Yes, alien ship, serious, go, go on. Suras sirs go go today, ufo place, let’s, go Music, let’s go let’s, go serious blasters, you are slower than uh you’re, actually slower than a freaking blackheart to me. Okay, it’s, actually not slower than the dumb camera, which is actually kind of looking for beginners. I, when i was a beginner and now my first car was the lambo which my first car is actually the lamborghini i’m, not bothered buying any tesla motor friends by the way um. By the way you know tomorrow, i in nine hours i actually do have the spices, because look how close? I am. I basically one contract away. I have to do all of these in a public server. Dude, like they are so hard like look, rob got some doughnuts like made people. A lot of people are upgrading donuts, it’s, so hard, bruh, bruh, sirs, serious, serious, okay, sorry go get the ufo and now get to the drop bruh bruh. Okay, so let’s just go and get the myself the install we’re doing the ufo versus drone. So first we are going to, of course, a speed test. I mean not for the speed this. The furthest is how hydra fly is run. Doesn’T fly really high, so let’s check out the ufo the ufo flies higher. Then that means do you focus one yeah? They also got one point: yeah the offer wins: yay ufo wins; okay, so the ufo one.

For this one point for this bad boy and one point for this draw i mean zero points for this. Okay, oh hello, there monster truck. What do you want? They want to be in a competition too well, okay, we’ll see, look, look what you can. This is why i like the monster truck. Look at it. Look at look at the drone. Yes, wow drone! Are you okay? The monster check this run over you, 100 kilogram? Okay, now now, so they also actually win now test so speed, one two, three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine ten okay, ten seconds from there to prison, that’s, pretty good for the drone. Now we’ll check out the ufo come on. Imagine the ufo d spawn this phone bruh black bra, okay, well, that’s, weird, okay, i’ll get myself the you know flow, then, okay, so i guess i’ll have to start from the military base, because then i don’t have to go for the ufo and they will help This bomb really quickly come on. Let me in game game. Let me in okay, okay, so i’m, in do your fault we’re going so should we do the drone first or should we do that? The other one okay, first we’ll, do the drone from military to prison. Three two one go one: two: three: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 30, 14, 15, 16 seconds, okay, 17, 18, 18 seconds, okay, 18 seconds for the drone from military base to the prison.

Let’S just stop the ufo, because the ufo is winning right. Now, but it might make a comeback like the jet pack did last video, but it doesn’t, but the last video isn’t even uploaded bro. Okay, now three two one go one: two: 3: 4, 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Fourteen fifteen, sixteen seconds bruh. How is that? How is the draw? How do you feel faster than your drone? This is complete insane like the drug. This is slower than the buzzer buzzer. Yes, it’s, a dumb little bird. Why but he’s not even a bird anyways, okay, he was lost two points. Drone has zero points now: uh let’s test out um the speed, the actually the ufo one, which is pretty surprising. Okay, now let’s start that’s how fun it is to ride it. First, we will test out the um how much people it can carry, but you know we solve. This is a tie, so one point is plus so that means this is three uh to the ufo and one to the throw now let’s see how good it actually turns. So we, the drone, turns pretty uh. Not every car turns uh good, but the drone turns kind of bad. I mean you might disagree with me, but it’s actually my opinion. So let’s just do this. I got i’m stuck in the area come on. Let me out okay let’s just do this come on! Okay, okay, bro get out of there get out of there get out of here: ufo, okay, Music, honest okay! This is how bread, the the ufo turns way better than the drone.

The drone turns is really bad, so um the ufo wins four well now we’re, giving the looks of the honest opinion. The ufo like it’s it’s, blue stuff, are so cool like it might be better like look at it. It actually looks like a real alien spaceship and uh this uh, the the the ufo inside uh it’s, like this it’s, nothing just an invisible platform. Bread drums, bruh drone, just despawned, okay, i guess i got ta, go back to the drone area. Come on go back to the drone area, ufo! Okay, i’m. Back at the drone area come on drone spawn okay, so the drone actually look um. I know. I think that your ufo wins, because the drone is just like an ordinary lifestyle drone which so they offer wins. Wow five, one wow, your phone, you are actually beating the road it’s, actually gon na be better than the drone. It doesn’t be insane: okay, okay, bruh. Ah, okay, now um the amount how how it moves. Well, they they also is actually easy to control and the drone is kind of harder because it always crosses into place. I know i crash into place because i’m kind of bad at controlling ufo, because i just got it a few days ago: um so um. They also wins i’m, pretty sure, okay, i’ll just test the drum bras. Look how hard this is come to control like look at it. Look at this yeah the zero for this you’re winning six one for your phone, okay guys.

So this is proven. The ufo is better than the drone, in my exact opinion. In my honest opinion, so let’s end the video right now.