So this is an updated version of the c4. I think i reviewed like a year ago uh. Basically, i think the biggest change is going to be the uh usbc for the input power here and it does use 5 to 12 volts, quick charge and or the qc and pd power delivery protocols are supported on this and up to 36 total watts. It does say in the manual that it does support 5 volt, 1 amp charging from say a laptop for example. So you can charge your batteries off your laptop usb port, which is pretty low in terms of the power output from the laptop and power input to the charger, but it does say is supported. So let me just show you what you get. You get the charger. You get this usb cable here, uh usb a to usb c, and you can use this for firmware. Updates, you get a sticker and you get the user guide. This cable here is not included. I have this is actually from my jackery power bank i’m. Actually, using a power bank, this actually supports usb type c power, delivery and it’s powering the charger and i’ll just go right to the specs. Here you can pause the video. If you want to examine this a little more closely, it does have basically four vertical slots and two horizontal slots that can support all these battery types here. Uh, sadly, 18500 is not supported anyway. So let’s take a quick look at the charger settings uh.

Basically, you power it up. Let me just go ahead and turn it off and power it back on again, Music, a little startup tone and then to end the settings. You long press the center button here and you can change these various settings here. I actually change the display theme to dark because i, like the dark background better than the white background um – and here is the current firmware on here. If a newer firmware comes out on the isdt website, you can update it through your usb port on your computer. Anyway, for for the most part, you can use this charger in basically what’s called automatic mode. Just stick the batteries in there. It can detect the chemistry of the battery and it’ll just start charging so here’s a nickel metal hydride and loop battery let’s. Stick that in here you just wait a little bit. You can see it’s on auto and auto and it starts charging it and it shows you the voltage and the amp setting and also the milliamp hours going in and how long it’s been charging for. And if you wanted to look at the other settings here, just press the center button, you see the temperature and the internal resistance numbers and the current uh voltage and wattage of the charger, and i think if you long press it that’ll stop it. You can obviously go in here and select what you want here: change your current to whatever you want, half an amp for example.

Anyway, so there’s double a batteries and i’ll do triple a batteries as well. Just stick them in and they should just start charging pretty straightforward, and then we have a lithium ion battery here. This is uh 18650 and you just stick it in and make sure your polarity correct and it should detect the chemistry and these are the default settings here see it starts charging and then you can go in here. Let’S see here yeah. This is the screen. You can, if you have two of them going, you can switch between the other one. If you have another one going, click in here to select long presses to stop it so uh you can adjust the current here. If you think that’s too much without you half an amp, you know let’s start yeah, it’s overall it’s, fairly straightforward as to how it works. I think it’s pretty much the same as the old one, and only really the big difference is. It goes from that barrel. Plug i believe that was on the old one to this usb type c, connector. Of course um. If you want better charging you, you want a power, brick or ac wall adapter that can support um, quick charge or power delivery, or you need a power bank that can support quick charge or power delivery to get more power into the charger to charge your batteries Up a little bit faster anyway, i think that’s gon na do it for this video.