So in that video? I was not talking in english that’s. Why most of the viewers requesting me to make the video on english so i’m, making this one. So in this video i’m gon na talk detail about the drone with the sd card uh about the battery and about the controller so was still in, and you will know everything about about this. Drone and i’ll show you. How does the controller work and how to fly and everything so keep watching till last? So let’s start the video. So this is the drone and on the top of the drone there is one power button. This is the power button and you can see underneath there is one slot. This one is the slot for the sd card, where you insert the sd card just a moment also, and this one is the camera and this one so and we have a battery. We have a battery over here that fits on the back side of the drone that is inside the back side of the drone and just pull that out and it comes out and for charging here is the charging key, the slot for the battery, and we got The charging cable, the cable in the box and, moreover, about the controller here’s, the controller and on the bottom of the controller, let me show you how it looks like the first it’s closed and here’s the battery compartment. So you push that out and you can see one bit with you and you put the both battery and you insert it and about this controller and the drone.

One thing you need to know about the xerox drone is that it doesn’t connect with the smartphone. So the drone only connects with the remote and you don’t have a con. You don’t have anything the app or something like that to connect the drone with a smartphone, so you can’t view the real time view of the drone. So you just put the sd card and then just hit the record button on the record button on the remote and it starts recording. Then you would take the sd card out and you insert inside your computer or your device and then you can view it, and so everything is done and let me show how about the controls little bit more so speed one this one is the speed increases the Speed and the return button is one pre or one place, and the drone returns to the home, and this one is one key takeoff: one keep takeoff and landing, and this one is the camera for the photo. This one is for video and this one is for emergency. If the drone is going to hit the tree or something or you find, it is emergency to stop the drone. Then you press this button, then everything on the drone stops and it suddenly fall down, and this 360 flip will i’ll. Show you how the drone does the 360 flip on a minute and this headless mode is when you fly the drone and you know and move the joystick in certain direction, then press this headless mode, then you don’t need to take the remote to control the drone.

It automatically follows the joystick movement you did before. One thing you need to remember about the drone is: when you put the drone up to fly this, you know you just need to make sure that the front one is facing towards your front like this, like the drone front, is facing towards your front. You just put like this: make it face towards the front the this one. The drone front side should face frontward and then just take the controller just do like this. Then the light starts stops blinking. Then the remote is con connected with the drone. So let me put this camera over here: Applause, Music Applause now, i’m gon na show you how the drone does the 360 flip Applause. So, as you guys saw the video. The drone was too hard to control and overall it’s good for the price you get and the main purpose of making through today’s video was just to make the video in english and to show you guys how to do the, how to put the sd card and Control how to control the drone and throw some flight clips and the 360 flip was not good, because the room was too small and that’s it for today and hope you guys enjoy the video.