I just decided to check out pikmin bloom because its a new game – and i wanted to see how it was so. What youre about to see is 100, my own opinion not sponsored enjoy Applause Music. Since pokemon go launched five years ago, there have been a ton of other augmented reality games that have tried to copy the formula and follow in the footsteps of pokemon go, whether its uh niantics own games, like harry potter, wizards, unite or any number of other games. That have just tried to get in on the success of pokemon: go from the infamous draconius go to uh jurassic world alive garfield go theres, even a crypto game, now called coin hunt world where you walk around in real life and somehow earn crypto through playing um. There are a lot of games following in this uh kind of real world gaming space. The latest is another official game from niantic themselves, its pikmin bloom, and today i figured id give it a try. Uh, i did play wizards unite for a little bit when it first came out, but i was as someone whos not really a huge harry potter fan um. I just i preferred pokemon go and that was kind of the end of my harry potter. Wizards unite career, as for pikmin, i never actually played the pikmin games. My only experience with pikmin is playing as or against. Captain olimar in super smash bros. So this is kind of my first uh first impression of not only pikmin bloom but pikmin as an entire ip as a franchise as a game.

So here it is, i decided to come out and play at a location im very familiar with the lighthouse. The pike out here in long beach somewhere that i know really well uh when it comes to pokemon go. I know its a great place to play. Pokemon go so i figured it would probably be a decent place to start pickman bloom in this world. There are small creatures that look like animals and a little like plants. We call them. Pikmin sleeping pikmin needs your help to wake up so first step. Try touching the seedlings okay, wake up, wake up new item seedling plant, the seedlings okay. We have red, seedlings and lets plant them now. The seedlings you planted will grow as you walk around each step. You take will add to the growth of the seedlings. Try it out just walk 10 steps. Try im trying to see what counts as a step here that was, it looks like theyre ready to be plucked. My first pikmin nice. It gives a little map. Remember the map from the beginning of pokemon go. I can name it im, gon na name it robert okay. Does this one need a name, auto name red pikmin from downtown? Where are you from pikmin downtown? Should i be playing this with sound on lets? Do it pikmin have gathered together after youve grown and plucked pikmin? You can interact with them to your hearts content when you walk around with pikmin theyll, sometimes find fruit and pick it up looks like they want you to take it lets.

Take it nectar. I have to feed them oops. Did i throw it too far? I i think you got it right. Flowers are glowing, so i plucked the flowers. Pikmin petals have curious properties, im im curious to see where this is going red seedling. This one needs a thousand steps. So im, assuming 10 steps, was just for the tutorial. Tell us about yourself ill use. My thats, my me for my switch right. There cool all right, so i i guess thats. The tutorial now lets go, walk and grow some pikmin, so for todays video. This isnt necessarily going to be an in depth review of this game. This is more of a first look. First impressions and obviously, as someone whos been playing, pokemon go for five years. Im gon na be coming at this with a pokemon go players perspective. Is this a game that you can play alongside pokemon go? I did bring out my pokeball plus for the first time in a very long time um. So i can spin pokestops catch pokemon. Even while im focused on pikmin here and you know, is it? Is it worth checking out if you enjoy pokemon go? Will you enjoy this lets find out? So here we are 72 steps later uh looking through the home screen. Obviously, theres a shop were not gon na get too much into that im, not looking to spend money. Um on a game that im just starting lets go for a walk.

I think this is this is where the majority of the gameplay is gon na live weve taken 72 steps. Can i look at the map? Is there a map view somewhere? Here we go okay. We are on the map now, so this is the pike. If youve watched my videos, it should look familiar im gon na switch over to pokemon go heres the same area in pokemon go and let me get my pokeball plus connected start spinning, pokestops ooh its an eckens nest. I still dont have shiny atkins. I might come back for that, but today were comparing were playing pikmin, so weve got the pike. Weve got a lot of uh three gyms, a bunch of pokestops! Well, several gyms, several pokestops here. If we go back to pikmin, less theres less points of interest, but uh heres, our nearest one evolution of a skyline. Obviously this is going to use the same points of interest that niantic uses across all their games. State bud flower name: question mark precondition. 211 more flowers lets lets go. Look at it first point of interest evolution of a skyline. What can i do now that im here i dont know i cant. Even how do i pick up this stuff yo? This feels like day, one of pokemon go where everyones like. How do i move? I really dont know what to do with this. Okay, my pikmin picked up things. Did they pick it up from here, or did they pick it up from walking? I dont know.

