I always wanted to have a drone, and i had this plan in my head, where, instead of buying a cheap like 50 pounds, a drone and learning how to fly, etc, etc. I would actually invest a little bit of money and buy something more sophisticated, hoping that all that tech inside the drone will keep me flying. So the choice was fimi x8se 2020. The drone from banggood ive actually purchased it myself, because i really wanted it, and that was back in december. So the question is: was it good for the beginners like me, because i had no previous experience? I even didnt try a simulator to get myself familiar with controls. I just went straight into action as i get to review the drone. Six months later, you probably realize that the drone survived my operation, which means yes, this drone is actually quite suitable for beginners. Despite slightly more increased price tag and advanced features, my story with this drone started before christmas, and the days were short, the night would come straight after work, and i had a very limited time to fly this around weekends werent any better, because its uk and its Raining constantly in the winter, so ive been waiting for actually a long time to get this out of a spin after a couple of flies. I realized that something was also wrong with the gimbal itself, because the lens wasnt focused correctly, i mean take a look at this footage.

It looks like garbage and its not because the weather was crap, so ive decided to reach out to femi customer supports to get this resolved. Thankfully, their support was actually quite responsive, reasonable in requests for the evidence and quickly. They gave me additional information that would indicate that theyre gon na take the drone in for a purse. There was a one problem: theyve asked me to send the drone back to china at my own expense, and i know what youre thinking you wouldnt be very happy at this point, but lets face it. I really wanted to get it sorted and i had plans for buying extra battery and theyve promised me extra battery as a compensation for shipping it out of my wallet now, since the shipping was about 25 pounds and the battery was 56 quid then well its not A bad deal right and while the drone was repaired within couple of days, i hit another snack chinese new year, which basically held this drone in postage for another two weeks. But once i got the drone back, everything was fixed and i was finally happy with the quality of the footage. So, as the drone is operational, lets take a closer look. What you can actually find inside this box, obviously inside the box youre, going to find the drone itself controller, which connects to your mobile phone, a tablet, two props battery battery charger and three different cables to either connect android phone with usb type c, with micro, usb Or iphone the drone was actually bigger than i was expecting its 750 grams so its bit hefty.

However, once folded its not that trajecting, you can easily put it into a satchel, backpack, etc. But what is disappointing is the fact that it doesnt come with extra protection for transport and, as you can see, the gimbal is exposed – and this is the most fragile part of this drone. Now the drone on the side. It has a port for the sd card. I would recommend you to use quite fast cards, because this can shoot up to 4k more on that later, there is a micro usb to access the drone firmware and logs and couple of switches for powering and selecting different modes. I have to note that the microsd card is extremely hard to take out and each time i do so. I have to use tweezers at the bottom of the drone. Youll find additional sensors and the battery can be easily replaced, and you can use the button on the battery to check how fully charged it is very handy. This controller comes with a built in battery and has plenty of juice to actually keep you flying for a long time, including charging your phone, it retracts to accommodate for different phone sizes or even small tablets. So you shouldnt have any problems fitting your device inside now. Youll see, obviously the flying sticks which you can configure in app to your liking, but you also have additional controls, theres. Obviously, a power button which is well obvious and automatic takeoff and landing dedicated button to make it easy for you, mini joystick, can be customized to assign the most useful shortcuts in the app and on the other side, you have a dedicated button for the outer return Home underneath the joystick, you have additional two buttons which you can also configure and on the shoulders.

You have two wheels. One is being rotary encoder, which rotates 360 degrees, and one is just the analog encoder which you can use to move your gimbal up and down its very handy. To make the controller more portable. You can actually unscrew the sticks and stow it within the controller and fold the antennas, making the controller much smaller and easier to carry in my test. The control would last several flying sessions on a single battery, including charging my phone and the drone lasts about 25. 30 minutes, depending on how aggressive you get with flying, one of the immediate improvements to the controllers would be connection or mounting points for the next trap, because its so useful to have your hands free from time to time. So you could dangle the controller instead of putting it on the ground as a beginner. I was absolutely terrified of taking it for the spin. For the first time, however, dedicated takeoff and landing button made, it really simple to perform those maneuvers and then i could fly around while watching the drone. After a couple of minutes, i started to get confident in what im doing and i started to watch the screen itself to get the live, feed and get used to piloting the drone. This way, it took me about 5 hours of flight time to get some confidence to start flying further away and test the range of the drone. The advertised range is up to 8 kilometers and, in all honesty, youll, probably never gon na fly that far the furthest.

