Obviously, if theres prisoners inside then theres a risk of a different story, man theres its all welcome back to the channel guys today were going to have a look at hmp, wellingborough or hmp5 wells as theyve named it got a few uh contractors still on site looks Like its uh, pretty much built right now, weve got some uh road markings going on ive, never seen road markings being laid, looks like he used a line to ping it which then you get these uh starting starting lines. Lets have a look see how he does it: hey im, just making a youtube video mate, so im just going to watch you do it. I love you. I shall come back, then Applause yeah, you just go in your own time, mate and if im around ill capture it yeah dont wait for me: will ya whats it gon na be like um a pedestrian crossing, a zebra youre doing lines now on private property. Yeah? Do you know if you do double yellow lines on private property? The police cant really do you for parking there? Can they uh? What they can do is have um like a private security, firm, come round and patrol it and make sure no ones on there. So yeah, if they put it on there as long as they back it up with a notice right, so your signs have to be backed up with a notice or whatever you say, like um, so like, for instance, to give way.

Yeah youre coming up. Youve got to give way a triangle. Its got to be backed up by a sign, got ya yeah, with the giveaway triangle. Sign normally like parking restrictions, yellow line, double yellow youve got to have the little yellow sign up there telling you when and when you cant park yeah else. It would be unreasonable for people to follow it if there isnt a visible sign, they cant just rely on markings alone. Can they? No? I always wondered that because, when they put double yellow lines on private car parks – and you actually go and park there, the risk of the police come in to give you a fine, its thats, not in the question they could have. Actually they could have like security and come around and actually yeah, so it could. It would only be that the private security firm that would take action of you being on the double yellows theyre, just there as a warning arent there yeah, whereas on the public land double years, double yellows are there as a rule, and you cannot do something yeah, But thats as long as theyve got a figure yet as long as theyve got what they call a termination bar all right so, like i put double yellows down somewhere yeah yeah and the end of it. Wasnt closed off with the termination bar that goes in to the curve really, so you can appeal that kenya, oh wow, kensington, yellow line going down it a single yellow line, but none of its got termination bars on it, but thats left deliberately wow.

I dont know that even single yellows have to have a termination bar wow. Thank you very much for that. Its very useful yeah yeah. So the viewers will love that mate coming from somebody who does it as well, youre the one to know law yeah. Thank you. So there you go its taught us a little bit um a bit about the law on line line painting if it hasnt got a termination point on the end of a double yellow or a single yellow. It cant be enforced apparently, but look how many disabled parking spaces there are down here wow. So here we are land structure, limited lay in the turf, a lot of turf there and the guys are busy laying the turf quite high up at this point – and you can see right in over that fence. Ive tried to block it off down there a bit, but you can certainly still see in a lot of cars in the car park as well. So were back at the lines. Hes made a start on the uh pedestrian crossing. Would you call this one? A zebra or just pedestrian crossing pedestrian crossing scrapes, the paint flat. Is it dry, pretty quick Music? That is a skill aint it? How many years have you been doing that 24 years? As you can tell look how perfect that is, whats that youve been busy doing all this yeah wow, how long, through all this so far a month, four come down yeah about a day and a half to do this lot.

Really: Music, Music, dont! It heat much up at a time Music, so you place it on top of the flame there a lot, so you place it on top of the flame. Let it heat up in the bucket. Do you yeah and when it comes out of here its not at the right temperature ive, never seen this close up firmer plastic right Music? So what would you say about an hour and its dry or less walk on it now yeah wow! So did you just like heat up the the jug, then yeah and then pour it in yeah? Everythings got ta be off with this, so any vehicles coming now you just encourage them to use the other off of the road here. Yeah there you go. The the tyres went over and not a bit of paint inside dry already whats the hardest one to do. Is it like um, the cyclist sign? Oh whats, simple, yeah hes here? What would you say is the hardest one to do small letters right? Where would you see those i dont know dont get what you mean lets look right all right, oh god, the little letters yeah look left and look right. You do see them quite often now in uh, busy city centers. I even seen a video recently where theyve got marshalls on the pedestrian crossing pressing the button, give it helping them cross the road Music thanks for showing me that mate ill leave you to it thanks.

