Now the kremlin is insisting that its so called special military operation is going to plan some in moscow. They are admitting that the campaign was not progressing as quickly as moscow wanted and the united states said it has pretty much stalled. So what is the current state of the russian campaign and how the ukrainians managed to frustrate them? Our security correspondent, gordon carrera, has this. The russian offensive continues to make only slow progress. Their original plan of a lightning strike failed thanks, partly to so much secrecy that some of the russian forces seemed to have been unprepared that combined with bad intelligence of what reception they would get. They have moved most effectively across the south of the country, but around kiev theres been little change as the russians continue to regroup and slowly encircle. The capital theyve not gone in on the ground and its not clear when they will, but they have launched, strikes from the air, including these three districts overnight in all russia is thought to have fired around 900 missiles during the invasion, including a couple of dozen which Hit this ukrainian training center near the polish border on the weekend, as well as faulty assumptions, the russian initial thrust also stalled due to ukrainian tactics and stiffer resistance than moscow expected rather than head on combat against a larger force. Ukrainian forces have been skilled at adapting ambushing russian forces and targeting senior russian officers with snipers using drones, which can carry explosives to target convoys and using military aid from the west.

So what help is the west giving it supplied? Whats called defensive equipment, but some of it high end. These are end laws valued for their ability to target russian tanks and armored vehicles. Britain sent two thousand before the invasion, training ukrainian troops to use them here in january, and nearly as many again since it started.