So as youre probably aware, the time has come to order your new iphone. The iphone 13 orders are now open and i thought that would uh grant us a nice opportunity here to talk about the differences between your options if youre considering the new iphone. So this video is going going to be a versus between the iphone 13 and the iphone 13 pro. What about the unbox therapy staff lets? Have them come in and well have a little wild card here. We have no idea what theyre gon na pick well talk about price. Well talk about battery, well talk about cameras, display and so forth before we get into the video. I do want to talk about our sponsor today, who is as youre well aware with any of these devices, you no longer receive a power brick in the package. Instead, you got to pick one up on your own and i highly recommend anchor products. These are the power bricks that i use this right here. This tiny little brick their latest release is a 20 watt power, brick theyre, calling it the nano pro look at this thing: thats 20 watts. This is 20 watts in this tiny little package. This is the 20 watt apple charger that apple sells. I mean that is a pretty spectacular difference. This is actually more affordable. This is really truly a no brainer anker nanopro the latest. Now they do have other chargers as well. So if you decide that you want some more power to charge up other devices – and you can pick up something like this, which is the nano 2, this is a 45 watt power, brick, which is, i mean, not much difference in size from apples, 20 watt power, Brick 45 watts 20 watts check the links in the description for a variety of products from anchor no brainer stuff.

What are the attributes? What are the differences im on the website im actually going to order a phone right now, im going gon na pick, whichever one, i think is optimal, you might be able to guess, but maybe not you might be surprised, obviously starting with the standard iphone 13. So probably the biggest difference for most people is going to be the display. I personally have wanted to see 120 hertz on an iphone for a long time, so i kind of hold that up as like a critical upgrade, which only exists on the pro models. Its once you pick up 120 hertz that 60 hertz becomes a problem because then you get really used to it and you feel like your brain, is lagging when you go back to 60, but if youve never used 120 in the first place. Well, you probably dont care all that much and you can stick to the standard model. All right lets look at some other specs. When i look at all models. Take your pick here. They are promoting the 13 pro before the 13. im. I smell profit margin. Differences colors are another difference. So on the pro we have this new blue that theyre working with, i think they call it sierra. Is that right, sierra blue, that is correct. You can also get this silver gold and graphite im gon na pick. The actual my actual favorite scenario, out of the bunch theres different storage options as well all the way up to one terabyte now, starting at 1500 bucks.

Oh the other thing i should mention with the pro models: youre capable of shooting pro res videos. So if youre, one of these people that takes iphone video and then puts it into a video editor pro res gives you extra flexibility that you havent had in the past a greater ability to adjust colors in your footage after youve already shot it change. The look of it and so forth and its easier on your editing system so regardless of which software youre using prores, is just buttery smooth to cut but its larger file sizes. So you have the one terabyte option: if thats crazy important to you the other thing to mention you have to have at least the 256 model right in order to shoot prores. So you got to stay away from the 128 model. If you intend on shooting the mo more pro video format, its always hard for me to pick between the pro and pro max because of battery life, not so much display size. To be honest with you, i find this to be a fairly big phone. You can see like gripping it this way for one hand, i mean this is a very individual thing that might be completely fine for you, but for one handed use, this is on the bigger side, theres a huge benefit with it, though apple claims, its going to Be the best battery performer yet and then, obviously, when it comes to watching multimedia and so forth, you have the best experience when you have a bigger display.

Also the price goes up. So if i click on pro max and im, looking at the same one terabyte option thats a 1600 phone on the high end, your cheapest pro model is 9.99 for the 128.. If i was gon na get the pro, i wouldnt go for that model, because im im gon na wan na experiment with that prores feature so im going at least 256., and i should also mention at this point that im gon na be doing uh a big Iphone giveaway as well ive already ordered every single version and variant of the iphone 13 mini regular 13 pro and pro max theyre all coming to the studio. So dont worry about that. This is my personal iphone pick, so its a little bit different when youre, when youre thinking about the personal pick now lets go to the regular 13, because im always curious about the mini kirks been using the mini for a while its it kind of got some Love in the tech community, youre missing a few things, obviously, both with the mini and the iphone 13 chances are the minis going to be the worst battery performer of the bunch, which is not great so 17 hours of video playback versus 19 hours of video playback On the regular 13., what can i tell you? These are optimal figures that apple provides. Are you gon na actually achieve that everybody uses these things a bit differently, but i presume that the mini is gon na, be the worst battery performer of the bunch uh.

