I know what i need. I i know where to get it: Music: oh, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, excellent work, dr jones, but youve wasted your time. Gopro is just about to release a new fpv, focused action, camera and its pretty much guaranteed to be a new hero session. I mean what else could it be? But actually dr jones was not wasting his time by trekking to the temple of bardwell to get the very last hero5 session in existence, because, although gopro did acknowledge that the fpv market exists and in fact even used pictures of a gep rc cinewoop in their marketing. For their new camera, their new camera was not an updated hero 5 session. What else could it be? What other kind of camera does the fpv world really use? It turns out a naked gopro gopro made their own version of a naked gopro. A naked hero 10 called the gopro hero bones, and that is what were going to be looking at. In this video were going to review the hero. Bones were going to talk about why it is a big disappointment why it is actually great for some people and were going to look at these two cameras: the runcam 5 orange and the dji action 2.. And if you are thinking to yourself, how could all three of those cameras be in the same roundup theyre not even remotely the same im, joshua, bardwell and youre, going to learn something today? All of the cameras that im using in this video were purchased by me with my own money.

I have not received any cash or any other form of compensation in exchange for this video and nobody has had any pre approval or conditions over the contents of this video before it was released for professional productions. Gopros are the best action cameras you can get today. Thats really not up for debate. If you look at any professional production, thats using gopros and theyre, not using like uh, red komodo or a z, cam, or something if theyre, using an action, camera style camera, it is always a gopro. Gopros have really good image quality for an action camera and they have a lot of features and capabilities that professionals want, but from the perspective of fpv, pilots gopros have gotten worse and worse since the hero5 session, and here is the big reason why weight 153 grams For the hero 10 thats with the battery, what, if you take the battery out and you use a usb power – cable 120 grams – that is a huge amount of weight that is nearly as much weight as the entire battery of a five inch mini quad and that Weight matters and that way, especially matters if youre trying to fly one of these guys, these lightweight cine, whoops and sub 250 gram, five inches that weight matters a lot. So what are you gon na? Do you need a lighter camera and what many people have done is they have made naked gopros? This is a naked hero 8, and what you do is you literally just rip the guts out of a hero.

8, until all you have left is the main board and the camera in the lens module, and then you come in at a weight of only 25 grams, and that is well within the range of what something like this or something like this can handle. But it has a lot of downsides and those downsides tie into why the hero bones is going to be right for some people and wrong for others. The biggest problem with one of these naked cameras is that you have to rip open your hero yourself, and there is some chance that youll damage it in the process and youll just essentially ruin a three to five hundred dollar camera. If you have experience working with electronics and experience taking apart, consumer electronics, youll probably be okay, but many people are not comfortable doing it. They just dont want to take the risk, but even if youre willing to pay the price or even, if youre willing to gut the camera yourself. These cameras have a lot of problems. They are not durable and thats. Maybe okay, if youre doing a cinewoop and you dont expect to crash much, but if youre interested in freestyle – and you just want to save that weight but still get gopro image quality. This is a really bad choice. Like i cant tell if this no, i fixed it if this very camera, i broke the back of the camera in a crash. It just busted off and ripped off and it ripped out the plug and the plug got bent, and this is still a three to five hundred dollar gopro at its heart, and it has none of the protection that a gopro normally does, and that extends not just To impacts and crashes but to the actual power circuitry on the board.

These things are not designed to run off of battery voltage theyre, not even designed to run off of 5 volts. I dont think internally. The gopro runs off of 4.5 volts, i think, and when you feed it, five volts its always slightly on the edge of frying and then the voltage regulators that like get rc or whoever puts in these things, is crappy and these they just fry they just fry For no reason and the wi fi burns out and since it doesnt have a screen, you cant configure the options because the wi fi doesnt work and theres nothing so naked gopros have a lot of problems. So then, why? Why did gopro decide to give us a naked gopro instead of the hero5 session that we all wanted? So lets be clear about what the hero 10 bones actually is? It is a hero: 10., literally its a hero, 10., its the main board and the camera lens module from a hero, 10 naked eyes, gopro just stole a page from our book, but they did a few things better than we usually do, and this is why some People are going to actually really love the hero. 10 bones. So like any naked camera, the hero 10 bones does not have a built in battery. It has a plug on the back and it comes with a wire that will go to well its designed to be soldered directly to your flight controller, but most people arent going to want to solder that wire to every single quad that they own and ill show.