I went away from with this. Drone was around two kilometers and on one occasion, ive lost the connection due to line of sight issues. So bear that in mind, but dont worry. It has automatic return home, which means the drone, once disconnected, will start to fly back to the location where it started its flight. Bear in mind that you can actually customize this path in app and decide how high the drone should be flying back before landing onto the place. I have to say the first time ive lost the connection with the drone. I was terrified and i wasnt sure whether the drones gon na return, but after a moment i could see the drone back on my screen and i just safely allowed the drone to return home, something that you can actually stop at any time. Would i recommend this drone for beginners? Actually, yes, the drone itself comes with a beginners mode, which is going to limit the drone capabilities. Youll limit how far you can fly, how fast you can do it, etc, etc, and, as the drone is very stable, even in high winds, all you have to do is just make sure youre not going to run the drone intentionally into a tree yeah about that. Well, the mistakes were made and actually crushed this drone three times now and so far, torchwood no damage was caused to a drone which im quite happy, considering how heavy this thing is.

So, with a bit of awareness, i have no problems recommending this drone in particular to anyone that is just getting started. Just remember to fly a drone, this big, legally, you probably have to obtain a license, its, not something that is very complicated. You can go online and check your local jurisdictions law about flying a drones of a certain weight and equipped with a camera. For me in uk, it took one evening of making sure i know the rules and passing the test to receive the license. But if this drone is bigger than what you would like, vimy also released another drone, which is very similar, which is fimi mini x8. Se, it weights only 249 grams and its also equipped with a similar camera capable of 4k resolution and, as were talking about the camera, lets talk about the gimbal itself. Something tells me that this gimbal is a very similar unit to the femi palm pocket gimbal. I reviewed in this video with 60 frames per second options available for 2k resolution 90 frames per second option available for the 1080p and 720p. Now this means that the 4k is likely to be upscaled and it doesnt really look that good and i would strongly recommend you to use either 1080p in 60 frames per second or 2k, as this is where the footage is going to be nicer. I mean just take a look at this Music when flying a drone like this.

You have two choices: you can either go in a cinematic route or you can just go crazy and enjoy flying now. If you want your footage to look really good, the flying part of the drone, its gon na, be a little bit boring. The drone itself has a cinematic mode which basically limits how quickly the drone can slow down or turn. But if you really like that cinematic feel youll never fly very fast or make sharp turns, youll often find yourself focusing on the movement of the camera, adjusting the camera exposure etc. But if thats boring, you can flip the switch and set the drone into a sports mode which is gon na, remove all the beginners limit and give you the roll power and agility of the drone. So before you switch that over make sure you have some confidence. So you dont run your drone into anything. Looking at the video footage, it is clear that the best quality of the video youre gon na get in a beautiful weather, the camera isnt handling the low lighting conditions very well and thats. Okay, because to be honest, youre gon na end up flying this drone when the weather is good. I mean high winds arent great, because the drone is capable of 60 kilometers per hour at the top speed, which means a stronger gust will actually make difficult for this. Drone to go in certain directions, this drone isnt waterproof. So when there is a chance of rain and theres a lot of clouds, you probably dont want to take your chances and fly that in a bad weather.

