This looks a lot like the original mavic air, one of my favorite looking drones from dji, so xo thumbs up on the stylistic q. This is a foldable drone, it is not sub 250, but it is still pretty darn. Portable weve got a 4k camera. You can see, weve got obstacle avoidance in the front, the rear and a couple of cameras on the bottom as well. So this is a fully featured semi professional grade tool. Yeah this thing is legit. Its got. A 10 000 meter range thats over five miles, a 35 minute fly time and a handful of pretty intelligent flight modes. This looks familiar its not just because it looks like the original mavic air. This is actually the hubsan ace pro hubsan and exo have kind of entered this partnership, and i think its going to be really good for both companies hubsan for years has been making really good drones, but where they kind of struggle is in that user end when It gets to the customer theyre, not they werent, really great, with quality control, thats kind of where exo has shined. They have a really good customer service and theyre going to be taking care of the customers. So, if youre looking for an alternative drone that is backed by a us company, this is something you want to check out. Lets dive into it a little bit deeper. Music. All right lets start by talking about the camera. Here this camera, it is a 48 megapixel camera now its not quite 48 megapixels, its more of that quad bear technology where we have uh, basically a 12 megapixel camera and it kind of sections them off into four.

To give you that 48 megapixel image well kind of dive into the pictures you can kind of compare for yourself, but it is still a pretty solid option and to get the multi battery package. You get this nice carrying case and a spot for extra batteries. The remote stores right underneath this is a really nice package, nice carrying case this is a one over 1.3 inch sensor, thats a little bit bigger than some of the drones in this price range. Now that should be a little bit better in lower light situations. So thats absolutely a bonus. The aperture is f 1.85, which is nice and large, so that should get a little bit more light in there as well. Now we can do 4k, 30 frames a second or if we need to slow things down 60 frames. A second do that in all the way up to 2.7 k does have hdr, it does have a night mode. Um and, like i said before, you can take 40 megapixel stills. There are a bunch of really nice flight modes that ill kind of walk through and show you, but weve got the follow me weve got the orbit, weve got waypoints, weve got a line, fly mode and yes, we do have return to home, so well kind of Walk through some of the features of this drone and how it works then well take a look at some of the pictures and videos coming out of it all right.

So ive got the black hawk set up here and im going to run through some of the settings here on the phone with you all right. So first lets take a look at the screen and what we have um in the lower left hand. Corner weve got a map thatll give you kind of the orientation showing you which direction its facing. If its level things like that along the bottom, you can see speed, height and distance along the top. We can see thats ready to fly and for normal mode. I can change the mode by tapping this button here on the remote control. F is for film speed, uh, slow and as normal as is sport um. Then we can see that its not spinning. I have some icons along the top 13 satellites 88 battery um. Then i have a settings wheel in the upper right hand, corner well just kind of look at some of those. I have waypoint settings here that i can kind of set some parameters there. If i want to, i can calibrate the compass, gyro imu return to home altitude things like that search for landing pad, thats kind of nice. So if i have a landing pad itll land on that landing pad, but i have to tell to look for it to look for it. I have an auxiliary light on the bottom and i can have that just kind of automatically turn on you have it always on always off or be blinking slowly, all right, so automatic break with the a pass system and do i want an fpv feed? You bet.

I do and then we have. I have some gimbal settings here: uh gimbal pitch speed and smoothness. I can calibrate the gimbal um and then i can do an advanced uh calibration here. Make sure i allow upward rotation. That means i can look up and i have some prid parameter settings there im not going to mess with any of that all right. If i tap the map here i have, i always show the aircrafts current location at the center of the map. I can change that latitude launch to coordinates. Do i want them and do i want a standard, satellite or hybrid map, uh sample, precision of waypoints, drawing im, not exactly sure what that means all right battery uh you kind of check out some of the status on the battery here. Thats, fine and then bottom general purpose automatic screen, rotation, uh, novice, guide, thats kind of nice itll walk you through some stuff. If youre looking for that now, i also have some settings here. You can see that we have uh full manual settings right. If i, if i wanted to where i can change some of uh, the shutter, i can either change the iso or the shutter speed. Alright lets go back to auto there. I can change different photo modes single shot, continuous time panoramic uh the panos youre gon na have to stitch yourself. I also have white balance um. I can shoot in h log if i want uh 48 megapixel, shooting uh night mode lets turn knight mode off hdr.

