This is the nas ghoul evoke from iflight paid for this. With my own money and uh were gon na be reviewing, it lets give it a go: wow, Music, Music Applause, Music, wow Applause, Music, yeah, oh Music Applause, whats, good guys, ken here youre watching original dobo today were taking a look at this. The iflight nas ghoul 5 evoke holy thats thats a mouthful now iflight wasnt nice enough to send this out to me. I actually went and purchased this for myself and the premise behind this video review is, i guess, you can sort of say, im sort of spot. Checking some of these other reviewers, because i keep seeing the title that this is the best bind and fly drone that you can get today, and i was sort of curious about that. If this really was all the hype, i watched joshua bardwells video and he was super excited about it. Hes, like oh, it rips balls and all this so i was like you know what lets lets buy. This lets buy the analog version and ill explain why i bought the analog version. Lets fly it put it through its paces and see if it really is all that its cracked up to be im, super critical and cynical when it comes to products, especially things i pay for so ill. Just tell you straight out of the gate before you get any further, if, if you dont want to watch this entire video, yes, this is everything that its cracked up to be and its its tuned, its its on the freaking rails straight out of the box, which Sort of sort of blew me away so im, sorry for second guessing you josh! I really am, but with that being said, lets talk about the build quality, because i think that should deserve its own little section in this video all right.

So the build quality of this quad shouldnt come as a surprise to anybody, but it is top notch super excellent. Not only is it excellent, it is just a stunner. It looks amazing its like nothing else on the market. Currently, today, along the side, you have these guards that basically seal off all of the internals from the outside world, which is pretty interesting, ive, never seen anything really like that. Diatone came close with their little fender guards, but it didnt quite do what this does. This is almost like an all in one, almost like something youd see at a drl or something i cant explain it, but theres lights that go from the front to rear these leds that run along the side. I think they look incredible, especially at night it. It really lights up like a christmas tree, its like rockefeller square when uh, when this thing is plugged in its got more leds than you, can shake a stick at and ive shaked a lot of sticks in my time, thats thats, i probably should have rephrased that It only comes in this green color, so if you were hoping for any other colors, sorry charlie its uh and charlie, if youre watching im im super sorry, but this only comes in green. Unfortunately, the arms are plenty thick and the leds even extend out through the arm, which again is, is pretty interesting. My only real concern with the build quality of this is, if you do break an arm, youre going to run the risk of maybe something shorting out or its just going to be an absolute pain in the butt to repair this, because these leds actually run through The arm beyond that, i cant see it being too difficult to repair or too difficult from anything else, but just something to consider something that i thought was gimmicky at first, but actually grew to love.

Was this integrated xt60 mount this? This sort of blew my mind like when i first saw this like why you dont need anything like that, but after using it for a couple of weeks, im sort of like i like this integrated mount, i never have to worry about. My balance leads smacking around hitting the prop. I dont have to worry about anything coming loose and hitting a prop so kudos to ui flight that actually works pretty damn well and using the 1200 speedy pizza batteries. This works more than more than adequately and its just the right amount of length to get your xt60 in there without having to worry about the balance lead sort of smacking around another sort of notable thing here is how i have the straps youll see that the Way they have these cutouts and the way this top plate mounts. You can actually fit your straps in there im using some ethic straps, but this will work fine with any strap of your choice but its just sort of quaint how they have that, and it just works really well, so you can run two straps on your batteries And uh fits really really well so kudos to you guys. All right lets talk about the internal components, because i think that needs its own conversation as well all right, so the internal components are as follows: we have the f7 sussex flight controller and then we have a 45 amp all in one esc, now its good for A max burst current of 55 amps.

In my testing. I found that this worked just fine. It also has a 600 milliwatt vtx, which i left it on its stock setting. So i dont even know what power output this vtx is actually using. I havent flown analog in forever, so i just left it on its factory settings and matter of fact for everything i left it on its factory settings while using this, but i would say this that this thing is tuned exceptionally and the only time i ever connected This to betaflight was when i was actually binding, my controller to the crossfire. This also uses crossfire, and this is a 6s build. The motors on here are the zing e pros. These are like zings new line its like the budget line, which is sort of weird, because i was hoping that they would have put the zing line on here. Considering it was such an expensive build that maybe they would have opted to put better motors on here or like the more pro version of the zing twos, maybe, but i guess that wouldnt have really matched the whole color scheme, but just something i i was thinking About as using this, but ive crashed this ive smashed this and i dont have any bent bells. The only thing i did have a problem with was when i was changing props out. I did have a hard time getting the prop nut off for some reason on this, so i just changed out the prop nuts and i havent had that problem since, but otherwise i think that thats, fine, the zingy pro 1800 kvs work really well.

The props that im using if youre curious these are the gemfan 4s props, its just something ive grown accustomed to and ive been pretty happy with that. All right lets uh lets go ahead and just take a look at the tune because i left the stock rates. The stock pids, whatever i flight ship, this with, is what i flew on for the past couple of days. Alrighty so lets go ahead and dive into the pid tuning that iflight has shipped these with, because i, i think thats, where a lot of the magic is because i will be completely honest. This is the first binafly quad that i havent had to do anything with or really felt like. I had a tinker with their tune, so lets go ahead and jump to the pit tuning tab just to take a look at what theyve done. As far as filtration goes, uh lets look at the filter settings, so the filter settings are just a little bit pushed a little its like 1.3 and 1.4. So i mean not really the least amount of filter and it could probably be a little bit more, but i mean what theyve done here in the filters seems to be pretty solid. I mean this. I i havent tried this tune on any of my other. Betaflight builds, but i would venture that it would probably fly pretty good as long as you can match your components, one to one now something interesting here is they did ship this quad with actual rates sort of interesting.

