So you might get a shot in one location, but on the way to the next. You need to charge the batteries having a good power bank can really increase your productivity when youre out flying the dji mini 2.. Today, im going to give you an overview of my favorite power bank, when i flying the dj mini 2 and just for tech in general, the omnicharge 20 plus this power bank is so powerful. You can charge all of your devices all at the same time. Let me show you Music so before i get into the video and show you the capabilities of this awesome power bank and how its going to make you a better drone flyer. I just want to say if you like this video and you learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre new around here and havent subscribed, please make sure hit that subscribe button and make sure the notification bells on so youll. Miss any of my upcoming drone related videos so before we get into this video im going to be completely up from omni charge, thanks omnicharge sent me out this omnicharge 20 plus power bank to try out for free and its really helped my productivity without flying the Dji mini 2. ill explain later in this video, but if you want to pick it up, theres a link in the description down below where you can buy this power bank so lets just take a look at this power bank first.

This is here the omnicharge 20 plus and its very compact, considering the features that come in this power bank – yes its larger than some, but this power bank has so many features. It will blow you away its small and light enough to fit into your backpack, which has been great, because i always go out with a backpack when im flying my drone – and i just stick this in the backpack – you wouldnt even know it was there its about Two thirds of the size of a dji mini 2 controller, just under 5 inches squared so whats the most important thing when it comes to power bank, well, its the ports that are available for you to charge your tech and youre drawn from on it. So lets take a look at the ports that come on this only charge 20. Plus this power bank has six charging ports. You have two usbc 18 watt ports which support quick charge. You have another usbc, 60 watt, quick charge port. You have a dc 100 watt input output port. Then this is the best feature as ill explain later in the video. You have a wall socket output which supports 100 watts, and it comes with a uk adapter because im in the uk, you wont see many wall. Sockets on portable power banks, so this is just a fantastic feature. The wall socket allows you to charge so many devices at once and then an even better feature.

This power bank supports wireless charging on the top. So how do you charge this power bank up so that its full of just for enjoy flying your drone? Well, you charge this power bank using a usbc cable and it takes around five hours to fully charge. So lets talk about the most important for me. Use of this power bank and thats how you use it to charge your drone. Let me show you how i use this power bank when im out on location flying my dji many times because of the two usbc atmos ports. I can charge all of my drone batteries and my controller at once its amazing. I simply plug the charging hub into the first usbc port, and i have my three batteries in the charging hub and then i plug my controller into the second usbc port, and that has my batteries and controller charging at once. Now i have everything i need when i flying my dji mini 2. All charging off this one power bank, its great on the front, is a really nice lcd display, and this shows you some information that you need when charging your devices, it shows you the battery life of the power bank, so how much juice is in it? It shows you the power youre, drawing so the power in use when youre charging your devices, and then you have two buttons which allow you to turn on and off certain ports. So you have one button that allows you to turn off the usb ports or turn them on, and you have one button that allows you to turn on or off the wall socket output.

So just how many devices can this power bank charge lets? Take a look an example here of equipment. I actually use when im out recording videos. So first i have my drone batteries in the dj2 charging hub plugged into the first usb output. Secondly, i have my drone controller and i have it plugged into the second usb output. Third, i have my camera charging hub, which has my two batteries in it for my camera, when im out recording videos – and i have that plugged into the wall, socket output. And lastly, i have my phone sitting on top charging using the wireless charger, because obviously i need my phone for flying my dji mini 2., and this still leaves a usb 60 watt output not being used that i could use for something else. So thats everything i need when im out flying my drone and making youtube videos at the same time charging off this one power bank. So how much par does it hold well im, quoting some of the example amount of charges that this power bank offers you and im going to give you roughly how many charges youre going to get off this power bank for certain devices using that, so your dji Mini 2 up to twice off one charge of this power: bank gopros and action cams, allegedly up to 10 times your phone up to five times ipad and tablets up to twice and your camera up to five times.

So you can see it holds a lot of power now. One of the best features about this power bank is the protections it provides for itself and the devices youre charging. You have status icons which show you if the charger is drawing too much power only charge. Will limit and cut off whatever is drawing too much power from it to protect itself? It also has overheating protection which again will limit or cut its part if it starts to overheat. I have noticed that this does get warm whenever youre charging your devices with it. It also has over voltage protection, low temperature protection, and so this power bank has a lot of protective features to stop you damaging it or your precious tech. Now lets talk price, its no secret that the omnicharge 20 plus is not a cheap power bank, its not a cheap power bank. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but the alternatives arent the same or arent as good goods a funny term, because its everybody has different requirements for what they need in a power bank. You know if youre going on holidays and you only need to charge your phone while youre out lying on a sun lounger next to swimming pool, a cheap power bank will be more than adequate for you. You know if you sometimes need to charge your phone in the car between journeys. A cheap power bank will do that, for you, theres no need to have a power bank as expensive.

As this, where this comes into play, is if youre someone like me, who is continually out with a backpack full of tech that is required to make videos, for example, for youtube or someone who is also out with tech, and that tech needs to be always charged For their job, then youre going to need something that a is a little bit more reliable b protects your precious tech and c, has multiple outputs and enough power to be able to charge all that tech. All them cameras drones all at the same time and actually to be able to charge them up fully and so youre going to need a more professional level. Power bank like this. There are a few features i think sets us apart from other power banks on the market. The first is the plug, socket output, the options this gives you is absolutely fantastic, and this is probably the output i find myself using most. Secondly, it holds a lot of power. Twenty thousand milliamp hours, so youre gon na have enough just to power up all of your tank and, lastly, actually is the build quality. I find this to be. Exceptional ive actually dropped it a few times and it hasnt even left a mark on it. It feels really well built. It feels rugged. It just feels like youd have to go out of your way to really damage this, which, again is just speaks to the reliability. I mentioned when you really need something like this to perform when you need it to perform.

You want to know that its you know its made of rugged materials arent going to get damaged by firing it in and out of a backpack. Because lets be honest, we all can be quite careless, so who do i think this power bank is aimed at, i think, theres, two main type of uses for this power bank? The first is for someone like me who has a lot of equipment that they need to keep charged when i own location, i have drones, but im not only out flying my drones these days, while im flying my drones, i have cameras recording me because im making These youtube videos, for you. I have mobile things. I need to be charging all the time when, in my own location and this power bank is great at that second, i think this would be fantastic for people that are traveling and have a lot of gear with them, but also maybe people that arent able to Stay somewhere for the night where there is par so youre, maybe in a van something like that on a on a ferry, something like that and you need to keep your devices charging while on the move. I think this is the perfect power bank for drone flyers. For someone like me, who flies the dji mini 2, because i can par my controller and all three drone batteries while on the move or while at location. So if i had to sum this up in a few words, i would say this: one power bank was the power bank to roll them all.

It may be expensive, but its probably the one and only power bank you will ever need to buy. So i just want to say a big thanks to omnicharge for sending this out to try and if you want to pick this up, the link is in the description down below. If you liked this video and youve learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre new around here and havent subscribed, please make sure to hit that subscribe button and make sure notification bells on. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos.