Well, its happening. Look at this business. This is quite miserable. I will buy brent one of these cameras. What was that? Nothing? Are you listening ill polarize that and just see through the surface of the water focus on the beauty? Hes? Not looking right were going to get that sandwich, yet its too easy. Just too easy ive actually had to get underneath my jacket, because the sun is so bright. It should be its a really expensive camera, its just really steep. Oh, what do you think? I am a rich and successful youtuber, its 5am at lake louise and already theres a traffic jam, its pretty much crawling along the road at 30 kilometers an hour now im hoping that the reason for this bottleneck is that just right here is a left turn for Moraine lake guessing that theyre, probably just saying its full turn around and leave, but were headed to lake louise so that we can get up to lake agnes, so im hoping that we can still get in there. But this is what youre dealing with now and i guess im to blame, because i take pretty pictures of this place and put them on youtube, so its nobodys fault, but my own. Is it its like a mountain nightclub, one person in one person out with all this traffic? This is uh its not even 6am. This is the traffic coming into lake louise, its just mayhem, absolute mayhem. Okay, were so weve hit the trail for lake agnes and were about 45 minutes late.

Would you say yeah, but it is its a carnival, its ram jammed, but its kind of weird to be walking past lake louise, while its got a perfect reflection and just not take a shot but thats time we cant waste. No, we got to get up there. Weve already seen a couple of lights near the top of the mountain people got up earlier, someones up there getting our shot and bastards so onwards and upwards eh yeah shaping up to be a good morning, though the uh theres no low lying cloud. The sun should be shining directly yeah on the mountains. I think were good were about 45 minutes up the trail, so i reckon 15 or 20 minutes from the uh from the lake. I dont think it was a good idea to drink that nyquil after some red wine. I dont think so. Im pretty sure on the bottle. It says, do not take with with bows it does. Does it yeah? Oh always read the label theres. Only one glass yeah usually have a bowl. Really right. Lets go for the last poster, oh god, im naked. Now, if you havent already do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and be sure to tickle my bell. Thank you. Very much so after a steep uphill slog, we finally reached the stairway to heaven. After expending 2 000 calories, oh, were almost there almost at the tea house, just this last ginormous staircase its just what you need.

Oh, oh, i see it. I see the tea house there. It is just as you round the corner to the tea house. The view reveals itself and you forget every painful step, the lack of sleep and the skipped breakfast. This is a feast for the eyes as lake agnes pause over the cliff and into the valley of the rising sun. So this quite obviously is lake agnes and apart from the light, the conditions are perfect because its like a flat calm, mirror its completely surrounded by yellow latches, more than i expected actually and theres some amazing driftwood in the foreground. All the ingredients are here for an absolutely perfect shot, except for the light i believe, its time for a sandwich. Dont you yeah, oh freezing its covered in sweat and im gibbering all right sandwich time. Did you bring coffee? No Applause kill me Music. We arrived sweaty and had to immediately layer up because it got windy, but then it came down so now ive got this beautiful reflection back and ive set up my composition. So let me show you this so in the foreground. I found this lovely lovely piece of driftwood. You could call it and ill polarize this a smidge lets just turn that polarizer there you go if i polarize that you can just see through the surface of the water to that reflection. So you can see some of these rocks and a little bit of the rest of the log that these roots are attached to which conveniently just kind of disappears off into the distance towards the mountain there.

But what im loving? Hopefully you can hear me because theres some very loud, very loud people here, but hopefully you could see all these large trees. They just come in from the top left and from the top right. They just room this entire valley and then, of course, those are beautifully reflected. So all i need ive got everything, except for just a bit of light hitting those peaks. That is all i need, and if i get that, i think ive got a fantastic show now, if youre thinking of visiting the lake louise area, you need to adjust your expectations accordingly, because even at sunrise, well, you remember the car park right, its a peaceful and Tranquil focus on the beauty. I can just see a tiny bit of pink and some contrast in those clouds in the far distance. So if that just hits that peak there just even a little bit and then reflects well worth getting up at stupid, oclock and hiking up and sweating and then freezing and then sweating so brent has continued hiking up there. So if weve still got any energy after this, then uh well well hike up and join him now its sandwich time. This time it is sandwich time now that ive set me shut up, but i wasnt the only one who wanted a sandwich. Uh has he got a sandwich ill, get it when its not looking here, i Music, this guy hes, just clueless hes, not looking right, im gon na get that sandwich, yet i think its too easy just too easy.

