Here it was set to be a fantastic summer. I was really fit and then just one little thing happened and kind of went, pear shaped from there hey there. Welcome back to the channel, if youre new here my name is daniel mann and, i hope youre having a fantastic december wherever you are in the world here in the uk, its beginning to look a lot like omnicron anyway. We cant do much about that. But 2021 year in review, whenever i go spearfishing generally, i have a camera with me and im filming, but i dont always make an entire video that goes up onto the channel. So this is some of the best bits that didnt make it to the channel. Lets get started. If you watched my video last year, you would have seen the massive fail i had on a sea bass when i was trying to look for them in holes. I shot one and it got off somehow it was a very painful experience and i hadnt forgotten that all over winter and i had waited for my opportunity to get back out there, dive the same spot and look for that sea bass in a hole. The day was perfect, it was flat, it had great visibility, and i headed straight to my first mark that id already scouted in april it wasnt looking particularly fishy, but i saw this mullet and i thought better have something on the stringer than nothing after id warmed Up on that mullet, i headed to the spot that i really wanted to get to.

I scouted this a few months earlier, its a massive archway, with three rocks kind of sticking together and theres lots of spots for fish to hide. I anchored my float about 30 meters, away from it and headed in the direction of that rock, so Music Music – i swam through the cave with my gun because i didnt want to have to do subsequent dives to untangle at all and doing it. This way means that you recover the fish and your gun in one go Music. This is a spot i marked earlier this year. I knew that it looked like really good structure to hold bass. Ive come back here today. The waters warmed up a lot well into the season now, and this fat guy was just moseying about under that archway bit of a long shot. But i just trusted the gun in my aiming and managed to stone it out. Right picked it right off off the bottom. Super super happy with that. I was well chuffed with this, especially after losing one in a similar situation. Last year made a good shot recovered the fish. I was so so pleased on the way in i saw another smaller bass, shot that and headed back to shore, with my three fish, pretty happy with that good fun little shore dive. Whenever you get out on a beach shore, diving and theres people walking past, they always want to have a sticky beak whats. That is, that a cod or something like that generally most of the public dont really know what fish species are.

So this couple had walked past and the guy said: oh, is that a bass i said, yeah its a nice bass and then he said, oh probably about three pounds and i was just lost for words. I didnt really know what to say you its a pretty funny clip ill. Give it a solid four. So summer is well on its way. Its june and i head down to cornwall for a week diving with joe pike and mike robinson whos, a chef that later led to some work for me going to iceland and filming some salmon fishing and a giant volcano which was awesome. This is why i love my job thats, a volcano. One thing that really haunts me about that cornwall trip is this bass im swimming along this gutter, ive been looking for bass, ive seen a few smaller ones, and then this fat one is at the end of the crack. Ive only got my short gun, so i need to get close to put a good shot in, but if i get too close its going to spook Music, that was a solid bass, but that wasnt going to be the worst thing that happened to me in the Summer, right at the start of july, i tested positive for covered and, let me just say, covered sucks: it wasnt a lot of fun. For me, i had about three days where i was completely buckled. I didnt really get out of bed too much and the other days it wasnt really a linear recovery either, because i could do some push ups and then id be completely flawed.

Id feel fine beforehand. Do some push. Ups were back in bed for a few hours, so obviously i was very worried about what my diving would be like after i got out of my isolation on the last day of my isolation, the nhs called me and said: do you have any questions, and i Said should i get a pcr test to confirm that im no longer contagious, because i wanted to see my friends ive been locked up for 14 days after my wife got it as well, and they said dont get to pcr test, because you can test positive for Covert for up to 90 days on a pcr test, so i thought well im not going to sardinia for the world championships because he had to have a pcr test to go to italy at the time. So i couldnt go represent. Gb would have been my first world championship experience, but not to be this year towards the end of july. I started to feel better. I went for a run, it wasnt, a very comfortable, run just a cheeky 5k, but i could still do it and i wasnt gasping for air, so i thought lets go for a dive. This is the first dive ive had since having covered im just going to take it easy on a nice shallow shore, dive covered pretty bad for the breath hold. I havent had any good reports, but hopefully, hopefully, im not too effective, well see, but its a gorgeous day good day for a swim.

Nonetheless, im approaching my first spot that i want to check its about six or seven hundred meters out from the shore, so weve felt pretty good, obviously its hot its 27 degrees right now. So thats going to make me sweat a little bit, but i feel pretty good overall, so im gon na have a few dives and see if i can hold my breath any longer than a couple of seconds Music. I specifically chose an area that was a relatively short swim, not too far from the shore and nice and shallow. For me, i had no idea what to expect, but things were actually better than id hoped for Music, so Music. I do definitely feel tired, but thats to be expected, after sitting around in the house, for the best part of two weeks overall, very relieved to know that i could still dive very very relieved. I know these two bass were only school sized fish, but i was so stoked to be able to get out and still be able to do what i love even after having covered on the last weekend of july, we headed down to devon for my local spear Fishing clubs, weekend away it was camping, food spear fishing, all that good stuff. I hadnt seen many of these people in over two years, so i didnt want to get the camera out around the campsite. I just wanted to chat to people and have a good time.

