You can fly the drone like this and pick up resources from the map. One type of resources a time but unlimited of them like you, can hold a thousand iron at the same time not like flue can you will still be controlling the drone? Even when you are damaged, you can also drop tnt with the drone. If your enemy is using a drone, you can use sword or ranged weapon to deal 100 damage to the drone and destroy it. The resources hold by the drone will disappear. Honestly. This kit is really overpowered because of how cheap the drone is and look at this two diamonds here, two more here and thats, the tier one, you can literally stand in your generator while getting emeralds here comes ams, diamond armor, delivery. Music now is tnt, delivery time. Music, you can also give your drone to your teammates by putting them in the chest or dropping look at this now. My entire team is using drones. Another thing about this kit is, you can actually steal iron from an enemy space like this. I just got free iron out of his generator.