This 249 gram wondercraft is just a little cinematic beast that weighs absolutely nothing. This is definitely my favorite small drawing of all time for about the same price of a gopro. Just think about that, for the same price as a gopro, you can get a flying camera that does everything you just seen now to get the most from this, you do have to learn its limitations. You do have to learn that its not amazing in low light. So if youve got a sunset, you really need to just expose for the sky and everything else be in shadow um. You got ta appreciate the fact that its not gon na be great in high winds and youre. Also gon na appreciate the fact that this does not have obstacle avoidance. So if youre a new flyer, be very, very careful, otherwise you will crash this, but for the money you cannot get a better small drone and thats. Really all im going to say about this im going to let that footage speak for itself. For me, when it comes to buying drones, the number one importance, because you will be able to go out and youll, be able to find other drones around this size that are cheaper. That on paper have the same specifications, itll, say 4k itll, say gimbal, but actually, when you go in and view the footage, theyre smashed theyre, mush theyre, not very good, and for me the number one importance is: is the footage good enough quality that i would use It in professional commercial projects – and yes, i have used footage from this mini 2 in my client work.

I love it its fantastic. If i need to carry a drone and cant carry my bigger um air 2s. This comes with me in my backpack, so it really doesnt take up that much space ill put a link down below. If you want an in depth review, because ive decided, i cant be bothered in in depth reviews anymore. I just want to show you what you can actually do with something um which, for me, i find more useful. I always find tech demos more useful than reviews, because sometimes people review stuff and theyre not actually creative. They just should test stuff. For me, whats more important is what you can actually do critically with it, and, as i said, this is a little a little tiny flying creative camera of joy. Now some of you may be wondering what about the mini three isnt, that great in 2022? Well, we dont, really know its just rumors at the minute. Dji might not release an update to the mini at all this year. My policy on this is quite simple its. If i need to draw now, i have a purpose for it: buy whats available now dont like wait six months to potentially miss out on all the footage. I could be getting thats my view on it. If you really dont need a drone that much that you can wait by all means, wait and see what happens with the mini 3, but dont, let the possibility of future product releases put you off being able to create the content you want to create.

Now one big thing to remember with drones: is people often get them and theyre disappointed because theyre not able to get the results that theyve seen other people get and part of that is down to the fact well, thats like buying yourself, a carpentry set and being Frustrated that you cant make a cabinet, as well as a carpenter, whos been doing it for years, theres a lot more to the cart and craft of making videos and just buying the equipment. So if youre gon na. So if you actually want to get good at flying drones and making videos, you need to do a lot more than just buy. This is like five percent. Five percent of the progress is buying the thing the other 95 is learning how to use it properly anyway. Hopefully this uh video was useful, dont buy it if you dont need it and if youre not going to use it, but if you are going to use it and you are going to need it, i do recommend the mini 2 as very good. First uh beginners drone if youve got a bit more budget and youre thinking about using commercially look into the mavic air 2s, because thats. What i use for most of my commercial work, which is, of course the mavic 3 now um, but the rts is fab for client stuff. Im gon na cut this, because im gon na cut this no ill leave this in yeah anyway, thats thats, this thats thats.