You are looking for Music hi, everyone, i’m andres arujo, and welcome to a brand new ftb drone review. I’Ve been playing fpb drones for almost a year now, mainly creating cinematic drone videos to step up my work as a filmmaker Music. I spent my first months of flying and practicing with a five inch drone this one, the ifly nazgul 5, which is very cool, an amazing drone and today it’s my main quad for a lot of scenarios, mainly outdoors, but do you see this it’s like having a Knife or four knives flying around and if you’re, not a good pilot, yet you will eventually crash like i did a lot of times and i still do and that’s not gon na be good and you will break some parts of the drone. Of course, the first things that you are gon na change are the propellers. It could easily get stuck into a tree and in the worst case you could hurt someone with these propellers. There are also another type of quads that are meant to be for beginners, like the beta fbs, tiny whoops, or these small drones that look like a toy, but in the end you will want to buy a bigger fpv grab, put a gopro on it and create Content and share amazing videos on your social media, but now i’ve like created this small piece of technology, called the protect 35 Music and before i show you how it flies i’m gon na tell you.

This is a perfect combination of an indoors drone that you could easily fly through windows in your house or inside a restaurant. The hotel but it’s also powerful enough to fly outside in winter conditions, similar to a 5 inch throne like this one. Usually, this kind of drones called cine whoops don’t perform well outside, especially in windy conditions because of these ducts that are usually bigger in other models, but with the protect 35 they made these ducts thinner but stronger enough, so they act as protectors when you crash into A tree or into a wall or even a person, and in this case you’re not hurting anywhere i’ve, been testing this drone for a couple of weeks now, thanks to ifly that made this possible and it flies amazing outside it feels a little bit heavier than my Nozzle 5, but i still freestyle with it. I can do rolls flips and power loops and fast turns and even cage moving subjects. I’M, not a very good pilot flying indoors. Yet, as you can see in this footage, i still crash a lot, but if you see my protect 35 it’s like new, like outside the box, there’s, not even a scratch on it and that’s, incredible that’s how strong this thing is. But i think that i like the most about it, is that i can fly around people without worrying if i’m getting too close to the subject, i feel safe flying it and also.

I know that if i crash it’s not the end of the filming day as it is usually with my 5 inch squad, so is this the best beginner friendly all in one drone for outdoors and indoors? Well, i think yes, it is especially if you want to strap a full size gopro on it, like i do to create cinematic videos in 4k. They have also a smaller version of it called the protect 25 and also they release recently the project 25 pusher. That probably will be on this channel soon, but it can handle a full size gopro. You have to use another smaller camera or make a naked gopro to reduce the weight of the camera. But if you’re like me that like to fly with a normal full size, gopro on it, fly outside close to people and also indoors without worrying about crashing, this is the drone for you. There is only one negative thing about this drone and it’s that it’s really really loud. People will hear this drone, even if they are not close to it, but all the drones on this category, the cine groups, are allowed too so it’s something i can live with. So now let me show you a short video. I made with a compilation of some shots that i’ve done with this drone. Let me know what you think about it, and i hope you enjoy my flight Music. What about the price? Well, you can buy this drone for about 400 us dollars for the digital version, which is the version that i own and also the analog version is on the market for around 250 bucks links in description.