They have 60 on the expo all the way down. They have the max rate at 900 and then they have the center stick sensitivity at 190.. I didnt touch any of this and i will have to say that these rates actually feel pretty damn good, even though i typically fly a little bit slower at about 680 on my max rate, but this feels really excellent. Looking over the pid profile settings im not seeing anything really that sort of jumps off the charts at me. They have the feed forward at like 108, 114 and 100. I mean its all pretty standard stuff. I mean nothing, really crazy. Uh cut offset 10 set point. Yeah, i mean everything, looks pretty solid here i mean theyre theyre, pushing things. These numbers definitely arent the default numbers. So, if anything, i think a lot of what youre experiencing with the way this thing is flying is honestly in their tune. Theyve really got it dialed in for the weight and the components that theyre putting in here but thats, not to say that this tune they have on here. Wouldnt fly equally as well with other components im going to have to test that theory with one of my other quads, but with that said, lets go ahead and jump out to the field for a flight and commentary test Music, wow, Music im getting a little break Up right there i havent changed the btx, so what it is Music is what it is.

I think this tune is really really exceptional. The ifly team has done an amazing job. You know it works really well with their components like nobody knows their stuff better than they do Music, and it really shows Music Applause getting a little squirrely there. I mean these dives are insane to be able to have this sort of control. Applause. Music, im happy! I didnt bring a lanyard with me, so i sorry if the stick cam is all up. Little taparoonie wish. I had a sticker Music Applause Music. I mean it does take a little bit to get used to analog again, but i mean once you gotten used to it again, youre good to go, and i mean the latency factor is amazing: Music. This is a short flight. I dont think i had this battery. All the way charged Applause ive been beating the out of this thing. The past three days and i got ta – tell you theres, like literally no prop wash and im a kiss guy, oh as i eat right there alrighty! So after flying this. For a couple of weeks i got ta say i feel fully confident with the analog version. I think theyve done a great job. This race cam looks amazing and the vtx put out plenty of power to where i really didnt have any problems. I just had a little bit of issues at that school where i was getting a slight bit of breakup.

But again this is the default settings on the vtx. I didnt change any of the power outputs so if i had to suspect anything, its probably still at 25, milliwatts or 100 milliwatts, not 100 sure but ill dive deeper into that to see. I just wanted to see what it would do right out of the box, because i think a lot of beginners when they first get these theyre just gon na leave it on its default settings and for the most part, this thing is just exceptional. Is it the best buy and fly quad that you can get right now id say so because it has zero prop wash zero prop wash, and i was trying – and you can listen to that video and you can almost hear it if you know what it sounds Like and i i couldnt detect any and it felt super dialed in which this is honestly saying something from somebody that is been flying kiss for the past. You know eight months now and im super spoiled with the way it performs. This really sort of blew my mind for 279 dollars. If i wanted to convert this over to a digital quad later on, i could totally do that. It is tight inside of here, but it can be done and it can probably be done pretty easily with the caddix vista, but i dont really have any intention on doing this. Im probably going to leave this set to be just an analog quad.

It is really fun to fly and i still think analog has a purpose. Do i think that the reviewers that have had these in their hands are full of? No? I dont think so i i just i think these these perform well theres, something to it. Do i trust iflights components, though in the long run, and the answer is their flight controllers and escs? No, i dont. While this flies amazing. Now i just cant say how long its going to fly this way or how long its going to last a buddy of mine in new york had this same quad. He had it in the dji version and it went into flames. He doesnt fly nowhere near as aggressive as i do: hes just sort of learning and his blew up on him mid flight, so iflights got a problem when it comes to quality control on their flight controllers in escs, thats, just been a long standing thing with them. For the longest time, so, while this flies amazing today, i cant guarantee that its gon na fly amazing. You know a month from now i dont know whats going to happen or after a few crashes. Is this thing going to be able to withstand that really hard to say, but as of right now i will say if you want the best flying experience, buy yourself, one of these copy, the pids put them into another, build and and and fly this keep this.

But try high flights tune because they really do have some magic, and hopefully you can sort of emulate that success here on another build um. But this is a good baseline, so basically im saying youre youre sort of buying this to have a good baseline. If you wanted to replicate what theyve done here, its worth the 279 bucks, i guess i guess thats what im trying to say all right, thats going to do it for this video ill have a link down below. They are not affiliate links. So if you want to purchase one of these from your favorite store, go ahead and do so again. This is the analog version. The reason why i did not buy the digital version, because at the time of filming this, the digital version only shipped with the caddix polar cameras, and i didnt want to contend with that, latency that that camera introduced so thats. The reason why i opted to go for the analog version to try to keep that latency at a minimum, and i wanted to sort of test what it was like flying. The analog version, the analog builds, are usually a good indication on how good their digital builds. Will be – and i have to say i am impressed – doesnt mean i trust, iflight and thats – probably why they wont ship me any of their products, because i dont trust them, but thats going to do it for this video.

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