You a way later in the video to rig up a balance plug adapter that can power this, but it doesnt have a battery. It will only work when plugged into power and thats one of the ways they get the weight down. The other difference between the hero. 10 bones and a sort of typical naked camera is that gopro has designed it for reliability and durability. I think we can assume its not going to be as durable as a full on hero 10, but i think we can consume. It is way more durable than a schlock together action naked camera that you did yourself. So if we compare these two, the naked hero 8 comes in at 26 grams. The hero 10 bones comes in at a whopping for a naked camera, a whopping 60 grams, and that means, if youre looking for something to put on your little sub 250 5 inch. This isnt, it 60 grams, is going to put you over 250 grams. If youre. Looking for something to fly on your little 2.5 inch that you would normally carry maybe a naked camera, maybe maybe it could get the job done and if were talking about something like a three inch or a three and a half inch cinewook. You are fine anything from there up. This is going to be really good. Why is it so heavy, though, why so heavy its just a naked camera, and the answer is that gopro has designed this with heatsinks built in because heat dissipation is one of the main problems, especially with the hero 10, even the full size, hero 10 struggles with Heat dissipation uh, when recording in, like 4k high frame rate uh and these little gopro these little naked gopros that you make yourself, they will often overheat, and that is one of the ways that they damage themselves.

So there are relatively big honking heatsinks built into here and cuts for airflow to try to help keep this thing cool it triples. The weight doubles triples the weight compared to a normal naked gopro, but it does give you that little bit more reliability, oh and by the way the wi fi is gon na work too. So you can connect to the gopro app and set all your options now. In order to work with the camera, ive got to pair it with my phone and since it doesnt have a screen and menus the way that you do. That is a little different than with other gopros. First thing i got to do, though, is power it up and im doing that by plugging in the cable that comes with it and im just going to connect it to my bench, power supply, which is off camera, and it takes an input of between five and 26 volts, but before you think, youre just going to wire this up to your batterys balance plug there is a gotcha there, which i will be getting to a little bit later in the video stick around. I am going to show the camera this s this qr code, so the camera comes with the gopro labs firmware on it. That lets you change the camera settings via qr codes and you can actually change any of the camera settings. If you dont want to use the app in the field, you could print out or save on your phone, some qr codes for your common setups and just what youre supposed to do lets see how it works.

Im gon na just watch the led there we go. It went blinky blink which tells me that it saw the qr code and is now in pairing mode and then just like usual in the gopro app, it will search for camera, and this is really cool. You remember a while back when gopro took the protune settings out of their app. So if you had a naked gopro with no screen, the only way to change settings was via the gopro labs firmware. Well now that gopro has made a naked camera. Theyve put them back in here now: any review of a camera would be incomplete without an image quality, comparison and thats. Why ive got the hero? 10 bones the runcam 5 orange and the dji action 2 on my little handheld stick and im taking it for a walk. I think its time to reveal why ive decided to include these other two cameras in this video, because on the surface they may not appear to have a lot in common with the hero. 10 bones. The runcam 5 orange is a hundred dollars, whereas the other two are closer to four or five hundred dollars. The dji action 2 has a built in battery and can operate independently, whereas the gopro hero 10 bones is naked, but what makes them so similar is their weight and i think the kind of person who is looking for a camera like the hero 10 bones – is Going to be most concerned about weight, otherwise you just run a full gopro.

