Now that weve got some miles in the x3, taking it to san holo, taking it to glamis ridden around out here, and this will be kind of my final spot just because this place is really rough. Weve tested here in the race car a fair bit, and this will kind of highlight the things that you might not like about a vehicle when youre trying to go fast around this rugged and brutal uh loop here so were gon na hop in the car spin. A few laps and then kind of give my overall thoughts of what i think about the first 500 miles of owning an x3 Music. All right got a copy, got a copy Applause, Music, so Music. So just put some miles on this thing here at geyser loop, great place to come back to for me its so rough out here. You can really feel a lot about what the car is doing. Theres small bumps medium bumps, huge bumps g outs, um every time. Theres a storm here it seems like the g outs, get bigger and nastier and, like i said, ive been here a bunch of times in my race car and once youre on the rabbit hole of racing and driving a higher performance race car. You really kind of know how it could feel or how it should feel when things are dialed, but that being said playing around with the canon here, you know i was paying closer attention to the miles per hour.

I was going through some of these sections. Um a couple spots going through some bigger g outs and drop offs at 60 62 miles an hour about as fast as i hit today. Um thats about as safe as i felt in terms of you know, stock cage still im not having more safety equipment on as well. As you know, this car how it feels and not really wanting to beat the hell out of it just because were out here, but for a production vehicle. I mean you guys uh, if youre interested in all the changes and updates and upgrades weve done to this vehicle. There is another video, well link it below in the description, but i am very impressed. I mean first off talking about my favorite subject, which is the suspension. It felt great we didnt bottom out at all. It does feel like the back end, seems to come up or kick a little more or feel less subtle than it should ive only kept this stock talk to my suspension, tuner about the ride height and then from there. I played with the crossover rings as well as the compression settings and the rebound settings, so the front end felt good to me. I think, with the rear end, maybe the crossover rings could come up a little bit and allow the back end to settle more and maybe go in a little bit deeper into the stroke were shooting over here.

In a turn, im excited to see the footage. You know, but you know theres some big holes and almost any vehicle is going to kick out of them. So i might be you know speaking a little too far out of line, but i think theres some further improvements. We can made it make and uh. We are going to go with a new spring kit and then get these things, re sprung and revel, but for complete stock im very impressed can am i mean two thumbs up with the suspension of this thing, its really impressive. I know the valving has changed. Year to year, 2021 xrc im im overly impressed for a stock car its hard to ask for a whole lot more. It really is combine that with, of course, the wheelbase these tires, which i know, trust and love a little bit taller 33 inch tire it just is a great feeling machine. I was very excited when i got to drive this thing in sand hollow and just as excited out here, the more time i spend on this car, the more i tend to like it as a platform. It is more exciting and more fun than a lot of the razors ive owned, just because the suspension you know is more plush, like i said its very alive feeling you feel everything and, as i kind of get tuned, i think its going to gel even more. But just for every day taking it to all different types of places, its its an awesome awesome machine.

So 500 mile review suspension two thumbs up hard to be much happier until we start going on that rabbit hole of like the fine tuning with some experts. So power, i really enjoy it. Um powers smooth linear, its really weird coming from polaris when you first get in this thing, it just seems like it doesnt shift out it, it whines its a higher pitch, its a its a louder, its kind of matches. The characteristic of this car is like the harder you push it its the more it uh really excels, but i do think its noisier in general thats. One thing i dont like as much compared to polaris, but you know theres also performance tradeoff, where the power hits hard. I think you know this has that low speed, like your seat of the pants, feel as good as any side by side on the market. Right now, so itd be nice to actually drive with the 2022 with the new p drive, clutch, maybe well buy it and install it and see how it works. Heard. Good things about the p driver its a little bit more quiet. I can hear the clutch noise more than i ever cut on my other polaris machines too. So just some little things you know running the louder exhaust, of course, for our b2g rear storage, setup stock seats, i think, are great um. The more time i spend on them the more i really want to get upgraded seats, but theyre good stock.

You know i could do a long all day trip in them. Theyre cool. You know, for, i think again, theyre not as comfortable as an aftermarket seat, but theyre theyre, good overall seating position now that ive gotten used to it. I have the seat bumped up, like i mentioned in a previous video, where the front end is down and allows me a little more that polaris feel its something that i dont have to worry about. I mean im on the taller side, so i can still see out of the car pretty good and i adapted to that more quickly than i thought i would come from a long time, polaris owner and driver. So, like i said, we got a lot of things beefed up were gon na beef up the rear end a little bit more. We have a new pole. Plate were gon na probably do some new radius rods then were gon na get into custom. Cage in terms of future upgrades were revising, the b2g were in, which is not going to change the performance. Much but just revise the fit and finish of that and its going to be a little bit lighter. So just some final tweaks from here, just really getting it set up for long rides. Trips might do some aftermarket seats, but im im really excited. So i think long time polaris owner can am is an awesome machine. This 2c car, i love the wheelbase. I love the experience of riding in it driving it and i im happy so um hope you guys, like the x3 content, uh comment below if youre a razer guy.

Like me, you jump ship what you think any other questions about it. You want to talk about some more specific suspension. Tuning ive done so far. Leave a comment below well chat, some more, but as always guys thanks for watching. If you want to support the channel, you want to support our brand check out our products. Chupacabraoffroad.