Could this be it? Could the long awaited successor to this, the dji mini 2 finally be here, lets discuss it in a little bit more detail Music. So once again, jasper ellens from two seven links has posted this on his twitter. This is at a supposed video, showing the dji mini 3 pro. So lets take a bit of a closer look, so jasper is saying that we are going to have a bigger two. Four: five: three million power battery an improved three axis gimbal and an f 1.7 camera, basically meaning its going to be so much better than the dji mini 2, of course, and obviously slightly better than what the uh auto eva nano with that f. 1.9 is basically um. You can see that weve got new well, it does really really crazy design features. We have got some obstacle: avoidance, sensors for the front and downward, which are absolutely huge, and if this is what we are going to get – and this is the dji mini 3. – that raises a uh – i dont know – i dont know how i feel about it guys. I just dont really understand why the sensors need to be that big, and there must be a reason behind it if this, if this video and these photos are legitimate, there must be a reason, but i cannot see why these sensors need to be that big personally And one other little design feature, i think ill worry about as well.

Not worry, but not just my personal thoughts is the fact that that camera is so big in that gap is so open. You know if you are flying into a headwind and could that possibly you know affect the gimbal may be causing more gimbal tilt some used to get on the dji mini 2. When maybe you know it cant keep up. I see the side bits would. Potentially, you know solve it from a sidewind point of view, but what about a headwind? But ultimately you know this is a very, very short and sharp video. I just wanted to bring you these uh courtesy of jasper, ellens and, of course, deals drones as well. So i will leave links to both their twitter channels uh down in the video description. But please do let me know what your thoughts are. Sorry, this isnt my usual studio and it may be echoey im not prepared for this video at all im. Actually, on my way or will be on my way to a basically a famous race track in the uk and im doing a formula single seater experience, um and jasper. Obviously, just uh dropped these and im a little bit behind and caught off guard, but uh yeah. Please excuse that, but ultimately guys, please, let me know what you think in the comment section below are these real is jasper right. It deals drones right. What do you think about? The supposed specifications obviously were going to be within that 249 gram limit.

Of course, uh. We would need to be fair for drone regulations worldwide, um, but yeah better battery life would be absolutely fantastic. I dont think anybody will be complaining at that, but please do let me know what you think about all the design features in the comment section below until next time.