All of these cameras come in close to the 60 gram mark, and that means that youre probably going to be looking at the pros and cons of each of them as youre thinking about which ones the best one for you to get now. Ive got each of these cameras set to what i think is going to deliver like the best image quality for you to evaluate theyre all set to 4k resolution, and i know that a lot of freestyle pilots arent going to run 4k, but a lot of cinewood Pilots and other pilots who are concerned about weight are going to run 4k. There are reviews, including some on my channel of these cameras in depth, which lets you look at all the resolutions in all the settings ill put links to those down in the video description. If you want to go further in depth, i have locked the iso ive locked, the white balance and i have image stabilization turned on on the gopro and the action 2.. Why do i not have image stabilization turned on on the orange the runcam 5 orange? The answer is that the runcam 5 orange has built in image stabilization, but its really bad. I just i dont know anyone that uses it because the runcam 5 orange can be used with gyroflow and gyroflow is a free, open source app. That does really really good. Video stabilization but theres a catch in order to use gyroflow, you need gyro data and the best way to get that data is if your camera itself stores the gyro data inside the video file and sure enough the run cam does that now you can technically use Gyroflow im going to start walking like this and see how good the stabilization is.

You could technically use gyroflow with any video file, but you need that gyro data and if your camera doesnt record it then youre going to have a much harder time. But gyroflow is not the only game in town when it comes to video stabilization on your pc. If you dont, like the internal image stabilization in the hero 10 bones, you can record with it off like were doing now and you can use real steady, go real, steady, go is a piece of software, its owned by gopro, and they include a license for real, Steady go with the hero 10 bones. Normally that would cost you about a hundred dollars so which is better than real, steady or gyroflow. Gyroflow has a lot of features that real study doesnt have gyroflow will give you a lot of control over the stabilization process, whereas real steady is a little bit more easy to use. Some might say, dumbed down in terms of raw stabilization. Gyroflow has a little bit of room to go before its as good as real steady. There are some pros who use gyroflow in some circumstances, the main reason being not that its better than real steady, but that you can use gyroflow with any camera, whereas real steady. Unless youre willing to jump through some technical hoops only works with gopros for a casual user or even most pros, the differences between them are relatively moot, and you should just pick the camera that you want to use first and then go with the stabilization software that Works with that camera Music next were going to look at the flight footage from these cameras, but i got to take it off this poll that i made for the walking around test and i think thats perfect time to show you how i power the gopro hero.

10 bones, so i dont have to solder this dang power lead up to every single quadcopter that i own. So its probably not going to surprise you that my workaround involves powering the hero 10 bones off the balance lead of your battery. You can just plug it in when you go to fly unplug it when youre done and move it between quads, as you see fit. My original plan when i started thinking about making this video was to buy some of these 6s extension leads right. It can take 6s voltage natively, so all we would need to do is get this 6s uh plug cut off the innermost, wires or desolder them, and then take the outermost wires and solder them to the power wires on the gopro plug. But when i talked about doing that online, several people came out and said that they had fried their hero 10 bones by running it directly off of 6s voltage from battery. I cant verify those claims and i dont know how prominent they are, but that was enough. Its a really expensive camera im, not taking any chances and thats. Why im using this iflight power adapter it comes with a usb cable or theres. Another version that comes with the naked gopro plug ill put links down in the video description. So you can get the exact right product. The reason this is important is that this has a built in 5 volt regulator. It is not feeding vbat directly to the camera and, before you think, oh its just pulling power from cell one.

So its going to unbalance your battery, there was a version that did that, but this doesnt do that it has diodes on board. Somehow that mean that, whether you use 4s5s or 6s, it pulls voltage from the whole battery, it doesnt, unbalance your cells and it outputs a nice safe, five volts. So all you really need to do is cut off that usb plug and solder, the red and the black wire of the gopro plug to the red and the black wire of the iflight adapter. And then it puts out five volts and youre protected from any kind of voltage. Spikes, and hopefully your camera will live a good long time by the way whats this yellow wire coming out of the plug from the gopro. This is for remotely starting and stopping recording with an aux switch on your controller, and that probably sounds like a great freaking idea to you and im gon na tell you that the way its implemented in betaflight its, not in my opinion, there are people out there That use it and if you want to know how to set it up ill, put a link to my tutorial for how to set it up im not going to cram this video for more content. The reason i think its, not a good idea to use it is that basically all it does is simulate the pressing of the button. So if you short press the button, it might change versus long press and you dont have any feedback on whether youve done it right.