The camera area is obviously different as well. Your best camera versatility comes on the pro models with that extra camera unit. Price wise lets do price, so 13 mini this one right over here available in pink blue midnight, starlight and product red is going to start at 699 dollars, u.s, so the most affordable iphone by the time you step up to the regular iphone 13. It goes up a hundred bucks in the same fashion that the pro models do so its a hundred dollars difference here and its a hundred dollars difference here. Im gon na make two picks im gon na pick, my own optimal iphone and then im gon na try to determine the value point for most people. This is hard to do then. The next thing im gon na do is have everybody in the studio here come and select which phone they would go for, so that we can get a nice little survey sample size of how the public is feeling, or at least the unboxed therapy public. Those that are in here all right so for myself, im taking the pro and im going to take the regular pro, not max this one, its just its just a little bit too much of a brick which is funny for me to say, because ive been carrying Around the folding phone, which is actually a brick, but it has me questioning the form factor a little bit more. So i think this is kind of a good size for an iphone, manageable, still nice to watch video and so on.

So im gon na go with the regular pro so im already at 999. Bucks now, which color am i going to go for obviously, graphite is safe. Silver is safe thats. What this color is right over here, gold im not going to do and then the new color sierra blue. I am gon na put a later case on it anyways. Actually, i have the new later cases you can order these right now, im gon na go ahead and have to be boring because of the way the cutouts all interact with this aramid fiber on the very thin later case and im going to have to go with Graphite because it just blends in so nicely, but if i wasnt going to use a case, i would probably take a chance on the sierra blue. As far as storage is concerned, man and matt are you paying dollars to go from 256 to one terabyte, and i dont really keep that much stuff on my phone and even if i was to shoot prores video, i think it would be in clips where i Could offload it so the real uh smart move here is 256., but this is unbox therapy, so im getting the one terabyte. I know its its. I mean its come on. What can i do its? Can i do? What can i do so anyway? All right there? You have my selection, it is the pro not max 6.1 inch graphite, one terabyte thats.

What im ordering, if you dont care about the prores video, if you dont care about 120 hertz, if you dont care about potentially better battery life, then i think you go with the regular iphone 13 theres, a reason why its the top seller, i know youre lacking A camera module but youre in there at 7.99, and i just think that the mini for most people most people – some people – love this thing, but i think for most people, im gon na recommend the regular iphone 13. I do i will put most of stuff in the cloud so screw it ill say: 128. Keep it 7.99, which color not red the last couple product reds. I havent liked the look of it. The blue is kind of nice here, midnights a safe choice, midnight or blue. Those are my recommendations over there im gon na give you a little bit of background on ryan, because some of you may not have met him yet hes been working with the channel for years, but is actually the only remote team member hes here right now, which Is perfect for this selection and he also hasnt used an iphone in a while the last one i had was actually the three thats a lie. I had an iphone six six. Okay, i remember briefly briefly. I i like the i like the look of them. I, like man, they got nothing against the iphone, but this is too big for me, like theres, i i even the phone im using now.

I think its too big id rather go down to something a little bit smaller. I mean to be honest with you. Maybe theres something in between these two: if there was out there but im not going to get picky, it would be this version, which is the same right. These are right talking to tim, yeah, 6.1 inches. No, these are the same. This is my. This is my model right here: 6.1 im, not a huge camera guy. I dont take a ton of pictures. The price difference between these two then 7.99 9.99. Oh yeah, then im going im saving the 200 bucks yeah yeah. This is good for me uh. This is only 60 hertz, and this is 120.. Its gon na sit twice theres no 90.. When youre thinking about your 200 bucks, thats also worth considering and battery life, i think battery life is going to be fairly comparable. Okay, is it worth 200, the refresh rate? Maybe not but 60 im going backwards because i think what im using right now is 90, and i really like it: android chatter android chatter i cant yeah. I dont be honest, though, like if youre in the store you dont work well, the thing is id have to swipe it and maybe remember what its like to swipe 60 hertz um, but thats just being spoiled lets face it id probably there he goes hes locking It in at the iphone 13. here are your color choices.

