I havent tried kakao at all: havent used them in draft either, so im actually quite excited to see how he is this year. Hes got 91 pace: 92 dribbling 86, shooting 88 passing with his 73 physicals as well. Hes a six foot, one player with high medial work, crates, five star skill moves and a four star weak foot. The five star skill moves is something you love to see, especially with the high medium work crates. In that composition, it lit literally, should be perfect. Now, when it comes down to the chem style, i have gone for it is going to be the hawk chemist, its not an obvious chem stall to go for, because you could go for the hunter and give this guy the maxed out pace or you could even Go for an engine chem store if you really want to boost up the dribbling stats its just with the hawk hems, though youre, giving this guy the extra pace, which is always going to be nice, but you are giving this guy 97 shot power with 96 long Shots and we have to keep in mind he has got the finesse shot trait as well, so those kind of long shots with that kind of shot power with the finesse up trait yeah. It should be flying into the back of the net, but you dont just get pace and obviously shooting with hulk. You also do get the extra strength and the extra aggression going.

To be honest. The aggression is not going to do anything right, the plus 10, it doesnt matter, look how low it is. It goes from 49 to 59 youre barely going to notice it, but the strength going from 78 to 83. You are definitely going to notice that so yeah the halt. Cam still is what ive gone for today, im just going to believe lets, say in his dribbling stats and just pretty much hope that hes going to actually feel good in game. So the pace – 97 acceleration 95 sprint speed for a cam, thats literally perfect. You dont need anything insane. You dont need 99.99. You dont need that right. 97. 95 is already amazing. The shooting ability, 91 attacking positioning 90, finishing great, shot power, great long shots, great volleys, while also having amazing penalties, while also having the finesse up trait as well insane passing ability looking very, very good. Like thats, the kind of passing i want for my cam. Knowing that i can turn on either foot with his four star, weak foot and just swing a ball all the way to the other side, knowing that hes gon na get onto the player so yeah the passing incredible, the dribbling ability, as i said to you, guys It looks very good, very, very good, its just it all comes down to his unique body type and hes, six or six foot one height to see if he actually is gon na, feel good in game.

Im kind of questioning it a little bit but hey were not going to judge too early were going to see how he performs all right and then were going into the physicals. He has got 87 stamina, which means he 100 will be lasting for the whole of the 90 minutes. Now the links with this guy do i really need to talk about it. Hes brazilian hes, an icon. He links up with whoever you want and he also gets strong links with players like neymar and players like vinnie, so yeah. The links are genuinely incredible on this card. Now, when it comes down to positions, i am going to be playing cacao in two positions. Im gon na be playing this guy in a can position, but i also want to try him out in that strike position just to see if we can get a good amount of goals today in the five games we have actually got so lets get into the Games and lets see how good this card is going to be is kaka going to make that run. He is going to make that run good touch as well great use of acceleration. Can i smack it towards in the opposed just like that. We have a first goal. It is on that four star weak foot, but it is up against van der sar and apparently van der sar had no chance youre going to turn around here that im going to get any passing options down.

That line. Can i give it all the way up to kaka? I can good fake shot and thats your ruler as well lakkuketa. Can i go for the shot across goal? Yes, i can great skill moves that i did obviously well to create the angle as well, and i really doubt hes going to miss an opportunity like that im. Just going to turn around here. Go on finna use that pace nice thats, a good fake, shot, kaka, making a good run in that composition as well. I tried to go for the finesse shot, but it looks like i put way way too much power into it. Well, ill scoop that im gon na go for that pass. Yeah thats a simple pass. If he screws up that kind of pulse, i would have been very, very surprised, lets see what we can do here well played. I tried to go for it. It is on that four star week, but and once again i end up mistiming it and put way too much power into it. Get that over to gelson nice, give that down to neymar attack has actually moved into like a striker position. Now can i drive and pass it? I can nice flick, go for it. Why not go on thunder signs up saving you im, not even timing, you or anything like that and now were still a very, very good shot. Give it a gap there. You go well roll that roll again i reckon hes gon na think im gon na go for the cut back there.

