We already reviewed with one notable exception. The inclusion of upward firing drivers, the 900 has seven speakers, including a dedicated center speaker for better dialogue intelligibility. You can expand the 900s multi channel performance by adding a compatible, bose, subwoofer and surrounds, which well get to those in just a moment. Apart from the addition of the upward firing, atmos drivers and support for dolby atmos itself, a lot of the 900s capability with respect to features is largely the same as what youll find on the 700, the bose music app for setup and control, adaptic, auto room calibration. Alexa and google assistant support, wi fi, bluetooth, apple, airplay, 2 and spotify connect capability are all carried over from the 700. now over the years, bose has taken an all a cart approach to a lot of their audio products, and the 900 is no different for this Review we have the 900 the matching bose based module 700, as well as the bose surround speakers, all of which are sold separately once you download the bose music app setting up the 900 system is straightforward. The app at least on ios devices works great to get the most out of the 900 youre going to want to run the adaptic room calibration procedure. Now, unlike the small puck like microphones that come with a lot of av receivers, the adaptic mic is located atop, a headband that you literally wear while taking numerous measurements. I know it may feel a little awkward at first, but i actually wish more companies did this, because it can be more than a little tricky to place a microphone where you think your ears rest, when seated versus just wearing the microphone and sitting down the best Part about our experience with adaptic was that it worked the first time and, with the exception of maybe sonys 360 degree, room mapping tech.

The 900 has one of the more impressive room. Calibration procedures in terms of end results once set up control, falls to either the bose music app or to the included remote. Now, this being bos flagship soundbar, i expected to see boses universal remote that comes with the 700.. Instead, you get this small remote. That seems more fitting for a second zone than as a primary control device. It is functional well made even but the 900s remote is nowhere near as nice as what youll get with the 700, which doesnt make a lot of sense to me. Thankfully, the app experience is the same, regardless of which bar you have all of that aside. We actually controlled the volume of the entire system using either the remote for our sony, x95j or the apple tv, both of which worked great. So how does the 900 sound? Well, we low key raved about the bose 700, so i was pleased to not be let down by its replacement. If you already own the 700, i doubt you will find anything objectionable about the 900, which sounds like a slightly larger, more spacious, 700. Despite the two bars being essentially the same size, the 900 has a bit more spatial volume to its presentation, be it with music or movies when it comes to dolby, atmos mixes forget about it, but lets lets break it down. The 900 on its own has decent bass. The bar alone does not have enough grunt down low to be truly cinematic or impactful.

If youre going for that true home theater experience, so youll want to get the subwoofer unless you are looking to add a soundbar to say your bedroom or a small apartment. Where you may have some other sound considerations, then then you can consider skipping the sub with the base module 700 connected the systems base response is solid. Base is deep, rich well dampened its not really boomy, though it definitely doesnt, have the slap or outright speed of some. Similarly, specd subwoofers, the 700 subwoofer with the 900 bar, is more about digging deep, so that explosions and instruments like kick drums have an appropriate amount of heft weight and physical presence in your room, though, it is possible to get the sub to bottom out, something. I noted in our 700 sound bar review in terms of the mid range again like with the 700. The 900s mid range is among the best in class on its own, that is without a subwoofer. The mid range is leaner, with a mild emphasis being placed on the upper mid range which, along with its dedicated center speaker, explains the bars rather impressive. Dialogue, intelligibility, artists and instruments that occupy the mid range are always clear with great detail in articulation. Throughout now add a sub and the mid range does inch closer to neutral in its tone, thanks to more weight and body being injected into the mix. I still find the handoff between the soundbar and the sub itself to be among the best in the business bose.

