After an oil tanker managed by an israeli billionaire was hit by a drone attack. Last week, the ship was attacked off the coast of oman with two members on board a briton and a romanian killed. This is the latest in the series of attacks in that region, while it is still not determined who attacked it. All guns are pointed towards iran. As of today, israel, the united states and united kingdom have accused iran of carrying out the attack. The united kingdom and iran have even summoned each others diplomats over what london calls an unlawful incident. On monday, british prime minister boris johnson said that iran should face consequences of what they have done. I think that iran should face up to the consequences of of what theyve done, except that the attribution that the foreign secretary has made. This was clearly an unacceptable and outrageous attack on commercial shipping, a uk national died. It is absolutely vital that iran and every other country respects the freedoms of navigation around the world, and the uk will continue to insist on that now. Israel has aggressively called out iran for attacking the oil tanker israels. Prime minister naftali bennett said that there was evidence proving that iran was behind the attack, warning that his country could send a message in retaliation. Speaking on the attack, israels defense minister benign said that the world must act now against iran as it stands, in violation of international law and morality.

Gans even claimed that iran was behind at least five attacks on international shipping in the last year is iran. Israel is also pressing for international action against iran over the attack in a series of tweets foreign minister, yaya lapid said that he has instructed the embassies in washington, london and the u.n to work with their interlocutors in the administration and the relevant delegations at the un Headquarters in new york, the united states as well has come out in support of its long standing ally. Speaking to the press, secretary of state, anthony blinken said that he was confident that iran had carried out the attack. I want to condemn again the attack on friday against the commercial ship, the mercer street, which was peacefully transiting through the north caribbean sea in international waters, when it was targeted by a drone laden with explosives. Killing two people weve conducted a thorough review and were confident that iran carried out this attack. It follows a pattern of similar attacks by iran, including past incidents with explosive drones. Iran has denied involvement in the incident. It is rather hit back against what it says are baseless accusations and with the new hardline a government set to take over in three days there arent warned against any action over the attack. These distractions are nothing new. We see these distractions every once in a while, especially when good things are about to happen in the region. I have stated this once and i will repeat it: the regime occupying jerusalem has brought with it insecurity, violence, terror and war, wherever it has gone, and for this reason those responsible are those who have brought this regime to the region.

Maritime tensions, not new to the gulf of oman, israel and iran – have attacked each others, ships in the past, but the consequences have rarely been fatal beyond, is now available in your country.