I are hand motion drone. I got it from the mall. I see some guy the worker that works for mind games. He was playing with it. He had a blue one though i wanted the blue one, but they had the red one or the rose gold who the hell was rose: gold double like a woman to you i mean i am super duper fly, but doesnt mean im. Gon na go for the rose gold if it was a gold gold, maybe, but i like the red one thats somewhere in red, because we matching today yeah, you already know make sure to subscribe hit that, like button drop, a fat comment, this was 19.99 guys. I always wanted a drone im starting off with this drone, because its just like its just for fun right then later on im gon na move up to the bigger drones, so lets open it up. Of course, i have to put a tape right over here open this bad boy up all right. I just caught my nails too, like two days ago, guys damn there we go put this aside so heres what it comes with. Applause comes with the charger im using the canon guys like canons, still pretty good quality man then heres the drone. I think i might have to charge it before. I use it, but lets see unless its charged already oh say word. What okay lets go. Try this outside, i think its charged.

What you know, what let me charge it, maybe for like five minutes and ill be back: okay, guys, Music yo guys, so i made it work. Look at osita shes like what was that noise shes just staring: okay, guys, what the guy told me was having your hand for a while until it turns green. I dont know how to use this guys. Dont judge me lets. Try it out one: two: three: Music! Hey come back, no dont go over the fence drop Music. Oh i have to catch that guys. Oh im, gon na practice inside guys just put the water over that fence. I dont know you guys seen that Music Music, oh yo, the guy that guy at the mall made it look so easy, its incredible how easy they got made. It look im telling the time outside really bad low light. Okay, there we go. This is what we need the light Music enjoy yourself: okay, its actually dead. Let me charge it and let me try one more time guys this takes practice, hey, believe it or not. This takes practice guys. Oh wow, i think its pretty cool. I like it. Let me charge it for a bit cuz. I didnt charge im not gon na go over there because it was gon na go over the tree or someones house. Let me move this over a bit. All right lets. Try one more time behave yourself. Buddy dont go crazy on me.

Yeah dont go crazy on me, so you have to hold it like. It has to read your palm of your hands and thats, where the connection is right now, uh, theres, no connection well lets. Try it out again im gon na. Do it slow, not fast, slow, Music, hey come here, Music! Oh, i dont know if its because its windy well yeah im gon na im, gon na practice. More guys turn it off right now, but yeah thats. What i like about it has some cool lights, especially in the night, its gon na look sick guys. I need to practice this turn it off. Here we go guys the drone, oh yeah, you know i need a thumbnail. Actually, i do need a thumbnail Applause. Oh yeah, with the light in my eye, thats gon na, be a thumbnail guys. Hope you guys like this video, like i said guys, i think its pretty cool for 20 bucks. Once you get the hang of it, it should be good im gon na practice.