So when i did get the camera out, it was out on the water Music. I hadnt expected the visibility to be quite so good, so i jumped in with my 80 centimeter gun, probably a little bit short for this Music. I knew that this was going to be a long shot and my gun was boating a bit thats. Why i put in a terrible shot Music after i got that fish in the boat. I decided to get my 110 my longer gun just to make it a little bit easier to try and snipe one of these bass. Music thats not supposed to happen some poor gear maintenance. On my part there i wanted to get my spear back. I dont fancy ordering another path or spin. Thankfully i found my spear on the bottom, just where i left it and while i was down there it would have been rude, not too Music, so Music Applause, Music. I spent the rest of the day filming with the big camera and, if you want to see the results of that, you can check out the video here Music. This was only my second dive after having covered and it still felt like hard work for me. Normally a 10 meter dive for a minute is quite an easy dive, but on this day it just felt like it was exhausting it wasnt dangerous that i was feeling lightheaded or blacking out or anything like that. I just felt, like things were harder than they should have been.

I was really busy throughout august and i didnt get to dive that much at all got to go to iceland, though, which was cool. I was doing a lot of running and cardio just to try and get my fitness back up, because i had this trip booked to greece in september. Now, by the time i got to greece, i was diving pretty well. I could dive to maybe 90 of what i was diving last year. It was fantastic. I felt good in the water still not good enough to land. My dream, fish of a dentex youll, have to watch the video to check that out. If you want to see a heartbreak its in that video by this stage, its october and the days, are getting shorter, the weathers getting cooler, the seas are getting more and more rough and its hard to find a patch of weather to go diving in. But we had a small window and i teed up to go diving with kevin daly welcome to my thursday afternoon here, despite it looking like theres a few clouds out there and sunshine, it is quite cold, its mid october and today im going for a dive with Someone i would consider the best spearfisher ive dived, with over this side of the world. Six time british champion kevin daly hes been on the channel before and hes going to take me on a not so short swim about two and a half kilometers straight out.

That way, in search of some late season bass, you dont get two weekends in a row without having a camera in your face, kevin you got offered on the weekend. How are you mate all right? Thank you. Whats. The plan for today um put in a long swim in the wind, um, try, survive and hopefully get a fish or two my hot tip for all young divers out there or anybody. If you see somebody thats really good at something copy, exactly what they do and do it yourself because chances are it works. Evans forgot his weight belt. Six time british champion forgot his weight belt Applause, Music, Music. Only a mile left, not a pleasant ride out here. Music, you cant see the fish here because of the gopro on my head, but there was a small bass sitting in this hole. I foolishly thought first dive theres a bass, its going to be easy to find one today, first drop there i saw a bass in the hole, but it looked a bit small. I thought i would hold off a little bit later. This is not that great, but its all right, hunting pollock as well, well see how the afternoon progresses Music. So youve only seen the one bass yeah yeah, oh im, glad its not just me kevin wasnt having much luck on the fish either hed only seen one bass out in the open, but the thing about kevin daly is: he can seemingly pluck fish out of thin Air, its frustrating and inspiring all at the same time when he does this Music, so Music, so Music, Music and Music Music.

Its got a bit quiet now shot that bullet early on, but i havent seen anything worthwhile shooting since saying that im not on the best ground here so ill have to move along see. If i can find something a little bit better thats going to hold bass. The sun was flirting with the horizon and i didnt have many options left. This was a nice looking cave Music, its really hard to see, but that is the rear section of a bass. This is where i made a critical error. Instead of shooting the fish then, and there through the back end of the fish, i tried to go around the rock and spot it, but it left Music, nothing more to do than enjoy the sunset swim back in with kevin picking his brain. The entire way back on how i can do better next, any easier time it. No it doesnt there we go theres, a very nice fish made in a hole there and the sunset Music. I had no clue at the time that that mullet was going to be the last fish. I would shoot in 2021 speaking of 2021. I know there wasnt as much travel content on the channel as you would have liked to have seen as i would have liked to have produced, but i have a trip book to norway next year early in the season, i have a plan for spain, italy, france And possibly australia and new zealand, if they sort themselves out with their travel bubbles and corridors and all that sort of stuff, but 2022 im confident will be a much better year.

More videos new places, all that sort of stuff. So i just want to say a massive thank you to everybody out there that have still supported the channel watching the videos buying a t shirt from