The review were now on the six degree setting on this driver wow right so seeing as the hot topic of conversation is the stealth at the moment, i thought it would only make sense for me to become one with the driver and act more stealthy too. So before we get cracking with this, video were going to play a little game because im a child im going to show you a clip from in here where im hiding and i can guarantee guarantee you cant, find me all right. Music Applause. Ah, did i get you ah double bluff? Thats, not me! You see, look because im here. Yes, Music, still gon na practice, a bit more with that with that angle. So if youve not seen that stealth review already, i strongly suggest you do so, but in a nutshell, the ball flew off the face, like cow dung off a shovel, it doesnt sound, very positive, but im sure dried cow dung flies very well. Weve got a bit of a problem here: okay, ive hyped, this golf club so much in my mind i feel like i can only leave this place disappointed because i have been dreaming about hitting 380 ‘0 bums and thats all the stealths fault. Really but again, unfortunately, im here with more bad news, because ive only got the 11 and a half head with a regular shaft Music that was a little porky. Okay, eight degree head set at standard.

We will be knocking this down to six at the end of the video, because we want 380 plus dont. We and the shaft again is from my sim 2 that has a 70 gram, 6.5 rdx black smoke, which we also used in the stealth review too. So for everyone from the channel that gets involved with the live streams on twitch and in our community discord server, the links are below if you want to get involved. Weve been talking about this driver quite a lot and everyones wondering why im getting so excited about it and why my hopes are so high that were going to get 370 plus 383.90 400 dreaming. I think this if we did a proper fitting session shaft settings. This could be an absolute animal for me honestly right then pop it ive done my bit its time for you to do your bit. I missed that. I really really missed that. I know were gon na say, shut up, but you want me to prove it to you. 348 yards this number here. Everyone knows me: 166.7, ball speed. I reckon thats 20 down on me, absolutely smashing one. The facts are, this driver could get me in the world of trouble which gets me excited. You know i reckon high toe. This is 400 backspin left of brenda. I dont know what this has got potential wise. I reckon this is absolutely music im not going crazy, though, to start with oh stop it a little healy but again left to right ball flat heel low.

We should be getting so much zippage at 333 yards. What this red thing right here has been the face of the headlines with 60 layers of carbon strapped to the face of the 60x carbon twist face, but also this reason right here is why weve got slightly slightly back and it gets me quite excited, because this Is the lowest spinning head within the stealth range and again i feel like this is going to be the reason why we may find uncharted territory past the 370 plus mark just how this things built weight forward, pure low zippage, but yeah. This driver is for sure the start of this year. Is it any better were going to put this driver specifically against the sim 2, because i want to see the adjustments of putting that 10 gram weight at the front, and this is probably going to go in my bag if it is better and performs better? I really really really really dont like that shot. Yeah thats great you know, but its this horrible, like healy, thing, 340. ill, be quite honest with you guys. A video like this can be quite hard to produce, especially for what i try and do um its so easy to register the same information across the whole family of stealth drivers, even though i want to review them all so im assuming youre going into this video. Knowing the majority of tech of stealth weve done a stealth video head on over there.

If you want to know more about the specific technologies, obviously this is low spin. This is fine tuning with a 10 gram sliding weight, but quickly on tech. Weve got the 60x carbon face. Of course, the inertia generator at the back weve got the speed pocket at the front for improving low strikes and, of course, the fine tuning off sleeve so weve hit on the tech very quickly. But if we do this three or four times, itll get quite boring, very fast tech completed it mate well, ive hit the face, but still that shot is just meh and you know straight away with the spin numbers of this um two four that was left to Right three: three: two dont get you guys too excited, but ive tested this at six degree and uh wow, so im going to say, lets wait but wow very necky again straight down the line proper line ball this one get on there so probably know what youd Expect this very stable. The good news is, i am delivering the face like this, but we still got that stability. It feels like high moi its keeping me on the straight and narrow, still really really bad striking. So if youre in australia, the price of the stealth plus is only 1999 dollars. The reason i say only is because, if you break it down thats only 18.31 per carbon sheet Music, but a lot of people are concerned about the durability of this red thing here and rightly so, its a very unique material.

It looks odd, but usually we wouldnt even be concerned about bolt hitting a face. Would we why me, i dont know say um. I know okay. This has taken 20 years for taylormade to make its a huge gamble to just not test this. This has surely been tested for durability in the 20 years, its taken to think about it plan it create it and execute it. I dont know im not in a position to comment on durability. Ive tested this for a few weeks, but im gon na put my neck on the line and say a company like taylormade right they wouldnt miss. This would ya, even though its been a few weeks ive not given this face a rest. It is its its had. It balls from all directions and its not giving in not yet anyway, i cant. This is not its not. This is not a sensible conversation anymore, its been ruined. I was trying to have a proper talk with you, youve, taken it the wrong way. I didnt mean it like that: okay, not my fault, alex innuendo etches. That should be cold right. A couple more well look at the numbers and then weve got to give this thing a go at six degree. I feel, especially at the moment that low heel im still getting a bit too much zippered nothing to do with the driver. Just me getting trapped and terrible striking so that six is really gon na.

You know knock that down a bit for me. Um just hope. I dont start flicking it to the high toe because its gon na be there thats tasty still lacks any sort of oomph, but in terms of shot, shape and position. Thats. What i want on the golf course that shot there is what i want in my bag. So i did actually think about moving the sliding weight around and hitting different shots. If you want to see that comment down below, i just thought with my swinging strike today it was borderline irrelevant because im not in the position. I want to be in its probably something were going to fine tune later on, were quite excited to see the potential from left to right. To really get you know behind that hitting area important metric 170 ball speed, i would say: thats six, seven mile an hour up and thats purely down to my ball, striking as youre about to see with this six degree. Listen to me here, the metric of 1981 total spin is the exact reason we get still with 170 ball speed to 315 yards and of course, consequently, on average we still might hit 3’ total. I remember two, maybe three years ago, that would have been a really good smack a really good smack. That, for me, feels disappointing, because i know what this drivers potential is balls to the face. Hard were going six degrees all out. Yes, im going to leave you here ill, do all the talking ill box this off guys.

Thank you so much for watching, like i say, different video because weve already spoke about all the tech. I just want to see how this thing performs and weirdly very stable. I mean look at this dispersion here: whats thats, not going really anywhere. Is it theres no gardens involved here if youre, not part of email? And you like the content, please consider hitting the subscribe button and, of course, the bell notification, so youre informed of every video. Otherwise, youll never know and youll be like. Oh three: videos, lovely yeah click. It follow us on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, live streaming on twitch and, of course, the awesome community over on discord its great to see many of you coming over. Seeing what all the fuss is about joining in all the antics, i would like to see more of you. There love you theres. Only one song. We need for this section, its our song, ready Music come on Music come on. Will my dreams correct 338? On the fly 179 ball speed, not a bad opener, oh my goodness. No! I could eat it. Obviously, look 179 ball. 3. 41. Carry 380 total right hand. 3. Four, four on the fly like green, killed that Music. This is ridiculous. 383, im going back were going back. Music, 341. 183 ball speed. This could travel Music, its just mental. This is 375 Applause, 184, 341. So consistent, so consistent, ive not been out of three services, yet i dont think youre about to be treated to something very special.

Okay, Music lose jellyfish last one everything i have 186 ball speed too much spin, two one, seven, seven, its not gon na be a record, but man that was annihilated. 186 ball right.