You look like a banana too, oh well, even though i lost my breakfast to a cheeky camp robber with a view like this and my lady. By my side, i still felt like a rich man. I know its nauseating, so obviously this is locagness, but its kind of famous for being an hours hike from lake louise and the tea house. So if youve got a million dollars, you can pay for an overpriced instant coffee with some powdered milk and a stale muffin and its actually quite the experience. I i i dont know its been a few years since i was there, so maybe its good. Maybe they sell good coffee now and fresh baked goods. I dont know but uh. I think, last time i was, i was cash only so um. I think you can order outside at the window and then just just drink your coffee on the deck there and enjoy the view which, when you think about it, its about as good as it gets. So we settled in to wait for the light and it didnt take long before the sun began to paint the valley with a golden glow. Well, its happening. Look at this business, absolutely magnifique, so ive got beautiful light on the peaks loads of contrast in the clouds and then almost perfect reflection, its getting a little bit ripply and windy. But it comes and goes so. Im just going to camp on this spot, keep shooting and hope for that perfect moment where this reflection is completely calm.

You know, whatll be the icing on the cake as well. Now that ive got all of this blue and yellow is if a blue jay came and just landed on that log. That ive got in my foreground, but this is absolutely fantastic, well worth the hike Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music. Well, this is just this is absolutely brilliant. Ive got this shot. Did you ive got the shot? No yeah got the shot, no way yeah this early in the day, yeah first attempt so ill. Take one more and then should we hike up and see if we can find brent, oh yeah, more hiking yeah. Is it far its not far its just really steep? Oh okay, yeah all right lets get cracking. It was such a perfect morning that even i was happy to get back on the trail and continue hiking up that bloody steep mountain. So this is how far weve hiked you can just see the lake louise chateau and the lake actually lake louise there and then the car park, the higher. We got the more spectacular the views and soon wed be above those gorgeous yellow larch trees as they began to glow in that glorious morning. Sunlight well weve been on the trail about about 25 30 minutes yeah. So brent said it was a 25 minute hike from lake agnes. So realistically you could double that i would say 45 to 50 minutes. That sounds about right.

Eh feels like yeah its all up, but thats so gorgeous in here, just the large trees everywhere. Just to epic mountain views everywhere, you look just magic Music, so weve arrived at a spot. I think this is the viewpoint for little beehive, because ive never been here before, but i think this hill that you call this mountain, this mound that is completely covered in large trees. I believe that is little bee hive, maybe thats why they call it little bee hive because its covered in those glowing yellow latches within a couple of minutes of arriving. I just found this absolutely gorgeous composition that takes in a little beehive as its glowing with these epic mountains and glaciers right behind it and then just a little sliver of that lovely turquoise water down in lake louise and then a little bit of lichen covered rock. In the foreground so uh, let me just show you this shot that i found i think youre gon na, like this ive, actually had to get underneath my jacket, because the sun is so bright. So this is me shot here. Im really quite interested in this. I really quite quite like this im, just its getting a little bit get moist in here its a lot of condensation, so i better just crack on with this, not sure if this is even in focus now. So let me just clean up this screen, for you lets get rid of all this crap there we go so what weve got here.