Really has struck a very nice balance with respect to making the two speakers act and sound as one up and throughout the mid range. As for the 900s high frequency performance again, its solid, it is mildly forward, though dont mistake that for aggressive or fatiguing its just more pronounced. The slight forwardness, coupled with that bit of upper midrange energy, allows the 900 to be more captivating and involving at all volumes. But especially at lower ones, the highs are not the most airy but that isnt to say that the 900 doesnt hit the high notes. It does there just isnt as much decay on the trailing edges of some notes, but all in all, at least with respect to its treble performance. The 900 earns high marks from me with the sound stage heres, where the bose is surprising. First, off beaus own truespace tech, which turns non atmos content into pseudo atmos mixes, is incredibly effective. Even when listening to music, the presence of the height channels does pay off. There is a more vertical presence than what youll get with the 700.. I dont know if bows tweak their beam steering tech with the 900 or, if its just the inclusion of the upward firing drivers that makes it sound, fuller and a bit more focused spatially when listening to music and non atmos films musically. I think the 900 is rather good, while i wouldnt classify the 900 soundstage as entirely too channel like there was a surprising amount of separation left to right, not to mention depth that impressed me most 90s era, rock like radioheads creep, sounded particularly convincing with movies and Gaming, the bose absolutely rocks watching free guy on apple tv plus in dolby atmos was a real treat.

The 900 delivers a near 180 degree, wrap around soundstage or, should i say, sound bubble. Adding the surround channels fleshes out the surround sound performance to a full 360 degrees, though i wish the optional surrounds also had height channels. Without them, the sound field definitely becomes more more linear as sound wraps around you in terms of sound placement, the 900 seems a little better than what i recall experiencing with the 700, while still not a scalpel. With respect to placement in detail, the 900 is strong enough that even when side channels are being approximated, they sound more discreet than vague dynamically. The 900 never failed to impress i mean it. This is a small soundbar package, even with the optional sub and surrounds, and yet it sounds huge. The 900 system is punchy and visceral, and i love it – maybe its not the most linear in its presentation of dynamics airing on the side of explosive rather than building layer upon layer, but for what it is it more than gets the job done. I was routinely impressed by how big and bold this system could sound, but before you rush off and click buy now there are a few things worth noting. First, the 900 is little more than an extension of your tv speakers and that it doesnt offer any additional hdmi connectivity for devices like game consoles, blu ray players, you know. So if you were hoping for something that would give you some measure of next gen hdmi connectivity, youre out of luck, im, not saying that you cant use these devices with the bose.

But you will have to run them through your tv and rely on the 900 earc connection to get sound. The bigger issue for some of you is going to be the 900s lack of dtsx decoding this isnt a deal breaker for me, but for some its a big deal. Apart from those two caveats, i didnt really find anything objectionable about the 900s performance that i feel you need to know before, making any purchasing decisions. It works as advertised and in our experience is pretty foolproof. But if i may, i think, if youre looking to build a home theater around the 900, i would skip the smaller bose surround speakers and go with the larger, more expensive. Bose surround 700s, while both sets of surrounds rely on a rather bulky power, brick, which are just stupid. The 700s should do a better job at creating a seamless, 360 degree sound field than what i experienced with the smaller surrounds. As for comparisons, i would definitely slot the bose 900 above the 700, though, if i already own the 700 im, not wholly convinced, i would upgrade, unless i knew i just had to have. Atmos is the 900 better. Yes, but its not night and day better or even different, if you just bought the 700, maybe enjoy your purchase a little while longer before upgrading. As for how the 900 stacks up against our sennheiser ambio and the samsung q950a well, the sennheiser is still the all.

In one king bar against bar, it is really a contest. The sennheiser wins, the ambio is a beast, but i have to admit im starting to fall for some of these smaller slimmer sound bars. Yes, the ambio is better, but the bose gets about 70 percent of the way there for less at the base module 700 and it becomes more of an even fight, plus the buzz turns out to be cheaper compared to our samsung q950a. The win goes to the sami, its definitely more neutral compared to the bose and, as a result, it does a better job with music or as a two channel system replacement. Now the q950a is fuller and more encompassing when watching movies, too thanks to its greater number of channels and superior surround speakers, its also less expensive and all inclusive in that you get a sub and surrounds the 900s biggest competitor. In my opinion, is the lg sp9 which, at just under a grand, is comparable in price? Only the lg comes with a wireless subwoofer, making it a potentially greater value. The two have a similar sound in many respects, though i will admit, i think the bose is just a touch more refined once you add a sub and run adapt it compared to the lg, both sound good and are solid, buys at their price, though your money Goes further with lg without question, i preferred my time with the bose 900 to that of the sony hta 7000, but rather than drone on about the a7000 and all the reasons why i feel you should skip that bar ill.

