i had everything fly off of it. One thing about the nose cone is that the magnets work great to hold that nose cone on while you're flying with your gopro. But if you don't want to lose your gopro in a kind of a sketchy area to land, you want to figure out a way to to make that maybe even use some wing tape around the front end of it, so that that nose, cone stays on because Mine just flew off and had a giant yard sale. There was like stuff everywhere and the back bay came off so to avoid any long range mishaps, if you're gon na fly at long range use some wing tape over that back hatch, maybe just a piece or two just to double. You know re ensure that that hatch won't fly off and into your prop i've had things like that happen on long range planes where i had something fly off the plane and fly into the prop, and that could be a really bad day, but here i'm finding Out we're at a really low throttle right hereand i love this because this this is very much like the same flight characteristic at low throttle like the zod orbit that's.

One of those planes that flew great at a really low throttle and that's really important. If you want to do long range and just have a cruiserand that was the point of my reviewis to show how much of a cruiser the dolphin is for you guys, um low throttle and almost like no stall characteristic for a plane with that. Much nose on it it's actually pretty good there. We go like pretty close to the ground, so i'm, going to kind of like come out here way out to the outside of the field and uh make some big sweeping turns try to get some bleed off. Some of that air speed, it took actually quite a bit of field to to land this plane, but i mean i'm uh, three or four feet: five feet off the ground coming across the field right there and i feel, like i have a lot of control with This plane, so i think it would be so much fun to fly this one to fpv. I'Ve really got to put a flight controller in this one for you guys and just take it up with some gps and have some fun with the different flight modes. I might actually do some inf on this one, so i think it has a lot of good going for it. It'S super lightweight go with that low kv motor and you know you might even be able to get 18 minutes flight time again, because i was so surprised when i put my battery on the battery checker and i was still at 15 volt on a 4s battery.

That'S freaking awesome and i was actually a little above 15 volt that was cool so smooth and fast. If you wanted to be that was a lot of fun, Va bene, she's back in one piece that was so much fun. This is one of those planes that you can fly line of sight. You can put a flight controller in it. You can put gps on there. You can add a fairly large battery in there. I use the 4s 1550 and i got almost eight minutes flight time. I think i could have pushed it up past 10 minuti, but and if you want to get the cg correct on here, you can have tons of front room for a larger style battery um. But you have to put the battery pretty far back if you're going to put a gopro in the front. So there are cg markers on the bottom. But what a fantastic plane to fly today and uh super easy to hand launch in just full manual mode. No flight controllers today so i'm very happy with this one and i think uh it'll definitely get a flight controller and some gps.