I actually prefer hdr2 to the 48 megapixel all right, so lets turn hdr on grid lines. I like them with the diagonals, and we can format the memory card. Oh look: i can tap exposure thats kind of nice all right in the upper left hand corner this x here, uh. Those are your flight modes. All right. We have uh normal mode, thats how you normally would fly uh manual, flight controls and things like that. Uh weve got a hyperlapse, you tap that and then you can do some hyperlapse uh video waypoints. We have waypoint mission planning and waypoint history, um orbit, uh or mode. I got ta take off following mode. Probably oh! No. There are two different follow me modes. We have follow me gps, so this one it will follow the phone wherever i go and then an active track. I draw a box around a picture and then itll follow ive tested that i actually have tested them both and ill. Show you how they work here. In a little bit, uh creative video is cool. Those are my different flight modes fly to the sky, thats a rocket 360 shooting comet droning, auto drifting, not sure what auto drifting is, lets, get it up in the air and try it out and then line fly mode. I have to take off to do that. So lets take off im gon na hold this um im gon na tap this button. Here: click: ok, Music.

Now, once im in the air, i can go ahead and turn on obstacle avoidance. That is that uh thing on the left hand side force it open. It gives me that warning that it says i need to calibrate it, which is a big old process and lets test it out. Stop working doesnt want to fly into that bush, so lets get it up there a little bit and then ill show you some of those modes. Uh creative video lets do a fly to the sky like a target. Was that my target and we say, go and we just go pretty much straight up this guy exited. So if you push a button it will exit all right lets talk about orbits uh! You can see. There are two different orbits, so i can set the remote control as the point of interest or i can set the aircraft location as the point of interest. Thats really kind of nice lets. Take a look at the line to fly mode line to fly is pretty cool angle, distance of relative height, you kind of set all those parameters, and then you get to control the camera all right now that its in the air, we can take a look at Some of the uh video settings we again are in manual mode. We can work with the iso um or the shutter speed. Then we have different resolutions that we can shoot at 4k, 30, 2.7, k, 30 or 60, 1080, 30 or 60 or 720 looks like 30 or 60, and we have again some of those different options.

Im going to turn hdr on. I do also have um a zoom option here: Music, look out into the pond, see if we can see anything out there and then i can go ahead and zoom in up to six times. It is of course, a digital zoom that is still kind of nice. Um – and i can actually also activate the gimbal here as well – i dont know why you would. I would just use this gimbal wheel if my horizon needed correction um, i can go ahead and tilt it here, but i also id probably just do a recalibration. Instead of that, alright, so lets take a look at the two follow me modes. Um youre, going to go ahead and tap the upper left hand corner to get into it, and then you basically trace a box around your subject. Im. Obviously, using myself you can either have it trace, which is basically follow or orbit which basically itll go uh. You know in circles around who youre following now itll follow a subject at a moderate speed. You know im just kind of walking around and its following me. You know im gon na pick up the pace, just a little bit here to a to a slow, jog and yeah its gon na do just fine following people um, but its you know going to lose it around obstacles and things like that right. So i turn the obstacle avoidance on. I highly suggest you do that, and actually its going to help me right here as it sees the tree and its going to stop now.

This was a pretty difficult test for it, as i walked behind the tree. It lost me and im like well. Is it gon na see me if i come back thats kind of the test and once it loses you its not gon na, do a very good job of finding the subject again right. I walked right through that x and didnt, find me now the other follow mode uh, the gps, follow it doesnt matter. If there are obstacles in the way it is just going to follow uh the remote. Basically, so you know, if you walk behind a tree, its gon na, follow you so again make sure you have your obstacle avoidance on thats. What im doing here im just kind of letting it follow me. You can kind of control it a little bit. You know and and center the subject, because again its not following you know a subject in the center of the screen its following me right. It was, and then i just kind of have to manually, adjust to make sure that the subject is in the center of the screen and thats. What im doing here now, these kids are curious, so i got ta, stop and talk to them and explain to them. What this drone on flying is all right lets take a look at the camera, starting with some stills. This is a standard photo standard settings uh. This is that same photo. All i did was turn the hdr on and then here is that with the 48 megapixel photo now you can see the aspect ratio is different.