You could just see in the bottom left corner a lovely turquoise water from lake louise, and i love these towering fir. Trees in the foreground, ive got this little lychen subscribe, covered rock with this little cliff here, and that makes a lovely, immediate foreground and then in the center of the frame thats, where youve got big well little beehive and its covered in those glowing, yellow large trees And then, beyond that, youve got those towering peaks with the glaciers and some puffy white clouds. Absolutely magnifique lets get the shot: Music Applause – Music, oh Music, Applause, Music! Well, after that delightful shots, i i think i deserve a baby bell in the bush. I do love a baby bell in the bush if youre watching baby bell get in touch, weve got lucrative right so after uh, i think two weeks now, 12 days, 14 days of shooting with the fuji gfx 100s and the three lenses that they lent me with This this camera, i should probably give you my thoughts on the camera and, overall, i think its an absolutely brilliant camera. Ive only had the chance to study my raw files on the laptop. So if i can give you like a full opinion on what i think to the image files id like to see those on my full screen at home, but from what i can see on the laptop and on the back of the camera, when you zoom in And check your focus afterwards, its just phenomenal image quality, the only sort of annoyances really – and this is not necessarily fujis fault – its pretty much.

Every single camera system has annoyances and thats, usually in the menu system. So one of the things that annoys me, the most is its kind of like a software bug in that. If you switch the camera into crop mode, which i often do because im shooting video and its a really good way of punching in and zooming into a scene, especially if youve got prime lens on and you need to get closer when you switch into crop mode, You lose all of your aspect ratios, so if you want to switch to lets, say a panorama or a square, you cant do that, while its in crop mode – and that is very very irritating because it happens five six times a day. So if you can fix that fujifilm, if you can fix that in a you know, firmware update, that would probably be my biggest gripe with the camera um but thats about thats about it really im trying to think if theres anything else, yeah its very minimal. It is actually i mean its, you know it should be its a really expensive camera and expensive lenses. One thing i absolutely love is this: i dont know if you can see it on here, but youve got this little um digital display on the top. So, even when the cameras switched off, you can see what your last settings or your current settings are. Aperture shutter, speed, iso white balance. All of that business.

You can see how much battery life youve got. You could see how many images youve got left on the memory card and thats while its switched off. So i imagine that that uses up a minuscule amount of battery power, but its nice to be able to have that at a glance, especially if youve got the camera lower down on the ground and youre just standing around waiting for the light, which is something im. Often doing im always standing around waiting for light its nice to think oh have a quick glance: oh yeah, its set up right, its its at the right, shutter speed. I do like having this this switch here, theres a switch that switches you between stills and movie mode. The only thing that kind of confused me a little bit – and i guess its, not an issue now i just now that ive figured it out – is that you cant change any of your um frame rates or anything like that until you switch it into movie mode. So if youre in stills mode and youre going through the menu system, looking at trying to set different video settings like perhaps switching it from mob to mp4, you cant do that unless you switch into movie mode. So i guess its not a big issue. It just didnt really the logic. Didnt really make sense to me until i accidentally stumbled across it, and then i fixed it in spite of it being uh, you know supposedly a small mirrorless camera.

It is quite a lot bigger than the sony, so im filming this on the sony a7r4 right now with my toy lens, my 10 to 18, and that whole thing weighs way less than half what this weighs. So this is the camera, the fuji gfx 100s, with the 32 to 64 zoom lens and it its heavy im not going to lie, but then its a medium format, camera right and some dslrs weigh more than that. Oh thanks for that. Those are my sort of pretty shallow observations. Like i said i havent had, along with it, and ive only really shot it in certain situations. I certainly havent used it for any kind of wildlife or sports, and it isnt really that kind of camera i mean, i think the uh, the burst mode is five frames per. Second, i might be wrong on that, but its i think, its pretty slow, because theyre 100 megapixel files right, so i dont think you would ever use this camera for sports or wildlife, but for landscapes. It has proven to be stunning. One final challenge that i im struggling with a little bit is the the need to focus stack almost always so, even if youre sort of like 10 12 feet away from a rock in the foreground, if youve focused on a distant peak, even at lets, say f11 Or f16 you may have to focus stack that foreground, even though its not super close, otherwise itll just be blurry, so that actually gives you more work to do, whereas if i was shooting that same composition on a full frame, probably wouldnt have to focus stack, and I certainly wouldnt have to focus stack if i was shooting on an aps c or a micro, four thirds, but you know thats what people pay for they pay for that shallow depth of field with these cameras, because these are often used as portrait cameras but um.

