So im going to do a nice, honest review for you guys, is it going to replace my dji drones? Is it any good? Does it fly, what does it smell like no thats, not going to be one of them im just going to give it a go test out all the functions, its a 250 pound drone under 300, so im interested to see what you get for that sort of Price so lets check it out. It comes in this really nice little bag undo the bag flip it up. Okay got your protective cover on the top and underneath that we have the actual drone itself. So the weight of this thing is 557 grams about 20 ounces. So its fairly light, so you get the drone itself. You get two batteries, you get the controller and you get the charging cables. You also get two sets of props in this little zipper. So lets get the drone out, put the props on okay. So the battery just slots into the back of the drone as such youve got your camera on the front and then youve got your controller okay, which just flips out. So in terms of charging the controller you dont actually charge the controller. Its got two double a batteries inside okay, which you may or may not like, but i think its a biggie to be honest. Okay, so in terms of connecting your phone, you dont actually physically connect it to the controller, but you do slot it in on the top.

So its got this little slot on the top, which you just pull all the way up and then tilt forward. Okay and then its just got a little tab that you pull down, and then you just slot your phone into there. Okay, so bosh thats how your phone and the controller go together. Troller feels really nice. Actually, it feels nice in your hands. Lets put the props on get this file up and ill. Show you how this drone works. Props are very much like a dji phantom, where you just push and turn, and they lock him. Those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed that some of these props are a little bit scratched. That may have something to do with me crashing it into my living room wall last night and trying to be clever testing it out indoors. Uh should never really do that. I hadnt taken the stickers off the sensors, so it just flew into the wall once youve got. The props on youll also want to insert your memory card which just slots in to the front of the drone and then youre pretty much ready to go first impressions of the camera. It is plasticky theres, no gimbal its all done by electric image stabilization. So its all done within the camera itself, it has got these little rubber pads. It does give it a little bit of give but yeah theres no actual gimbal. It does mean that if youre doing any sharp turns, then you may get a little bit of wonky footage which you may need to correct afterwards.

But if youre, just flying forwards and backwards and sideways shouldnt be really be too much of an issue. Resolution wise shoots in 4k at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60 frames per second theyre, the only two real options youve got, but for a 300 drone shooting 4k, i cant really say fairer than that, and if you want slow motion, you can still shoot Full hd at 60 frames a second okay, so you may want to bear with me the loudest motorbike in the worlds about to go past Music told you so when youve got the props on the first thing. Youre going to want to do is power. On the controller, okay – and you do that holding down the lock button and switching the switch to the right Music, okay and itll beep and now its on and then youll get the initial script. Now most of this screen, youre not going to really be using. It will be on the actual app itself, okay, but this is what your screen will look like. Youll then want to power your drone on which you just do by pressing and holding the button on the back okay, and it will make a noise a bit like the old dji itll make a noise. So you know everythings working in the manual. It will tell you what all the lights mean: im not going to go through it too much now. The first thing youre going to want to do is collaborate, and you do that by just pulling both of the joysticks down into the bottom right hand, corner okay, itll, beep and youll get a little flashing drone on your controller and then what you want to do Is pick the drone up and then youre going to rotate it three times this way? Okay, then youre going to put it vertically and rotate it three times this way and youll know when youve done it properly, because on the screen, your flashing drone will now have disappeared.

Now the drones, calibrated and youre ready to fly next thing you want to do is download the app theres. A qr code that comes with the drone ophelia go is the name of the app so thats. What youre going to be wanting to look for now? What youll also want to do is connect your drone to the actual wi fi on your phone controller itself. Doesnt actually connect to your phone. Your phone connects to the wi fi on the drone. Okay, so youre gon na go to your settings and then youre gon na go to your wi fi and, as you can see, youve got the holy stone now that you can connect it to your wi fi, so well open this app up and a device close That down and now you can see the camera is connected. Now you can see what i mean by having no gimbal when you turn it out that way. Youre gon na get that okay, quick run through that youve got your home screen. Youve got your quick start. Youve got your modes on the left hand side. So, if you click on these squares, youve got follow me orbit. Flight and headless mode well, go through those in a bit. Okay, youve got your satellites at the top in the middle youve got a number of satellites. Were connected to then youve got the battery power on the drone, the battery power on the handset, the wi fi signal on the handset, hello dog, the wi fi connection to that drone.

These are your different views were just going to leave it on this one. For now in our settings, you can change all your max distance, your max altitude, which ive changed the uk legal, 500 meters, maximum distance and 120 meters max altitude. Youve got your sensor status, and here you can change your camera and you can format your sd card. Okay and then, on the right hand, side you can play back all the videos youve recorded. The top white button is to take photos and the big red button is to film the logo. Underneath, if you click on that, you can format your card again, you can switch between 1080p 4k filming. You can see your storage and if you press this one on the bottom, you dont quite know what that logos means. You can change the camera settings, so you can change your saturation, which i might take a bit of the saturation off because it is quite saturated, so im going to desaturate it to say 20 yeah and you can also add effects if you wanted to grayscale bright Nostalgic and you can change the iso if you want to now. I would suggest you leave it on auto at the moment, especially if youre a beginner, and it will sort out the iso for you, okay, and you can also change the white balance again id leave. It on auto white balance for the time being, but you can change it depending on your conditions.