Well, you have flower. Planting on flowers will grow around you as you walk, while youre planting flowers, petals youve, collected from your pikmin, will be used up one by one. I am planting flowers. Ive got a special seedling for linking your nintendo account. What does that mean? Lets plant it huge seedling, minami, ward, tokyo, oh its from niantic or from nintendo rather lets plant – that 10 000 steps. So theyre, almost like incubators where you have to walk a certain distance uh to grow the pikmin. This ones going to take 10 000 steps. The small, the red ones going to take a thousand steps, the other ones going to take 10 000 steps, and i still dont know what im supposed to do with the points of interest. Okay, i think i figured this out. Ive been walking for about five minutes. Ive planted 121 flowers. If i look at one of these big flower points of interest, you can see, it says, precondition 173, more flowers. So my plan is to walk in circles around this pier point landing flower and see if i can plant enough flowers to make something happen. Ive been just using my pokeball plus to catch pokemon while im doing this, but it seems like maybe pikmin is actually the background game and i could just walk circles here where well, i know theres, usually a lot of pokemon spawns. Obviously, my pokeball plus has probably caught a lot of them, but if im walking around here catching pokemon – and i have pikmin on in the background im – just kind of passively planting flowers here – so maybe thats actually the way the better way to play the two of Them at the same time is actively play.

Pokemon go then have pikmin in the background as youre planting flowers just walking around catching your pokemon. I also need to hit these excellent throws im actually really close to level 49. The xp is almost there check this out. Quick progress check: 24, 733, 000., a little over 250 000 xp until i have enough to level up still working on the trades, the lucky trades still working on the metals okay. Here we go the flour, it needs one more flower to be planted, somethings happening. We did it, we grew a daisy and bloom ends in 22 hours and 59 minutes. Do i get any sort of bonus for for being here? Do i get anything out of this? I dont know i dont know. Okay, we, we grew a flower, we we grew a flower is that it is that it. I finished my flower planting. So this is what shows up when you finish: planting flowers planted 299, total planting time 20 minutes um, and it shows you. I guess just a summary of the route that you walked by using petals to plant flowers. The environment grows gradually more comfortable for your pikmin. You also earn a planting boost, be able to grow seedlings faster, while planting with others. We looked at that. No one around working together, pikmin working together with pikmin, we can help create a more flower filled world, so so thats it weve planted flowers. Can i have that? Can i have that mr pikmin hello? So i understand the loop: now its feed nectar collect petals plant flowers, uh get pikmin, you can have.

Apparently three is my max number of pikmin. You can switch them out. You might be able to increase that as you level up im gon na try to gather a bunch more petals and well just go for a walk plant, more flowers and get closer to hatching or growing the huge seedling, ah im walking up into downtown now. Ive. Just been mostly playing pokemon go, but what im doing is what ive been doing is just switching back and forth uh to pikmin every once in a while to see. If my pikmin collected anything uh pikmin can only grow like six pedals a day, so once theyve done six, you can swap them out for one that can continue growing. So i guess theres a limit and thats why you need more than three pikmin its because theres a limit to how many petals you can actually grow per pikmin per day and as youre walking. I guess the pikmin will just kind of randomly. It seems pick up stuff fruit, so you can give them nectar and then, of course, its tracking steps in the background so theres another pikmin grown and uh 4 500 steps a little less than halfway on this one. Okay, i just i just leveled up and honestly, where am i level four? So i unlocked a new type of seedling and theres goals, its not its, not xp, that you need to level up theres goals for each level, so walk 3000 steps and grow a yellow seedling are apparently my goal is for this one for leveling up.

For my previous uh level, i got a yellow seedling, so lets plant that i also just finished flower planting a little route question mark kind of how i feel about the game right now. What am i doing, im not sure uh, im gon na go for the red petals, now get the boost and start planting more flowers. I leveled. Up again i grew my yellow seedling. I walked another five, another 5k or just 5k total, maybe more yellow, seedlings, more red seedlings, more single use slots grow. Two pikmin is my next task got red seedlings, i know in in the pikmin games the siblings have different or the pikmin have different properties. As far as i can tell, they dont do anything different in this game. It still, it still grows. Six petals, i cant tell that the yellow behaves any differently than the red other than the way it looks. Okay, i just finished planting flowers. You can see a little trail back there and i think thats enough steps now almost enough steps. Now you can at least get the red and the yellows around the b room from around beachwood blendery, okay, its naming them not based on pokestops but or points of interest, but like actual businesses in the area, and i just leveled up complete an expedition. Oh thats new, you can now send pikmin out on expeditions and i can have six pikmin total how how to expeditions. Though, oh you brought me a thing: okay, um! Do you want to go on an expedition? How do i do that? I dont know: where do i find my expeditions? I i dont know i dont know i dont know where it is gon na walk these last few steps.