Thank you. So here we are right at the front of it and theres so much glass wow, look at all that thats quite unusual to be able to see all the way in like that, although they have put a little block of i dont know cupboards or something on That window its a nice open space around this area, not a bin in sight, though, still got to put the bins in and theres a brilliant disabled ramp coming down at the front a little bit of a step here and then also another disabled access coming in This part got the blocks on so vehicles, cant come and uh attack any pedestrians in here and already theyve got rubbish caught in the barbed wire doesnt. Look very good. Does it these blocks here, look! Allow you to stand up and have a look inside. What can we see in there anything really that um that blank plate should be high enough, so that if someone did stand on the block, you cant look over thats the idea of these blanks being so high that the normal person, even with their fully stretched height Cant see inside, but then they go and put these blocks there to help you stand up and see over. So, as we come from the main entrance, there theyve put a walkway all the way around the outside, so lets go and have a look and the pathway ends, and i dont fancy going on that mud.

So im going back. I do believe on this side. Is a crematorium that then building and you can see the bulldozer right now, just flattening the land so thats right next to it currently standing up on the on the stones. Taking a look down from the top of the car park. Car park is absolutely huge and the main part of the prison is the back. There look, but i will be testing this uh place out with the drone, because because its uh not an active prison, yet its still being built and theres no inmates in there, i dont think the geo fence has been put over because there is no risk at The moment so ill be testing that out shortly see if the drone can uh get over see what we can see. Oh mate. Oh you g4s. Does anyone talk a drone over here? Yet you know hopefully not because normally prisons are geofenced arent there yeah, but this one hasnt never had any inmates in it. Has it yet so it hasnt got the geofence on the software. So i think it will be a good time to do it before thats. What im intending to do today, im here, to take some um photos? No obviously im just saying you g4 im just going to give you a bottom line. I just wanted to know off your knowledge if anyones done it yet not as far as im aware, but i hope you are aware that i will have to report this.

Go yeah, yeah, yeah, im communicating with yourself to to see what you think about the idea. Um, honestly from what ive learned is probably not a good idea: traffic drones yeah. Obviously, if theres prisoners inside then theres a risk of a different story, man theres its not communicating its all to do with contraband yeah. But is there anybody in there that could get a hold of contraband at the minute, but its not the point whats the risk at the minute with a drone? Do you reckon anything being left behind? I mean were on tight security. To make sure this place runs perfectly: oh, you mean like if i plan something now for when a prisoner arrives youre expecting in january next year, right yeah! No, when when are you expecting them to know this year very soon, all right so days away? Oh, where all right any arriving today, oh thats, a shame we could have captured some uh. Did they arrive in bulk or is it like drugs and drabs to start with? Slowly? Yes, right sorry million people thats what i thought: yeah, okay, well ive, satisfied that as long as theres no prisoners in there, i think ill be all right. Thats unusual ive been like a hydrant sign. There. Normally youve got the number which indicates the pressure and then another number which indicates how far away the hydrant point is. I think its uh its relating to this one down here.

Maybe that does not put the the numbers on yet all the gates open down there. A lot might be able to get get a quick glimpse inside there you go first ever glimpse inside the vehicle, lock, hmp wellingborough. Do you know before this prison was built? Was there another prison here? First, what in this exact spot right? So normally, when theres a prison um already built there and it gets refurbed or demolished, then theres a geo fence around the prison, but on the software there isnt a geofence here. So do you do it or not? Mate? Do you know, although theres no prisoners in here um, are you allowed to fly a drone over when theres no prisoners in because its its not open yet? Is it yeah? I wouldnt have thought normally they have like a geo fence in the software, but this one hasnt, no problem, if you dont know thats fine, no problem ask the civil aviation authority whether were allowed for contacting the drone registration and education service. We are currently experiencing high. Call volumes from good afternoon registration. I can help hello there, um ive, already registered for my drone operators license its already marked and everything and im currently wanting to fly over somewhere that in the software, its not got a geo fence around it and im just questioning whether im allowed to fly over Its a brand new prison with no inmates in it and its still being built and theres no geofence so would i be allowed to fly over that i would be.