It is probably obvious that the video doesnt come with a sound, because if the drone was equipped with a microphone, then all you would hear is just buzzing. Over the past 6 months ive been experimenting with the drone. I even attached a martian rover to it i mean the model of it and i filmed fake landing. You can watch that landing actually in here in my review of the resin printer, but that wasnt the only thing that attached to my drone, i also attached an insta360 camera. A 360 camera made perfect sense to be attached to a drone, because suddenly you didnt have to point the camera in the specific direction and the results well just take a look at this, its amazing Music. Now, if youre interested in the insta360 camera, i also have a video there for you to watch, but back on the drone tracked to make your videos look better. There are lots of different ai modes, because this drone is equipped with ai that utilizes a gimbal to allow you to track and follow targets. I was like different settings for different follow settings. The drone can follow behind you. It can be on the side moving. Alongside of you, or just be in a position and tracking your movement without moving the drone itself, now it works pretty great. As long as you remember. One thing there is a kind of a speed limit and even though the drone is capable of 60 kilometers per hour, i was constantly losing track on a bicycle whenever i would sped up over 20 kilometers per hour.

So if you want a truck you walking around thats fine, if youre gon na jump on a bike, you have to take it slowly. Another disappointing thing is that the drone actually doesnt take in account the elevation. It will set a zero at the starting point and count elevation from there, but you wont make any adjustments in a terrain elevation. This means, if youre running the drone into automatic mode and the elevation changes. You are risking running the drone into a ground because drone doesnt know that elevation has changed and it cant do anything about it. Other ai features allow autonomous flying. You can draw a path and make the drone follow this path or circle around the subject. That will allow you to actually focus on the camera work, while the drone is doing its thing, it works actually quite well, and the resulting footage is really really nice. Ai is also responsible for returning home. If you get your device disconnected. This means that the drone simply will start returning back to your initial position and there is a special ai mode that uses a gimbal to recognize a landing pad. You do have to buy a dedicated landing pad, but the drone is capable of recognizing it and land on top of that landing pad from a hundred meters above it thats, actually quite impressive, and provides an extra level of safety just in case you gon na get Yourself lost, as were talking about the ai features, lets take a look at the app itself for the most part.

Its pretty well laid out with the biggest offending feature is the fact that every time i launch the app the video setting is set to medium, i mean why doesnt preserve my settings. I mean ive set them right and i would like to keep them, especially that the app is capable of storing my joystick configuration and shortcuts. Everything is nicely laid out and you can quickly switch between a map view and the camera live feed. The feed feels responsive and you can use all buttons on your controller, to switch to different options and different settings. Its very handy and highly customizable id strongly recommend you that you spend extra time getting familiar with controls and setting them just the way you like, because that will assure that you can fly safely over the course of 6 months. I havent come across anything that would really detract me from flying experience, and i was quite happy with everything that happened. I got even enough confidence to perform some droning favors. I managed to film a video of a local hotel later on. I used that connection to book a restaurant when there was no booking slots available win for me. I also recently filmed an engagement video of my friend to make sure they have a nice memory of it, hiding in a high wind on the top of the mountain thats. How comfortable i am with flying right now and i even use the drone shots for the b roll in one of my videos.

But if im honest, i still need more time to hone my flying skills because it turns out that operating camera and flying at the same time actually requires quite a bit of experience. Moving forward. I probably gon na end up with something with a better camera setup, because i think i want to move into cinematic videos rather than flying fpv, while impressive and cool its not something. Probably i would take that much of the interest, but for the next year or so, im gon na be enjoying my fiami x8se 2020 and learn more about it. So if you are interested in flying and if youre wondering whether you should get a drone like this as your first drone dont hesitate the flying isnt that hard with a drone like this and soon enough, youre gon na pick essential skills to keep you in the Air and perform more advanced maneuvers that, in turn will allow you to pick a more specialized drone for whatever you want to do next. So, if youre interested in a video uh description, you will find a link to this model to the mini model. So you could get one for yourself, as for now guys expect to see more cool drone footage, especially my second channel im gon na link it in there as well. If you wan na check it out and ill definitely be talking to you soon about my next video, so if you already post this video and subscribe to my second channel now ill tell you that i do not have a posting schedule and you know how it Works so im not going to explain you that, but follow me on any given social media to well stay connected.

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