I go blue im, a blue guy with blue yeah. You like this blue right here, yeah. I like all these. Now, how much storage do you need? Are you a cloud guy or do you need any extra storage locally on the phone? Because your 7.99 is getting you 128 yeah yeah? You can go all the way up to 1100 bucks. I dont need that. I probably land in the middle, so the difference is a hundred bucks, yeah um. I think i need that thats, something that i think i need. I dont think i can do it on 128. hes store and local here we go so hes in at 8.99. Ryan has selected the blue, iphone 13. and hold on is that is that us dollars – or this is us dollars? Okay, okay, were doing were doing it in u.s dollars, youre going to youre going to pay more for the app okay. I can do my own yeah conversion. Okay, all right, im, cool with that there we go uh well done, ryan after many yeah. Thanks for having me on all right next up uh will you have not used an iphone also in a long time? No, i use the s20 yep s20, but prior to that, you had the pixel yeah yeah, so youve been android at least for your last two phones. Ive always wanted to switch the iphone. After this, i havent been on ios for a while give it a try, see whats going on give it a shot right.

Okay, fair! I think i would go for the iphone 13 pro okay same one as me, not the max just the pro right with the extra camera. I could take a lot of otis pictures right as well as the 120 yeah youre, already used to a high refresh rate. Yeah yeah, i cant go back now, which color are you going for uh? You have a sierra blue, silver, gold and graphite. I think im gon na go with the silver silver yeah. Interesting ive never had like a light phone wow. I didnt thats a little bit of a sideways one. I didnt see that coming so he goes with silver and how about storage? What do you need here? Ill go with the 128. 128. You cant shoot pro res. What, if you ever needed to? Okay, yeah, you reminded me, i i got to get the 256 256, so youre at 1100 bucks thats a hefty uh. Give me your credit card lets see it. You said you would do it in real life hand it over to the money one hand it over hand it over youre apple, thats, right im, saying that stings 1100 for a phone, it would sting, i mean, were trying to be like real world scenarios. Well, i mean i can finance it for 45.79. Okay, so maybe ill. Do that all right there you have, it will selects the 256 regular pro in silver. Next up is kirk. I feel like.

I know what youre gon na do because of what you have been doing, but maybe youre gon na surprise us here today. Maybe your your mind is all over the place, maybe youre very conflicted right now. I am truthfully because i just made the switch from um an s21 to an iphone and dropping from 120 hertz to 60 was brutal, so im really intrigued by the 120.. So if youre talking mini, then its a 300 upgrade. If you want to go to pro know what im saying got it heres a question yeah? How much does that apple watch im just saying it starts at 400., so to jump from like many different varieties, obviously, to jump from mini to pro is a 300 jump? Correct then, if i get the pro i have to get the 250, because i want the prores okay, which is so youre trying to fit in, like a mini and a watch. Instead of no no, which i, which i dont mind, it helps to contextualize like what is the difference between two or three hundred dollars. Its significant in this case, like well 400, is an apple watch, but we could also uh add something to that and just say. Well, what about airpods, if you dont, have air pods theyre 250., you see what i mean so you have. You can have the mini and airpods pro for less than the 13 pro yeah and and thats a real thing that human beings thats a real thing that shoppers have to figure out what they want to do right now.