I just use it for landscapes and the occasional bit of video for vlogging and b roll, so overall expensive camera, but bloody, brilliant ive got to say its bloody brilliant. Ask me when i get home and ive looked at the raw files on the big screen and then ill give you a very uh, very educated opinion on what the final results look like. Well, youve already seen the final results in this video, because obviously ive ive already got home and added to the video, so that youre saying this i think brents uh. I think brents really jealous that ive got this because hes only hes only got 50 megapixels ive got a hundred. Maybe you should buy one for him. What do you think i am a rich and successful youtuber? No not yet, but maybe if you get to a million subscribers million subscribers wouldnt that be nice, then i could maybe buy. I tell you what million subscribers by sunday and i will buy brent one of these cameras, no lenses, though thats taking the piss. Oh now, what do you think now fuji? They think that theyve lent me this camera. They think that theyre going to be getting it back, but i believe that ive done such a good job at promoting this camera. I think they should just let me keep it and the lenses. So if you think that i should keep this camera and the three lenses just post a comment below and just say, fujifilm just give him the camera, because its not as if i im going to stop promoting the camera but the longer.

I keep this, the better. Its going to be for fujifilm right agreed agreed like a one year trial at least yeah a 10 year trial, at least maybe like a two or year trial. Until the newer version comes out, and then just you know, just keep sending me the newest versions, so they are on loan just very long term. I think thats fair. Should we see if we can find brent, but looking for brent always means uphill. I dont like doing that its always up always open. You know we get these nice walks with uncle grumpy, you know, and then we meet brent and its like i mean he is a sadist because hes a personal trainer, and why else would you do that job unless you loved dishing out suffering and misery to people And charging them for it. Oh whats! This i see on the trail mr brent henderson hows it going. Did you get a good shot, big stupid, grin on my face, yeah theres, so many good shots. I cant even choose oh thats thats. What you wanted thats a good problem to have were you down at little beehive. First, no. I went straight to the spot. This is the spot i found last year. Where is it ill show? You oh lets, have a look. Oh yeah, everybody needs a friend like brent. You know those friends that drag your ass up, a mountain, no matter how much you whinge about it, and you know it was brits.

We like a good winch dont. We yeah so im a little bit annoyed at myself that i didnt come to this spot first, because i mean i cant necessarily say its better than where we just were it, but it is simpler. It gives you a simpler composition and theres more large trees, but uh were probably gon na come back here throughout the rest of the week, because now that we know exactly where this is its not that difficult to get here, i would say maybe an hour and A half hard slog push up the hill in the dark and thats it youre here for a sunrise that could potentially be a portfolio shot or even even a shot. Thats worthy of my next book, a little teaser there, Music, all right. So i should probably just uh, explain this composition to you, because this this might turn out to be my favorite shot so far so ill. Show you the back of the camera and explain what ive framed up. Does this look sexy love i like it. Do i look stylish its not chess creators, but its quite nice, all right, okay? Well, this will have to do so. What ive gone for here is a square composition, and i absolutely love this because it simplifies the scene. Quite a lot, whilst featuring all of the most interesting elements in the foreground, here weve got these huge rocks and you might not be able to see it, but just right there.