So you click, the switch, is the camera recording? Is it not recording you dont know, and so personally, especially if im trying to get a shot that really matters im not going to use that im not going to take a chance on stopping recording or starting, recording and missing a shot im just going to look At the dang camera, push the dang button or use the gopro app on my phone since wi fi works anyway. All right lets do some flight testing now and, as you can see from this shot, i have got all three cameras mounted on the same quadcopter. So youre going to be getting as close to the exact same thing as possible, except not because there are some differences in the way. Ive set up these cameras to try to highlight the areas where some of them are good, and some of them are bad relative to each other. The first thing i want you to notice is that there is a massive difference in the field of view of these cameras. The dji action 2s ultra wide field of view is something like 155 degrees, the gopro hero, 10s super view. Field of view is more. Like 150 ish, and in order to get that it has to do some stretching to the image, whereas the djis is not stretching, but as we begin flying, you will notice. The dji has a lot of fisheye and this ultra wide field of view.

I used it. Just to show it off because it makes the camera stand out, but frankly i might actually fly one notch in from this, which brings it closer to what you see with the hero 10 bones for the hero: 10 bones im shooting in the flat color profile, which Gives improved dynamic range and means you can do a lot more stuff in post if you choose to do color grading that way versus going with what comes straight out of the camera in just a minute im going to have my editor apply a color grade to This and you can see the improvements hes able to make, but before we do that, i want you to look at the dynamic range of this shot, especially in the trees here under the horizon. While the sun is in the sky now. Well, look at that same shot with the dji action 2 and by the way, youre also hearing the audio from each of these cameras as i switch between them. So this is the audio from the action 2 as well. You can see much darker shadows here, even though the action 2 is in its quote: unquote, cine mode. In fact, here you can barely see any of the detail in the trees at all, because its exposing for the sky. This shows that gopros flat profile is just much better at capturing those details that dynamic range and for color grading. Now the runcam 5 orange i shot in its native color profile, because although it does have a flat color profile, it doesnt actually capture any more dynamic range than normal.

It just makes the picture less saturated, at least thats the closest i could tell so. You sort of get what you get and what you get is you know its, not bad, but it certainly isnt as good as the gopro. Its actually surprisingly close to the dji, at least in terms of its dynamic range. Well, lets go ahead and apply a color grade to this and see how much better we can make it and frankly, you may or may not like this result, but the key is that the information the gopro gives you in the video file means you have a Lot more flexibility to do whatever kind of color grading you want to do in post. The color science is quite good, not on par with a cinema camera, but still very, very good. How about the dji? When i reviewed the dji, my editor, who also does uh color grading professionally, said that he felt the color science was not as good. The dynamic range was not as good. The white balance was not as consistent, and it was just not as easy to get great results out of it. Nevertheless, the results are probably more than adequate for certainly amateur purposes, and maybe some professionals – and here we come to the runcam 5 orange, and i at the time that im recording this have no idea whether he will decide its worth. Putting a color grade on the oranges, uh footage or whether hell think its best to just leave it alone.

Usually, when you have high contrast, footage coming out of the camera, its not easy or sometimes not possible at all, to get great results by doing a color grade after the fact for this section of the flight im going to show you some footage of tree branches, Why are we looking at tree branches because tree branches and leaves have a lot of fine details that give you some sense of how the camera is using the pixels that its got now? This is a little bit unfair because the cameras have different field of view. So, for example, if we switch to the dji action 2, it is super zoomed out, and so you are seeing less detail its if it zoomed in wed see more details or would we because ultimately, this is what the lens is delivering to the sensor, and we Can crop in on the sensor, but well actually be losing some of the pixels of the sensor, so we can take a look at the full review of each of these cameras. Ive got links down in the video description to where i reviewed them. If you want a little bit more of an in depth, look of what you would see, but for now lets just take this footage and compare the cameras and you could sort of see what you get so then, which one is the right one for you and I think were going to start here with the runcam 5 orange, which is in many ways worse than the other two im just going to say it its worse than the other two cameras image quality is worse.

