Yeah, xbox and playstation might have already come out with all new gaming systems, but nintendo has a little more old school if it aint broke, dont fix it vibe. They have, however, decided to grace us with an all new, larger oled display and its time to see if its durable lets get started. Music Applause, Music, its always a better idea for me to test the durability of a device on purpose. So you wont have to find out the hard way on accident. It might also be my imagination, but right out of the box, this new nintendo switch feels heavier theres, also, a new full fledged flap of a kickstand traversing, the back panel, already a substantial improvement over the previous toothpick of a kickstand. The new oled screen is slightly larger than the old lcd version by almost a full inch kind of nice. The seven inch display is still capped at 720p, while playing in handheld mode and 1080p when docked up to a tv same as it was when the switch was originally released. Four and a half years ago, and i dont want to sound bitter or anything. But nintendo could have probably saved the planet by dropping breath of the wild 2 in 2020 or at least saved everyone from boredom. If we really wanted people to stay home for long periods of time, they should have released that game. Now it is possible to make oled displays from plastic, like we saw in the z fold, but usually small oled screens, like we see on cell phones, have a layer of glass on top and with this switchs subtle weight gain glass is what im hoping for.

We can lay out the mohs scale of hardness, which helps us differentiate between different materials levels. Two or three would be plastic, 5 or 6 would be glass and level 8 or 9 would be sapphire if we ever get a switch with a level 10 diamond screen. Well, itll probably cost more than 350 bucks, but unfortunately, what were seeing here are scratches at a level three with deeper grooves at a level four, which means this new oled screen has a surface layer of plastic. Looks like my battery is a little low fun side. Note, if your switch ever needs a little juice on the go, whatever power bank you decide to use needs to have a power delivery function. The pd standard is the only one that can charge up the switch while playing it. Everything else might still work and give the switch some juice itll just be way slower. My channel sponsor anchor has one of these for, like 30 bucks ill link down in the description. Where were we? Oh yeah, plastic screens? Just you know once again its good to know that the oled screen is soft, so that we can avoid putting it in situations where it can be damaged by coins or keys or other metal objects. Nintendo has said that the screen itself is made from glass and that this plastic film, which feels very permanent, is an anti scattering adhesive layer which is there to help keep the glass shards from scattering.

If the display ever does shatter kind of like the laminated glass on a vehicle windshield – and it is probably a good thing to have – if you really do want that glass feeling, though, and make your switch more resilient, dbrand does have a glass screen protector. Thats pretty easy to install and it sits perfectly inside this little outer bezel, its almost like the switch was made for this extra layer. However, if you really want the protection of glass but the feeling of plastic, you can always put another plastic screen protector over the top of your glass screen protector, and you can protect that protector with another protector and that protector with another protector Music and that protector With another protector, its like a glass and plastic sandwich that just keeps going indefinitely kind of like our weight for breath of the wild too. After about 40 layers or so the optical clarity starts to become subpar. But my switch is pretty super protected. Pretty sure i now have the most protected switch on the planet, ive just exponentially upgraded nintendos, glass and plastic sandwich im mostly kidding about the mile high screen protector thing, but dbrands glass really does take things to the next level, especially when somehow theyve managed to have The glass layer on the outside, so it feels nice while if it ever, does break the shards, still stay connected science, nintendos, probably taking notes ill leave a link for these down.

In the description now for the joy cons, nintendo has said that these joy cons are unchanged from the original version, but then theyve also said that they have changed them up a bit so im, not sure which is true. The buttons are made from plastic and still have the lettering inlaid all the way through the button itself, not just printed on top. I can slice the top of the letter x off entirely and the x still remains part of my letter. X is gone, and now i can give it to you x, gong. Give it to you for short, the attention to detail and quality is pretty impressive down below the letter buttons. We have the joystick, which is still coated in a thick layer of rubber and from a durability perspective externally, it seems super solid, its the internal durability of these joy cons, though that still remains to be seen. If you catch my drift, the joy con housing is made from plastic. Whats. Not plastic, however, is the border around the edge of the screen. Nintendo has finally incorporated metal into the switch design super glad they did this since four years ago, during the same test. One of the joy cons did snap off. It gives me some hope that maybe this oled switch will survive flipping the switch over here on the back. We have the super large full length, multi positional kickstand above that kickstand is still plastic, but the kickstand itself metal yeah.

This switch might cost fifty dollars more than the original switch did four years ago, but with this oled screen and new metal components, i think that price increase is totally justified. Cant, let a metal surface pass by without an art class with jerry. As soon as you can tell what im drawing, let me know down in the comments, this ones, a tough one, not many people are gon na get it. People have always asked me where i learned to draw so good asking questions like hey jerry. Did you study with van gogh or picasso, and no i didnt, i just like practice a lot like yeah. You see the finished product and are super proud of my effort, but what you dont see is how many oled switches i had to go through to perfect this drawing. Where do you think i got all those screen protectors practice makes perfect my friends, the internal fan has kicked on, probably because we are still charging or maybe because my art is hot fire im curious to see how many people can guess who this is. Let me know down in the comments. The kickstand itself is still very much attached to the switch body and wont be falling off on its own, just like the last one would so thats pretty cool. I do got ta say, though, that im a pretty big fan of the vibrance on this oled panel me personally, i play my switch docked 99 of the time, so i wont ever really get to enjoy this screen, but for someone who plays their switch on the Go or undocked this would be a pretty solid, upgrade.

Oled screens have more contrast between lights and darks and just have brighter colors in general, which is great for video games. The screen did last for about 35 seconds. Under the heat from my lighter before the pixels turned white and did not recover the plastic film on top, however, did not melt, which is interesting. If you remember four years ago, the whole screen was made from plastic and did melt quite a bit ill. Unplug anchors power bank, we definitely have enough juice to finish the bin test. The top of the screen bezel is made from metal, but the rest of everything else, though, is plastic. Like the buttons four years ago, the weakest point of the nintendo switch was where the joy cons joined with the body. This metal rail was screwed into some weaker metal and the screws just popped out with the threads they were attached to when the switch was bent. The joy cons themselves are made from plastic, but thats not the weak point. This year, though, it looks like the extra metal lip from the screens. Bezel is supporting that rail things are looking quite a bit more rigid and stronger. The only way to know for sure, though, is with the bin test. There is still flex and all still, mostly at the joint, where the joy cons join the body flipping around at the back. We see the same thing: the console itself, though the body with this glass screen and long metal, kickstand isnt, bending at all, it might be game over for link, but definitely not for the switch.

The nintendo switch. Oled edition is solid, nintendo has upgraded the screen and the structure and im impressed would i go out and buy a whole new switch if my current switch was working. Fine, i dont know thats hard to say with all the structural improvements though, and the nicer oled screen. I am surprised that the price only jumped by fifty dollars nice work nintendo. The only way it could be cooler is if we could see the insides from the outsides. Luckily, like always, i got you covered with my teardown skin from dbrand. These are the exact internals of the joycons now displayed on the outside for our visual enjoyment. We have a skin for the console as well. I just dont want to cover up my art just yet, as always, links are down in the description, whats your favorite game for the switch. Let me know down in the comments personally, if you couldnt tell i like breath of the wild and that weird string flippy game, that i forgot, the name of unravel or something that was fun hit, that subscribe button.