This particular rock here has all of these waves. These textured waves in it, which brent assures me is from when it was under the ocean, so maybe some glacial action, i i dont know but brent seems to reckon that that is carved by liquid, which is kind of a cool idea. I can barely breathe and bent over be crushed by my own gut under a down jacket under two tripods. This is this is quite miserable anyway, the rest of the composition. So in the valley, you can see this lovely slash of larch trees, lovely dash of yellow through the valley, and then there in the center of the frame, is big bee hive rimmed by beautiful glowing, yellow large trees quite spectacular and then beyond that. Of course you have these massive mountain peaks covered in glaciers and then, if i just darken this down, youll see these dark gray moody clouds. So i love all of the elements because youve got foreground middle ground background and then this central subject here, which is big beehive but ive, also got that lovely color combo of these dark gray. Clouds popping against all of this lovely, yellow light in the center of the frame, absolutely magnificent. Oh god that was a struggle ill. Tell you that it didnt look good, though its real real sexy. I thought so its quite good on the glutes actually and if it turns out any good heres the shot. Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music – well its well over an hour since we bumped into brent, apparently on our way down the hill and uh.

What do you know were still shooting over an hour later, and i know i always whinge about brent, never knowing when to quit, but in this instance it was. The right thing to do is to stick around, so he was right in this instance. What was that? Nothing are you listening? No, no just just say that again, please! I was just. I was talking about aperture the apache. No, no just one more time what you said before again: yeah uh, so f11 theres a really good aperture for this yeah forget it hopefully brent doesnt watch this video, and so here is brents, shot: Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Music, okay. So, just so that you can get your bearings and have some kind of clue as to where we are so brent tells me that, where we are right now is little beehive is that is that right, brent, if you dont mind um well, i have this on. Could you call me uh fabienne, you want to be referred to as fabienne fabian fabian. Only when youve got the syrup on yeah thatll do okay. So what were looking at here? This is little beehive. But if you look over here, you can just see thats lake. Agnes there so thats, where we were shooting that very first shot during sunrise this morning, just on the shore of lake agnes, you might be able to see a few people lined up thats, where we were so.

We hiked all the way up here and now were at this little cliff. So apparently this is called big beehive and then you might be able to just see some people stood on that little promontory. Is that a word? Maybe i see people stood just there on that cliff and thats called devils thumb and, of course down here is lake louise. So now ive got my bearings a little bit. Ive got some sort of a clue as to where i am. I want to one day when im fitting strong enough when ive grown up. I want to be up there on that devils thumb because ive seen pictures from there, he just looks absolutely magnifique. How much longer do you think it would take to get up there? Sorry, fabian yeah, yeah, um, probably about uh hour and a half from hearing if fabienne says one and a half its three hours, Applause. What a fantastic day we had had, we got some much needed exercise, captured some tasty images and even met a few cute little critters like this guy, but all good things come to an end so its time to say goodbye to this beautiful location and well see You later brent uh fabian its fabian babia, vivian, fabian, fabian, fabian, canadian phobia all right, see you later, okay beyond ah, were almost back at the camp. Oh look at you absolutely beautiful. I really miss my cats. Actually, oh my god. Are you gavin hardcastle hi, im gavin hardcastle yeah? Are you a troll, no im a really big fan, youre a fan? How big of a fan like number one fan number one fan, so you bought my book.

Then no! I havent bought your book, though you just had number one fan, though, like i dont have any money to get it, though, have you got a credit card? No, what about cash no ill, take a check. How many checks are you there? I tell you what, as soon as you dont have any money ill take an iou right and when youre older and youve got a credit card you can buy whatever book ive got out at that time. Right yeah itll be a lot more expensive than the current book, but thats all right with me so ill. Give you a copy for free right now, right there you go. Look at that business hows that its so amazing. It really is amazing and Music theres. A link in the description below yeah, i cant, believe i actually got one enjoy yeah. Are you gon na sign it? You want it signed yeah but jake in it, um all right, j, a y l, i n l, i n youre our number one fan. Well, not not really a number one fan. Is it so you get that credit card? You know what i mean. Look at that eh thats worth, i would say, thats worth at least another three more dollars since i signed it. You know if i see that on ebay, though ill be a bit upset, no selling of that or facebook marketplace, either all right which one of these dogs are we taking.

I think this one is ready.