We got the chest strap. You can also just pull on the toggle here as usual. Then you got adjustments here on the shoulders as well and on the sides here as well, so you can really get it to fit your needs. You see here. Youve got a little loops here even on the sides here, so you can really connect things that you need. The backside got cushioning and its designed to fit your back, so it sits flush against your back when youre walking and here again you see the detachable hip belt. On top, you got a sturdy handle where you can easily carry it. If you need to do that, like this and theres small loops here, theres one on this side as well, also here on the sides, long straps, if you want to like, i did here – connect a sitting pad or sleeping pad room for your bottle. And then you got three pockets: two big ones and a small one here, theres also room for an occasional rain cover, and you know i keep some batteries and car keys and stuff like that in there lets open this pack up and you can see how wide Everything really opens up, it goes very far down. You can get all the way to the bottom. Here got a room for a bladder. If youd like to have that as well. The next compartment and open that up it also goes pretty far down.

You have another separate pocket for your smaller miscellaneous things. I just got a fire steel and fire making stuff here and at the bottom here. This is where it comes in handy. If youre in winter time, you can connect your skis or snow wax. You have these little loops here on either side you can connect or even an axe in normal cases, if youre just going out in this type of environment as well. I think the backpack really comes into its own when youre walking through narrow terrain such as yeah. I dont know if you can sell, but this here its pretty narrow its pretty easy to get stuck with your if you have a wider pack, but this is not too small, not too big, not too wide. You can still easily pass through these narrow ways where theres no not really a path. You just kind of you got to rough it through Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, all right, so i hope you hope you guys enjoyed this review.