Okay, thats! All you need to know lets get it up in the air. Got me insta 360 that im going to get some pov shots with. You can find a review on that here if you fancy it and great bit of kit so to take off its going to hit the padlock button, thatll start up the engines and then press the button in the top left hand corner, and it will take off By default were going to be in low speed now i dont want to be in a low speed, so, on the top right hand corner you, press and hold you change the mode to high Music, and that way we can get a bit more speed out of The drone okay, its gon na help to maximum height, so we can get a look 120 meters up now, 118 meters now. So this is the image that were getting so, what im going to do im just going to hit record and just record some of this lets just check that were recording in 4k. We are so im just going to hit record and im just going to bring the drone back a bit at slow speed, its quite windy out there now so its still keeping relatively stable, considering fairly decent image. I would say: lets just take a few pictures while were out there lets take a photo lets. Turn you bring the camera up and down using this Music, so im just going to pop the camera.

Okay and as you can see, ive taken another picture and one more im, not sure why it keeps doing that because thats quite a nice image just record. So what were going to do is going to hit the four squares and were going to hit orbit flight and then swipe to the right and watch this. It should just orbit round me, which is, it seems quite sturdy, theres a bit of juddering on the actual screen itself, but that might be more to do with the live view than anything else now its going a bit skewiff, because it is going quite fast because Ive got it on fast mode: yeah thats, pretty decent its done what it says its going to do on the tin. So to stop it just press the squares again press the same button, all right so now, im just going to test out the follow me function. So ive got my one wheel, so im just going to have a quick spin off down this road and back um and well just see. If it follows me so so yeah lets do that so im gon na put on the old cap so that i can use the eldon pov Music, so we just hit the square. Follow me swipe right off. We pop see what happens just point: the camera down a little bit, so theres me just need to point the camera down Music lets see what happens when we go around this corner: Music, Music, theyre still following me nicely at the moment: Music, so yeah im quite Impressed with this follow me function turn around because its locked on the actual controller and not the image now im going quite fast and its still locked on nicely so yeah no issues there at all followed me just as well as my dji does, because its following The actual remote and not the physical person, i think it just really locks on quite nicely.

So i was impressed with that. Um, nice and smooth it didnt go around too many obstacles, but still went around. The tree stayed nice and smooth, followed me, nice and smooth. So yeah no issues there lets just check out these waypoints. So if you click on the map, click on the squares and were gon na go to one two. Three four five all right see how we get on so were heading to one lets now head into the second one, its on its way to the second one, its going pretty rapid, look nice and smooth okay, so thats, two now its gon na head to three. Damn head into the third wave point and off to the fourth one fifth one, which is all the way over here. This im impressed with this it. Does it hasnt its bang on flying over me again, nice speed, cool thats, all done see, im just gon na. Do some low level flying just to see how the camera acts and then um thatd, be it thatll, be the test dave before i give him one verdict: well, thats pretty stable. I think lets go backwards same with backwards upwards right lets land. It give me my verdict right so heres my verdict: will it be replacing my dji drones, no not at the moment, but did i think it would no did holy stone? Think it would probably not its not designed to compete with dji at the moment, theyre totally different price points.

I guess what youve got to take into consideration that this drone is about 250 pounds under 300. You can get a mavic mini around ‘9 at the moment. If cameras are important to you, stabilization gimbals, then youre probably going to go down the mavic mini route, but if its more of a hobby thing for you – and you want an okay image but youre – not that bothered about it, then this may well be for you In terms of the actual performance of the drone, it performs just like a high end. Drone the follow functions, work perfectly. The way points amazing, its really smooth in flight. The return to home worked fine. It did cut out a little bit in terms of wi fi, but i did find that if i switched to airplane mode, which someone suggested i do, then you do eliminate a lot of those issues, so i dont think thats a mega issue. I was really impressed. I didnt expect it to perform as well as a high end drone, so in that respect, thumbs up its just the camera, really the actual image isnt too bad its more the actual camera itself, because it hasnt got a gimbal and it relies on its electronic image. Stabilization, which is pretty good when youre flying around its never gon na, have the same stability and smoothness as a gimbal. So if youre wanting nice smooth, filmic cinematic shots its quite difficult to get them with this drone, you can get some nice smooth shots if youre.

Just going forward backwards, side to side, you can get some smooth shots and with a bit of post you can make it look even smoother if youre using it for photography, youve seen the images it takes a nice image. So, in that respect, it might well be the drone for you for the price point 250 pounds. I think its pretty good if the cameras filming quality isnt your primary purpose for buying the drone, if youre more of a hobbyist just want it for photography for social media, then this may well be the drone for you, 250 quid and you get yourself a decent Drone, if youre looking to make cinematic drone films, then this probably isnt going to cut it, but i think holy stone knows that theyre not trying to compete with dgi and the other bigger drone manufacturers theyre trying to corner a different area of the market. If youre not interested in this type of drone with the legs – and you want something a bit more sporty theyve got plenty of other drones. The h720 – i think its called is a bit more like the mavic air sort of with the flip out arms. So have a look on the website and see if theres, something that interests you, but i think thats a fair review of the drone, its not going to replace my dji drones, but i have enjoyed using it. I really like the controller as well. I thought the controller was really intuitive.

The app worked perfectly. There was a wi fi dropping out, but, like i said, when i put it in airplane mode, it didnt seem to do it. That might just be what you need to do. Ive only really used dji drawings before so its nice to use something different and see how they compare and, like i say, the actual performance of the drone itself. I thought was tickly boo, so thanks to holy stone for sending me the drone to review. I hope you guys have enjoyed it and found it useful. If you have please do give it a thumbs up. Leave me a comment below.