Is that enough? I think it is the big ones ready lets pluck it, its blue, its blue and its from around nintendo headquarters. Blue pikmin have special gills that let them breathe underwater. Oh, it came with something extra. What is ah, a hat yeah thats, actually kind of cute special wait a minute its hats. I hate hats in pokemon. Go! Do i like them in pikmin, i dont know mario hat pikmin from near nintendo. Yes, thats your name well, its part of the squad, so thats cool. Is there anything special about it? Six petals you can zoom in take a close, close look at the hat. The face uh, i dont know. No one else is planting flowers out here. So uh long beach is looking a little barren, ah im hungry too im gon na head home yo. I i know this is a pikmin video, but i just found a shiny mark row only my second ever shiny murkrow and i evolved my last one. So i can keep this one as a marker, its its weird ivs, but hey im, gon na name it pikmin pikmin, the murkrow, so uh. You know i i did what like a hundred thousand xp just walking around playing both pokemon go and pikmin and as far as pikmin goes im honestly uh im, not sure what the point is. You know. I think it suffers from the same problem that i saw early on with pokemon go was that there there doesnt seem to be an end game like theres a loop, yes, im walking around to collect nectar um so that i can feed pikmin so that i can Get petals so that i can grow flowers, um and and its just kind of a loop like that you know were – were growing flowers and thats cool, and i guess if enough people play.

This is going to start looking really nice, but right now its kind of an empty playing field. You know not much going on doesnt feel like theres a whole lot of purpose, uh other than a nice little thing to get you out and walking around oh heres. The expeditions i found them, you can send pikmin out to collect items. Okay, someone go here, go find, go, find the orange lets just auto, oh, that you can speed it up by sending multiple nice cool. All you have to do is wait um and then, as far as like, i think i just glitched the game oops. Oh, i just restarted and i got a some decor. What oh, like costumes, basically apparently theres different costumes and restaurant – cafe sweet shop movie, theater pharmacy, im guessing that, like businesses are obviously coded forest. Okay, this makes it more interesting. It is apparently a collecting game. I just figured it out its a collecting game and by collecting pikmin from different areas near different types of businesses. In different environments, it seems like youll, be able to collect them with different costumes im a little more interested now, because i was wondering whats the point. The point is collecting and im, not necessarily a collector, but you know thats thats how pokemon go started at the very start. It was just a collecting game. We had, we didnt have pvp uh, we didnt have raids, we didnt, we didnt have a whole lot to do with our pokemon other than collect and – and it seems like thats, where pikmin bloom is at right now, and i want to go to the forest and See what these stag beetle pikmin look like, so i guess to wrap it up, is pikmin bloom, better than pokemon go im going to say no, i mean obviously like i said: ive never played pikmin before i dont know.

If this is hitting any nostalgia for any of you, but for me um, it was very confusing for the first seven levels. Um. I think i just figured out that its a collecting game, i didnt, even know that there was anything to collect other than a couple. Different colors of pikmin until right now is it worse than pokemon go, not necessarily its its similar, and i think you know if youre, not a pokemon fan, specifically and youre, just looking for a game to accompany you on walks to make your exercise a little more Interesting um, this could be that i know theres plenty of people who play pokemon go, who werent necessarily into pokemon before the game came out. I i could see this doing the same thing, although obviously without the the power of the pokemon ip, i dont think pikmin bloom is going to be anywhere near as big or viral or successful as pokemon go so itll be interesting, im curious to see what those Costumes look like, and probably the next time i travel somewhere, um or honestly, maybe even over the next week, or so i might play a little bit in the background just to see if i can collect some costumes and and see what thats all about. Let me know down in the comments if youve played pikmin bloom, if youre interested in playing pikmin bloom, um im curious to hear what you think thats my opinion, its cute, its interesting its another way for niantic to collect location data um and i dont think im.

Gon na be playing a whole lot, but i am a little bit curious.