The audio quality is worse, the app that you use to manage. It is worse, it doesnt have a screen on the back, but heres what saves it and why? Its even here in this roundup, its a hundred dollars its so much cheaper than the other two cameras that suddenly its actually a really good value. Lots and lots of hobbyists love this camera because theyre not afraid to break it and its good enough, especially when you factor in that you can use gyroflow. If you care about stabilization, it has a built in battery, so you dont have to worry about plugging it into your quads theres, a lot of 3d printed accessories for it its a really solid choice. If it was 150 or 200, i would just chuck it out of here and never look at it again, but at that price it is worth a look. This comparison, on the other hand, is a little more difficult in terms of price. Both of these cameras are pretty close to the same price. The exact price you pay is going to depend on whether you get the dji charging bundle or the bundle with the screen, which is about 100 more and with the gopro, whether youre, already a gopro subscriber or whether you can get that discount for becoming a new Gopro subscriber also bear in mind that gopro comes with the 99 value real steady, go subscription if thats, something that you value in terms of image quality.

I think the gopro has the edge, especially if youre going to shoot in a flat color profile and then do color grading and exposure in post ive got links down in the video description to some other reviews. Ive done of these cameras, if you want to get a closer look and form a more nuanced opinion, of course, but the image quality of the dji action 2 is more than acceptable for fun, freestyle and youtube stuff, if not, maybe necessarily good enough for pro or Semi pro stuff and the action 2 has so many advantages over the gopro. It is fully self contained its got a built in battery. Ah, do that gopro! I cant do that. I dont have a battery you have to plug me in, and i dont have a screen either. Oh yeah. Do that. How about that i cant do that and the durability durability. The dji action too, like obviously its too soon to say, but clearly its going to be more durable right. This has a plastic case a little. This is going to break off or whatever this thing can take a beating, and i know because i know freestyle pilots who fly this is their main camera and yeah anything will break, but it can take a beating, but here is what makes up for the gopros Lack of durability with a gopro subscription you get up to two replacement gopros per year. Now these replacements are not free.

You can see here the trade in price for a hero – 10. Black is 99. I dont see the bones on this list, but if the bones cost 99 to get a replacement, then with your subscription, which is 50 a year, you pay 400 for the camera plus 50 for the description, thats, 450 plus 100 for your second camera plus 100. For your third camera, that is 650 dollars divided by three cameras, you are paying 216 dollars a camera and you are getting the gopro subscription with it, which has like cloud. I dont know what it has i dont care. I only bought it for the insurance. Now we can do that same math for the dji. If youre in the united states, you can buy best, buy insurance with dji or theres dji care as well, but i dont know the actual numbers on it. You will pay 400 for the dji camera plus. I think its 60 dollars per replacement and they dont have a limit on the number of replacements per year, if youre doing the best buy insurance, but lets say you got two plus 60 equals divided by three cameras: 173 dollars for the dji. The point is, if you buy either of these cameras, you damn well better, buy the insurance with it with the gopro bones, you kind of dont theres, no reason not to because the fifty dollars you save a hundred dollars on the camera in exchange for a 50 Annual subscription its just free money, oh by the way, if you dont, live in the us, you cant buy the bones anyway: theyre only selling it in the usa.

So if youre outside the u.s – and you want it youre going to have to find somebody in the u.s to forward it to you and no im its, not me, please all 70 of you that want one in europe. Please dont ask me to email it to you now. Whichever of these cameras, you decide to get, there are links down in the video description to places you can get them and they are affiliate links. What that means is that when you click that link and make any purchase at the affiliated store, i get a small commission clicking. Those affiliate links before you do shopping is an easy way to support me and it doesnt cost you anything extra. Now the real question: what quad should you actually use to carry these cameras right here on my bench? Ive got the gep rc cinelog 35, which i think is a really good. Three and a half inch cinewoop and ive got a review of it. Im going to put a card on screen, if you want to check that out, ive also got the cinelog 2 5, which is set up to carry the insta360, go that camera comes in closer to 20 grams and it doesnt have quite the same image quality as These but its still pretty freaking cool ill put a card to that as well. If you want to check it out, thank you so much for watching this video. Let me know in the comments which of these cameras, you think is the best.