Well, a couple of days after i recorded that i got confirmation that its going to arrive sooner than i thought a few days later it arrived and what it was was this the rise tello made with dgi. So my first experience with the drone wasnt that positive, but this time i mean im, excited to try this out im gon na try to set my expectations a little lower, so i wont be disappointed as much, but you know well see, but for now lets unbox. This thing Music and there we go. The drone is out the first battery is in and i am excited to go and test this so thats exactly what im gon na do im gon na test it out for a couple of weeks and when i come back ill, give you guys a review on What i think about the drone yeah sound good, see you in two weeks: okay, its been about two weeks so lets talk about the ryze tello. So after the experience that i had with the first drone that i got, i was cautious with my expectations for the tello, because i didnt want to give it too high stakes for it to just let down. I didnt want to build myself up for another disappointment. Well, im glad to tell you that all of the expectations that i did build the telo took them and completely flew away with them. Okay, let me give you the specs of the drone first, so it weighs 80 grams with the battery it measures 9.

8 centimeters by 9.3, centimeters or 3.3.9 inches by 3.7 inches. So its a tiny little thing inside it has a 720p hd camera. I know with a 5 megapixel sensor and its powered by an 1100 milliamp hour battery. This gives it a max flight time of around 13 minutes, which, in my testing, i found to be actually quite accurate, the relatively strong antennas in it give it a max flight distance of about 100 meters and a max flight height of about 30 meters. Now, regarding the height maximum, it is tiny. It is 80 grams. Personally, i wouldnt want to uh go or hang around in that 30 meter area that max distance, the max height for too long, because if you lose connection while its up there anything can happen. Anything all of that is packed into a high quality plastic body, which can definitely take a beating on the front of the body. It has the slightly angled 720p hd camera. On the left side. It has a micro usb port for charging on the right side. It has the power button that you use to power it on and on the back. It has the slot in which you slide in the 1100 milliamp hour battery underneath the drone. It has these two sensors that it uses to keep itself better in balance and to determine if its safe to land. There is no sd card slot because the telo records straight to your phone, so thats a lot for a little drone that costs a hundred euros or the same in dollars.

Now i myself opted for the boost combo, which is 50 more in either currency, and it comes with two extra batteries and a charger that holds all of those three batteries that you now have personally just for that it is definitely worth the 50.. It also comes with another set of propellers, putting you at a total of three, because the original drone just comes with two and an extra set of propeller guards, but the drone itself comes with a pre installed set. So now you have two and of course both of those are just nice flares for the money i mean its just for the batteries and the charger its already worth the 50 extra dollars. Now you control the drone by connecting it to your smartphone and controlling it via an app. There is an official app this one which is terrible, dont use it. Instead, i strongly recommend you to go for this one, the telo fpv app, i mean it does cost six euros, but its just six euros and the stuff that you get is way its worth way more money than that the dell fpv app has support for basically Any controller that you can connect to your phone, whether it is bluetooth or wired. Personally, i use an extra dual shock. 4 controller that i have and connecting it via bluetooth is no big deal very easy to control, and if i wanted to thanks to the app i can re bind all the controls to whatever.

I want now. A side note about using the dual strike. 4 with the bluetooth is that using it that way it does act. Add some extra lag so Music. Personally, i would recommend to go for the usb otg route, so you just connect it with an otg cable and you will have a 99 lag free experience, but the telo fpv app is not just for the controller support. There is so much more to it. For example, fpv mode support for vr land on hand, auto land, return to home circle or orbit, lock, heading 360 panorama and improve telemetry for the center sensors and the calibration, which is just insane and it it all works. Wonderfully, though, do remember that the drone is very light, so if its fighting the wind – which it can do surprisingly well, but if its fighting the wind and trying to do an autopilot sequence, that footage may not be the smoothest out there. But all of that for an extra six euros for the app its its its crazy. The same creator has another app which you do need to buy separately, which adds active tracking to the telo, a hundred euro drone. That is absolutely nuts, and for that i tested it out briefly, but what i tested just worked. What so? How is the actual user experience in total? Well, the connection process is a bit annoying due to the whole wi fi connection thing its very frustrating that for me to fly the drone, i have to connect my phone via wi fi, which means that the wi fi of the drone overwrites any other connection to The phone, which means i have no internet connection at all, while flying, but while that is annoying, i understand the reasoning behind it and the fact that that doing it that way allowed the price to be what it is.

So, in the end, i think its completely fair, but once you get past the whole connection process and the annoyance with that using the drones itself is a breeze swapping. The batteries is easy. The drone takes off without no problem lands without no problem and it stays level even in the tougher surroundings and, like i said it fights wind surprisingly well for its size, its a really responsive, capable little drone. Now 720p 30fps is a little rough for 2022. I know, but if you want something more impressive for like actually really good footage, then you want to dish out a few hundred more for something like the 300 dji mini se or perhaps something used. Nevertheless, the camera does its job as well as it can as well as you could expect, especially for this price point, maybe even better, but do pay in mind that there is no gimbal on the camera. So i mean you are restricted to how steadily you yourself. Can fly the drone, so is the rise tello still worth it in 2022 id say if youre looking for a drone to start with to start practicing with it is perfect, you will be hard pressed to find something with more value for a hundred euros. I mean theres just no competition for this, and if you treat the telo correctly, it can actually show you what kind of footage youd be able to get with a better drone, not the footage quality.

But what kind of footage you can get? So if youve been curious about drones and been dreaming of getting into it for a while, the telo is, i think, perfect for you even still in 2022.. There is just i for the price that i paid. I dont have anything bad to say about this. Now contrast this to the to my last drone video and by the way, if you like, the video click, the like button, i mean you got this far and if you think im worth it consider a subscription to the channel.