You go here with a reverse. Now go for that power shot! Look at it! Dribbling! Look at the dribbling! I can tell you guys right now. These skill moves they come off so so nicely. I can tell it doesnt go too far. You know when he does that skill move its very precise. I can go ahead and take a touch straight after and do what i want. Can i give that to name i can im just going to pass that down to kaka just use these pace? Well, roll that you know what were going to go for an early shot with the four star, weak foot as well, and we get so lucky to get the rebound. I dont know how we get a rebound there. Well, happily, happily take it its just that shot on that weaker foot was actually really good. Surely hes gon na make that run yeah he does make that run, which is really really well played. The fact that he is playing in a can position – and he actually sees that run – is really good. Can i get that drone pass across yeah? I can man, it was pretty much wide open for neymar as well, but yeah a really good run from cackle im. Just going to give that to neymar, hopefully kaka makes that run and he does hes trying to think where he should go there, hes, like realizing where the open space is, but at the same time he didnt give me like an amazing passing option there and thats A good turn thats a green time and thats a finish.

Give that early there you go just go for a simple turn there can i go for that, pass all the way over. Yes, i can man hes passing ability. You can definitely tell his top tier the way like it goes over there really quickly as well. Very high and dips quickly is super nice im trying to focus up see if i can maybe create an angle here, but my opponent does well to defend me just past that early there you go, got a fake shot, nice little reverse as well. Great acceleration. Can i get that over to neymar what a pass can i get the finish as well: neymar youre laying me down like that after kaka has done literally everything perfect come on man and this guys quitting im just gon na give that back to vinnie, then, through The gap turn him what a turn chip him as well. Please go in. Oh my, it hits posting in im gon na not gon na lie to you guys for a second. I thought he was actually gon na miss the target, but we end up scoring it. What touch and turn by the way theyre like i like that about him, the fact that he can touch the ball go for an instant 180 and then accelerate into the space is really nice. Come on vinnie make that run well scoop perfect its wide open. He has to make it there, you go, keep it going, no thats, not a graze of touches, so i kind of need to go back a little bit, something i definitely didnt notice.

There, though, was kaka wasnt like the fastest to actually come back into his position and give me that passing option, which is slightly disappointing, but hes got it right here with amazing dribbling. Can we get the finish with him? It just goes past the post. I thought i went in gone, vinnie beat him i played. Is he on? I think he is on right. Yeah im just going to pass that back and were going to hit him on a scorpion, no go for a scorpion there. That would have made her look. So much better hold up. Can i get that back? No, i cant get that back man i was hoping. I was hoping for that scorpion kit, kaka thats, good movement, thats, a good run, thats a good touch as well. Can i get around him yeah? I can good turn wait for it. Good scoop turn no and then the person that hes not even gon na get like getting controlled, gets involved man. Why ea why we could have had a goal there easily as well? This is like a 2v2. I sent him on a run. Nice fake, shot, cutting to the inside trust in that four star weak for and it lets us down. I am noticing the four star weak foot, shooting it isnt anything like special. You can definitely definitely tell the inconsistency. Is there like that 100 needs to get on target? You do not expect caca to miss an opportunity like that, but then on his stronger foot he scores something like that.

There you go thats your one. Two passing plays time to come short through the middle referee. Sort him out, oh for a second, i actually thought it was going to be it wasnt, going to be a foul like im sitting there like whats happening ref. What are you waiting for all right come on cackle 82 free kick accuracy. Is he going to move keeper im going to fake this out a little bit? I reckon yeah hes put someone on the line, man, you know what saying that its marquinos and hes not that tall im gon na give it a go. I wan na see how this actually turns out, yellow timed thats, not bad, and is that in that is it i didnt even know for a second, i thought it went behind the goal like he flicked off the crossbar and went behind, but hey we will take It i knew to take that shot. I saw my kilos on the line and i was kind of confident get that ball kapoor there. You go man during that intercaco good touch and turn well played. Oh no. If we scored that. Imagine if we scored that, but did you see the dribbling? Did you see the touches he was taking around the defender? That is something im really impressed about this ones. 35 yards out. Should we give it a go see if we can score another one nah? Okay, this ones a little bit too im, not confident im, not confident were going to go for our fake shot tactic.