Let you read up on that yourself. Theres a link to a review in the description, but what you all really came here for was to find out if the 900 is better than the sony hta9 compared to the a9, with the matching sw5 subwoofer sony is hands down the winner for about the same Price as the bose 900 sound bar with the base module 700 and surround speakers, sony gives you so much more spatially. The a9 recreates a true cinema like experience in ways i dont know if sound bars can match at least none that i know of right now. The bose 900 is great and among its peers, those being true sound bars, its a top contender easy, but against the a9, its just a sound bar. In truth, the bose 900 isnt a completely new product as much as it is an enhancement of an already great one, the bose 700. I rather like the 700, which no doubt explains why i love the 900. bose once again delivers a product that is thoughtfully designed built incredibly well and that performs at a very high level without a great deal of fuss. While you can definitely do atmos for less with other sound bars, the 900 is still worth consideration because of just how effortlessly it slots into your entertainment, lifestyle, both sonically and visually. It really is a great sound bar, so thats it. That is now my review of the bose 900 sound bar, but now its time to find out what chrissy thought of it.

Well, i think this is going to come a shock to you, but i wish the 900 was bigger, really yeah. I do um, it felt too small to me like visually and i think psychologically. I think that the size may affect some peoples perception. Oh – and i i think that may have happened with me um, but regardless i feel like bose, could have gone further to separate the 900 from the 700, both visually and sound wise to me, its just not enough of an upgrade um and im and im with You the cube the cube, surround speakers, theyre, ridiculous, uh, im. Sorry, you know like just just just put the power brick inside the speaker. I mean nobodys youre, not fooling anybody with this small format with a gigantic attachment, like it just thats, not solving any problem. No, so if anything, i think it makes it more difficult, i think so too yeah um, but if were just talking about the sound, i thought that the 900 it i thought it was good. I just was never wowed by the perf, its performance, okay, um. You know maybe its just because ive come from the a9 and my expectations are just its like: they theyve reached a new level yeah, but um. You know back to the 900. I actually liked it better for music than i did watching. Movies wow ill go ahead and duck now wow im the exact opposite. I thought it was really good with movies, and i i liked it just a little bit better for movies than i did the 700.

. I think, if i remember the 700 review, i might have liked the 700 for music thats funny. That is funny. I dont know i dont know it could all come down to the fact that it was placed on a different this time around. It was placed on a different shelf. We had it on the bdi, the 700 on the bdi. I didnt even think about that, because the the the rack its a little bit lower its a little lower its a little bit more. I guess hollow hollow, is the word but believe it or not. When it comes to sound bars there is. There are some subtle differences in what you can get out of their performance, based on what you set them on for regular tv watching like cable news and sports or youtube. I thought the sound was a bit tinny, okay, um and maybe thats down to the mix. I i really dont know, but that was my impression. Okay um did you find that it was tinny when i had the dialogue? Enhancement turned on versus off because we toggled that during um american crime story – and you said it helped boost the dialogue which made some of the mumbling actors a little bit more easy to understand. But when i had that on did that boost the tininess or um, did you kind of notice it throughout i it was it didnt really make a difference. Okay, um! I just i honestly i i dont really remember whether or not it was worse or okay or better when, after the dialogue um and boosts that that youre talking about its just like an overall okay impression that i felt like i was getting and im like.

Am i imagining things? No, i dont know no, i mean thats, just my yeah, no thats fine, i mean i i definitely, as i say in the review. I think that the bar is on the leaner side. It has that kind of scooped out mid range, because the upper mid range into the treble is has that rise, and that does help with intelligibility. But it could lend itself to a little lack of weight or body. But i thought the sub did a pretty good job uh fleshing that out, but hey if you, if you thought it was a little bit more on the forward, lighter side, thats, totally fine and again that was mostly with just kind of straight standard content. You know like watching the espn or just some random yeah thing on youtube back to dialogue. I i suppose we segway there um. If you, if you have any hearing deficiencies, i definitely think youre going to want to boost the center channel for dialogue. I know it helped me out of the box. I i honestly felt dialogue was a little hard to comprehend at times, but once you once you made the center channel adjustment, it was, it was really good. I gave it a 30 boost. I gave it a 30 boost and i left the dialogue enhancement off, because i feel that until companies give you dialogue, enhancement like mild, medium and high, they can. It can be too much of a good thing.