I would be happy id, be a bit hesitant, especially because theyre normally obviously restricted areas. My thinking, my thinking is as soon as an inmate is in there thats, when the risk becomes live with the drone activity, overhead and the fact that theres ive just checked theres no inmates, currently here theyre still finishing building it so, and i have seen drone videos Already so ive come here today, just and ill, just before i take off, i wanted to check with them and they couldnt uh confirm, and they suggested me calling yourselves for advice. I dont know i mean its just one of the you know. Certainly, when people are there um, i dont know. Let me see if theres any so youre using like a kind of like a drone app then yeah im using the dji fly. App and ive got a 249 gram, dji mini so its well under the the weight yeah. I just think because of the kind of the nature of the the building whether theyd um, i dont know its a bit of an unusual one. Actually, let me let me probably on a hold and ill see if any of my my colleagues are free just to speak to okay. Thank you, thatll, be in the uk, yeah its well its wellingborough in northamptonshire. Okay, all right! Let me put you on hold, then. Thanks: okay, yeah. Thank you im, just on the phone to the civil aviation authority to get clearance um the first prisoners arriving on friday.

Oh no youre, not id, say no problem mate, not here to cause trouble. Thank you! So much for holding okay, so um, like hi, sorry yeah, im still here, im just listening, um! Okay, so my colleague said um. He said that you should check the official maps um. He said such as, like drone assist or the drone code map um, because youre saying obviously theyre normally restricted, but um with it being built. There may not be any restrictions, he did say like the dji app. He said its not its, not that reliable and its often, which ones the most, which ones the most reliable out of those two. The drone said both codes. Listen, you might as well just do both and then youre covered so hes a drone assist. Have you got those two right because im on my phone now talking have you got those um two databases on your screen? No well hes, just kind hes, just kind of like hes, just emailed me right, like instant chat, sort of thing, yeah yeah exactly so um! No hes just a drone, assist or drone code map so because this is a brand new prison. I dont expect it to be showing on the drone code, map or drone assist. If i download those apps and check – and there is no restriction here right now – then im going to be taking off and having a fly over. I will relay this if i do get in trouble for it and they call the police or anything.

I will have this um phone call to back me up. Are you making a logo? Have you have you um? Have you spoken to the people yeah theyre, unsure theyve, just they just know that from their previous positions in other prisons, its a definite? No? No but thats because of the risk of prisoners being on site that i said have you ever yet, but they have confirmed that no prisoners are on site. So in that situation, none of them have any experience so yeah, and thanks for thanks for letting me know that i will download jonas just check those two apps out and also get their permission saying that youve called us and yeah. You know just obviously have their permission as well, because um theyre reluctant to give permission you see so rather than have a wasted journey. My intention was just to get a phone call from you a bit of clarity and there it is so as long as that is still yeah, its still kind of like they would still have that power to say yes or no um, because, obviously its um. Well, they dont really own the airspace. Do they you guys control that and ill go back to the its still like you know, but its still um its still, not your own land thats, the only thing, its still not say your own property yeah ill, take off from the public land and as long As that drone assist software isnt showing this is a restricted area, then ill just go ahead.

Just for the the reference. Could i take your name yeah my names, lisa, lisa, okay, ill, make a record that i spoke to you lisa, and i will check that drone assist up first before i take off and if it is restricted i wont go ahead, yeah! Okay, perfect! All right! Thank you very much. Lisa all right, bye, bye, welcome. All right cheers bye, bye, so there you go, lets download drone, assist and see what it says. So, as you can see in comparison to hmp leicester, where its in red and youre clearly not allowed to fly your drone, its a restricted area, this place is in yellow. It says its closed, which it is because its not open yet its not got prisoners in there and its just saying some privacy concerns may be raised, but its not saying do not fly so on that basis, lets get the drone up. I dont suppose you know. If theres going to be a barrier on the top of this grass hill, this steep hill – oh youre, not part of the prison um. I dont know about construction right because i wouldnt identify that as being a risk for when children come down its quite a steep incline going downwards. The barriers, a pedestrian barrier would be advised there, but no problem its, not your jurisdiction. Is it no? No problem? Yeah. The the hydrant letters need to be uh. We need to know the the width of the bore and the distance of the hydrant, so thats the uh, the hydrant down there do you know before i um attempt to make contact with anyone else.

You do look like the most senior person ive seen so far really could be misleading um. Would it be? Would it be reasonable to me for me to ask you a question about flying a drone over im, a member of the public im, a photographer? Normally, what you have around a prison is a geofence right, thats thats, an example thats hmp leicester and its clearly in red right. So that means do not fly your drone. You cannot fly anything over that prison right now, where we are right now, its a different matter, because its a brand new prison and its not actually got any prisoners in at the minute, so its in yellow you see, i dont want that camera on me. Well, youre out in public, so well i yeah yeah. That is fine, but this one. It just says there may be security and privacy concerns raised by people you fly over, but its not illegal, because its not a restricted security department. Yeah. If i go anywhere near there, then thats taking um a prohibited item into prison, so im staying out in public and, like i said youre, you look like youre the most senior person around something to do with this is run by g4s, okay. So the conclusion of our conversation is: maybe you just dont dont, want to comment. No, the um, i would say contact the security department. Yeah guys, are you security at g4s? Is that a yes? Is that a no comment? Okay? I cant.