Now here i zoomed in four times just to kind of pick up some detail standard photo. This is the hdr photo zoomed in four times, and then here is that 48 megapixel photo zoomed in four times. Do you really see more detail all right? Another set of photos here is a standard photo. I really kind of like the standard profile here is that hdr kind of brightens things up a little bit and then here we are looking at that 48 megapixel now remember its 8 000 by 4 000 thats. What were doing now here were going to zoom in four times uh, so you can kind of see standard photo. What does that? Look like hdr photo zoomed in four times and then finally were going to go with that 48 megapixel zoomed in four times. You see more detail ill. Let you make your own conclusions. Okay, so were going to take a look at some of the video coming out of the xo blackhawk 2 pro and its pretty solid. Now all of the video here i shot at 4k 30 frames per second, so thats. What were looking at here now. This was kind of an overcast day while im here at the park, so you know the sky isnt super bright. These shots here were shot with hdr on im, going to turn it off here in a little bit, you can kind of see what that looks like. I think, with the hdr uh, the sky, just just doesnt – tend to look as nice.

You would think it would be kind of the opposite, but everything seems to be just a little bit darker anyway, but you know its its a solid camera. The gimbal does a nice job of keeping things steady, so im, im, really kind of a fan of that uh hubsan has kind of always been pretty good at making decent cameras right. Theyre not i wouldnt say that its quite on par with dji, but you know what its not too far off its a pretty solid camera and definitely a pretty good option now here i turn the hdr off. So this is just standard. Uh 4k video coming out of the xo blackhawk 2. and i recorded at a bit rate of 100. Now you can go all the way up to 200, but thats just going to make your file size huge. You can record and log and do things like that. Now another thing: thats really nice. Is it records two files? You get this smaller shadow file. So if you dont have a super high processing computer, you know you can you can dump that file in chris made a whole video on how to do that. But well just look at a few more shots here on a sunnier brighter day and it really looks pretty good uh on this day with the nice bright background, so yeah its a solid camera. Another thing thats really nice is: i actually forgot my sd card on one of these shots uh one of these days and uh yeah theres onboard storage.

So you get 64 gigs of onboard storage with this drone. So you know i wouldnt suggest not using a memory card, but if you happen to forget it or it fails and ive had that happen on a on a photo shoot actually chris and i were shooting a fire truck at a business uh, they were pulling up And memory card went bad, so its nice to have you know at least another backup option in case you dont have an extra micro, sd card, but yeah i do like this. Drone takes good pictures, good videos and ill. Let you kind of decide what you think about it, so, the end of the day would i recommend this drone? Well, yes, i do think that is a little high priced at 800. That kind of slots in right around where the mavic air 2 is not the 2s but the 2. I really really like that drone. I think that the user experience or my experience with the air 2 has just been super flawless and – and i probably recommend that versus this, but this does have some some things that that doesnt, right plus a lot of people are like. I dont trust dji its on that uh exempt list. Maybe we should go with this exodus company. It is us back now they do build these things. I believe in hong kong uh so its not like youre getting this built in america, but you know it is an american based company.

They have really good reputation for customer service, so maybe you want to buy your drone from us based company. Xo drones is one of the few options you have out there, especially if you want something like this with a really solid camera on a three axis gimbal. I really am rooting for that exo hubsan partnership to work. Ive said it before. I think hubsan makes good hardware they kind of struggle with the software, the customer service, the quality control and, i think thats, where exo can kind of step in maybe take hubsan to that next level. Well see right, i do think again a little overpriced, but if you know anything about exo drones, they hate market, the heck out of these things, so they have to recoup that budget somewhere and, i think, thats the price of the drone. But you know, if theyre going to provide a customer service theres a price for that as well. So something to consider if you like the video, give it a thumbs up, make sure you check us out on halfchrome.