I think he knows it. He knows it wait for him to come towards us. How about him with a roulette? Perfect all right come on. No, it was a hard angle im, not even gon na lie to you guys. Well, look at my boy, kapoor kapoor winning their headers out here, but yeah. It was a very hard angle. Im not really expecting him to score that, especially against someone like donnarumma, so it is time to review and we ended up playing four games with caca. We actually scored seven goals and we also came out with a single assist as well. He performed way better than what i expected him to perform like the dribbling reality. I feel like that was going to be the biggest downfall lets say on this card. I knew that passing was going to be good. I knew theyre shooting and i knew the pace was going to be good. It just all came down to the dribbling ability how this guy was actually going to feel on the ball, and i could tell you guys right now. He feels nice very nice on the board, not as good as like a neymar and bappe or even like a dembele lets say, but you can tell those touches are so so precise with them. You can tell the skill moves as well. They come off so nicely. I thought going into this: kaka was going to be one of those cards with the skill moves that when he does it, the touch maybe goes a little bit too far and it doesnt allow him to go for that instant acceleration onto it and it doesnt.

Allow me to combo skill moves, but that was not the case. I was hitting this guy with, like a reverse elastico, then like stopping the ball, hitting him like a what they call it. A roulette like you can tell the dribbling, with the skill moves. Its very very nice to work with so yeah definitely happy with his dribbling ability passing reality. Dont really need to talk about it, you guys sorry, its top tier shooting ability. That is something i definitely do want to talk about. Right. Foot bullet fly, sit left foot that four star weak foot. Definitely let me down in a lot and i mean a lot of occasions. I thought it was going to be way way better than it actually was the four star weak foot yeah it. Let me down man it. Let me down, but still trusting it. You know dont, be scared to shoot on that four star weak foot, because there was certain occasions today that i did end up screwing from it as well, so yeah its just. There was a lot of occasions where i felt like the power wasnt that great, i feel like a lot of occasions where the accuracy wasnt great, either its just on that right, foot its an absolute bullet of a shot every single time pace. Another thing i was really happy about because i knew when he made that movement in that composition. He would get him behind and there wouldnt be many players thats going to be able to catch up to him.

So yeah pace definitely top tier as well, and the physicals stamina loved it strength. You can tell he uses he strength time to time, but the issue with the strength is the fact that the combination with the aggression isnt that great because you hold off the player but because the opponent coming towards me most likely has higher aggression on him. They will eventually get around him and eventually come out of the ball. So yeah just be careful. The shielding dont overdo it lets say now the price of the card 1.1 million coins. He is a 60k cheaper. I believe it is yeah 60k cheaper on the market. On xbox i mean that says it all right and then on the playstation, hes actually 60k more than the sbc. For me personally, i would rather just go ahead and buy the player, because i know if i end up getting tired of caca using him over and over and over again, i can eventually go ahead and sell him and get a good amount of coins back. I might not get the full 1.1 mil coins back lets say, but ill get a good amount back, rather than putting all my fodder all my coins into an sbc and never having you know, never getting the opportunity to get any of that back. You know so. Yeah, i dont believe. Currently it is worth it, but this is the thing right: the basal, mid icon player pick and the fact that people arent opening packs because theyre saving it all for team of the year is the reason fodder is so expensive right now.

I know for a fact, as soon as team leader comes especially with everyone holding these packs fodder will drop. It will drop by a good good amount as well so players like caca and all the other icon sbcs as well. They will 100 drop in price. So im not sure how low he will actually go but lets say hes like a 700k card. I yeah that right. There is a very, very nice card for 700k. I definitely do believe so, especially with the links he gets. You have to keep in mind. The ability is amazing, but the links as well brazilian and the fact that hes, an icon, so you can link up with whoever you want, is amazing, so yeah. If this car drops down to like 700k 800k as an sbc go ahead and craft it over time, dont force all your coins into it, but you can definitely craft over time and it will 100 be worth it its just right now with how far it is. 1.1 million coins for this sbc is not worth it now. I understand icons, obviously arent included into the attackers tiers, but lets just act like this 91 kaka is just a normal gold card lets, say right or lets say i dont know hes a winter wild card right. Where would he go in the attackers t list? I wouldnt put, i wouldnt put him s, t im going to be honest, i wouldnt, but he is definitely oh.

Actually, hmm, im thinking s a plus s, a plus, is between those two. You know what were going to put a plus.