I cant get through im. Just going to go on my own or something sorry were just talking about something else: yeah yeah im just going to go on my own assumption, im going to take the drone over and hopefully its the right decision, yeah yeah good talking to you anyway. So with us being so close to these houses here, im going to say this is a public footpath coming down here, so this is going to be the spot where we take off the drone and lets see what happens Music, foreign Music, nothing really to say it Looks like an old public footpath that got cut off coming down this area. Back of these houses like an old car park, ill have a look see whats up here, and here we find ourselves in like a dead end at the back of the prison. Well, it looks like theyre blocked off some sort of road, but the prisoners are gon na have very good signal, not that theyre allowed mobile phones, but i bet theres a lot of data being transferred for systems and for telecommunications inside there. You certainly get a good view of the window from this point standing on one of these blocks. Look, you can see right in there. So if anybody was uh occupying this particular block, you could come here and have a little shout through the window at home. A little conversation through the window, so weve got a right track around this outside of the prison, but its quite a good view from this angle.

Imagine being in there looking out, and you get to look over over this, even some nice water down there not a bad view at all. Really, i wonder what that signs theyre supposed to be saying something like home office, property or something you certainly cant read it. So i got no idea what its going on about – and here we are. Weve walked all the way around the prison, such a boring, walk and were back to this path where we said no im not walking up there earlier so ive got muddy boots. Now. Lets get this brand new path, dirty eh, theres, a lot of cummings and goings uh outside the prison, but nothing uh, nothing too interesting, but on bbc article um it does mention a bit of information about the place category c jail costs, 253 million pound to build. Will house 1680 inmates and g4s won the contract to manage it? Ministry of justice? Spokesman said: g4s managed prisons brought innovation, new approaches to rehabilitation set to open in early 2022, so some people have said its actually this week that the first prisoners are going to be introduced into this place. So thatll be interesting. I wonder if any will arrive today, its a lot of activity, a lot of staff arriving so somethings, imminent thats for sure so, eagle, automation systems. They look like theyre going to enter the big door, so itll be rude not to have a look inside the vehicle.

Lock, while were here carry on mate, i just want to see inside the vehicle lock, no im, not filming you just dont. Look. This way says the prison will be named. Hmp 5 wells in recognition of a group of historic wells which surrounded the site and it will create 700 jobs. G4S will manage the prison until 2032., its going to be the largest prison in the east midlands and one of the largest in the uk in total theres nine buildings of the prison, and it took 45 weeks to build that led up to the 253 million. Some in april 2021 a protest outside the prison in which people concreted their arms together outside the prison, preventing construction vehicles and deliveries entering the prison. This resulted in five arrests due to protesters allegedly becoming hostile to staff and police. The protest was targeted towards the prisons. Constructor kia group – and here we are – we – have the vehicle lock open. You dont tend to get this close to the vehicle, like do you its quite high, its quite unusually high to be honest, but she ordered the colleague there to shut the gates up the gate, but theyll learn wont they theyll learn. It looks like hes actually here to fix the gate as well, so ironic can it so i expect this bit of concrete down here to be a bin and uh. It needs to be done pretty soon. I reckon else theres going to be litter all over this place when it opens so thats it from hmp, wellingborough or hmp5 wells.

Whatever you want to call, it demands now finished both pedestrian crossings. Look you dont, hang about that one and theres more groundwork. Just going on, i presume this is like the cemetery area over there, but not one person asked us to uh. Stop filming didnt tell us to go away or anything like that. They didnt really say yes, youre allowed to try to fly your drone because theres no prisoners here, but the lady on the phone at the civil aviation authority certainly did she pointed us to that app and, as you could clearly see, there is no red geo fence Around this uh prison, but i bet there will be as soon as uh. Well, there needs to be hope. They update it, quick so that they dont have people flying stuff in the software physically shouldnt. Let you go any further right, so thats it from this one.