It really can and with the bose, its better than ill say the lg, but not by much, and it does induce that that tininess that sibilance at extremes, especially at louder volumes, good news, is you turn the dialogue, enhancement off bump the center channel up 20 to 40, depending on your room and personal taste and its kind of the same thing without over accentuating the treble, and i love that the the bose gives you that control, because weve weve reviewed a slew of sound bars. Lately that are just like you, cant, adjust anything and its nice, its nice, that its there yeah okay. So for me, if were talking about how does this compare to other sound bars if anybody is still wondering yes, this is going to be better than the cinema. 1200 from clips i mean i would basically go with just about any sound bar over that bar right now. They still have not made any adjustments to the app nope as like they promised they would. It was supposed to come out. The update was, i think, supposed to be released august 30th, 31st, 30th of something yeah end of august. It was either august or september im, pretty sure it was august anyway, didnt happen. The one thing i like about the bose is: when you run down the features you get you are when you buy it, you get what you are paying for. Yeah yeah. I mean its easy to use.

Yeah um, like you, said it works as advertised. I had no problems in that respect with the bose, i think its a solid option: yeah um, especially if, like you mentioned in your review, that, if youre, if youre looking to add something to your bedroom or you have a really small apartment. I think this is a great option. Yeah now i still think the lg is a better value overall, and i really liked the lg so um. I might actually lean advise someone to go that route. The lg is unquestionably a better value. Unquestionably, at i think its 8.99, now you get the bar and the sub, and it is rather exceptional for music. You get a lot more in terms of some customization. You get different sound profiles, yeah, which you dont get dont, get with the bows the bose. Is this is the sound and i happen to think that its pretty good um, but if youre like? Oh, i like a cinema profile here and a music profile here in a game profile here, you dont get that with the bows, but you do with the lg. If the lg was constructed to the same spec as as the the bose and cost, what it did, oh god like hands down, no brain, but it couldnt, be it couldnt, be yeah, it probably couldnt, be it couldnt, be um. I still think when youre you cant, you cant, ignore the fact that you get the subwoofer yeah with it, and so at that point i yeah.

I would rather have that than a fancy. Looking sorry, its a black box, youre, absolutely right or a rectangle whatever and ill say this. If the bose works for you, if the bose is of the size and the configuration that would work for you in your room, the lg is going to do the same and vice versa. So if you currently have the lg sp9 uh, because maybe you watched our review or you just went out and got it yourself without our review, um and youre and youre happy with it, but youre wondering like, is the book just keep your esp9 youre going to Be fine, yeah youre going to be fine. That would be my advice. Yeah uh, you know, but if were talking about the samsung, i would still get the q950a over this sure im still getting the sennheiser over this granted. I get it its way way way more expensive, its huge, but its still hands down best sound bar out there really um. I cant wait for them to maybe come up with something new uh call me uh, but look nothing beats the a9 not right now. So everybody that was wanting to know what about the? What about the bose? What about the 900? What about it, its its a its a good, its a good, sound bar, its a good, sound bar, its good, but its, not the a9. Its good im, like you, know, look maybe if we hadnt had the a9, i would feel differently, but we had we had it.

We still have it, but the a9 exists. It exists and you cant change that you cant, ignore it so anyway, thats it thats. It yep all right. Well, that is now our review or breakdown of the bose 900 sound bar. What did you guys think? Let us know down in the comments below and while youre down there of course got a question of the day for you, and that is, is the bose 900 enough of an upgrade over the bose 700? I know it does atmos. I know it says the upward firing drivers, but is that enough? Let us know down in the comments im really curious, what you guys think uh, if you like this video, please do give it a thumbs up like and subscribe ring that bell, so that youre notified when new videos come out views any of the links of christie Left for you down below know that that is a great way that you guys have shown your support for this channel and retailers that are interested in growing the hobby. The right way follow me on instagram at recovering audiophile and thats. It thats it thats our bose 900 review. So remember the only person who has to like the sound of your system is you so happy listening. Everybody. Thank you.