What is that dollar figure, and what else could i could it be used towards? The thing that i found right now is that i got the mini and it stays in the pocket and im not scrolling around im, not doing that stuff as often so then 120 becomes even less of an issue because i go mini. My whole goal is to stay off of that stuff. What hes trying to say here is that its like a digital detox element to it, its like, when you have the mini phone youre, not youre, less obsessed with your phone and hes, not mad about that hes. Saying theres a positive effect: there im loving it im, loving life right now, thats a but thats, a kind of uh alternative argument. Some people im sure theres. Other people feel the same way. Its a little bit. Unorthodox, though, like to get a new phone to be off of your phone, yeah is a little bit unorthodox, but it really is. There are many lovers out there for a variety of reasons. I would maybe take the hit on the on the hurts on the on the rate and go hurts yeah hurts hit, it hurts it hurts, it really does. I would go to the mini and i would go. I mean im gon na throw a later case on. So im gon na go black because thats, just like a nice look midnight or but hold on. Let me see that red theyre gon na go red, but theyre reds.

You never know what youre gon na get until it arrives. Thats true, some of them are more towards pink. Some of them are really muted, sometimes its this really vibrant red. The last couple of reds ive been a huge fan of well thats. Just me, you you could do red. I will go blah. I would just go on midnight, i go midnight mini, i would go 128 and keep it in the cloud like spend the money on a subscription 6.99 youre youre locked in 6.99, yeah youre, the lowest yeah thats it, and then you hit me with a later case. What does that run? You will need that cyber edition looks so good. You will need this. One 45. hit me with that, and then i need the glass protector as well. Look at you going shopping right now: yeah gorilla, glass, youre all set so thats, 45. 35 yup, oh im at 779. youre at 7.79 thats a good deal, thats a good deal. Thank you, kurt! Thank you. So we have myself and will both selected the regular pro uh ryan selected, the iphone 13 and kirk selected. The iphone 13 mini last up is mo and honestly, i have no idea what hes going to do. You know ive been using this one: the 12. 12 regular yeah, okay, yeah, but tell them what you just did, though oh yeah, i just switched my sim to uh the flip. This is what i switched over to i switched over to the flip and my favorite part about this is the larger screen.

So i thought for sure i was gon na go here, oh interesting, but i think im leaning towards and this oh youre going all the way. This is a very unpopular opinion but wow i i really am enjoying the larger screen on the flip. Can you hold this for a second like thats, fine with you and its way, heavier nash. Has this my wife has this phone so yeah, you use it sometimes and right – and i love it – you mean she has the 12.. Yes, yes, yeah yeah and the pro res and the larger battery its so worth it wow plus i got the cargo pants, so i got room in the pocket. Goes all the way up, not all right promax which color they dont have a dark, color anymore, other than graphite, well, its graphite, then okay, and which one is it, and this has 120 hertz and it has everything its. This is the full youre at 1200 bucks. It for the 256. thats thats, the one thats, the one 250., all right, youre all set 1200 bucks. So i came up came in i i went like even crazier than he did and went for the one terabyte version. No, but you got this one. Yeah of of i got the right version of this one, all right, so there you have it. The selections are in. Thank you very much for uh. We have a survey now you can see.

I guess its not a typical spectrum in the sense that everybody here works at unbox therapy, so its kind of a specific type of survey. We have two regular pros. We have one pro max, we have one iphone 13 and we have one 13 mini. So it is kind of decently distributed across these devices. Of course, i want to know from you guys what you would pick and why you can. Let me know down in the comments and a reminder that ive got a large giveaway coming up, because i ordered one of everything and theres going to be an unboxing video showcasing one of everything and – and i mean actually one of everything – every color, every color, every Color every color so definitely subscribe for that. So i talked about anchor off the top of the video and showed you some of those power bricks. Now anchor also has this other brand called yuffie. They do all kinds of things for your home, including robotic vacuums today were checking out. The x8 robo vac and instead of a single turbine x8, is unique in that it utilizes twin turbines to deliver an 80 increase in airflow over previous models. Each turbine has a suction power of 2 000 pascals, making it perfect for any home, especially for those with dogs, cats or any other furry friends. We should know around the studio few dogs running around because of this tech, pet hair pickup, an x8 has improved by over 57 percent versus previous models.

Its also got something called ipath laser navigation, which builds a real time map covering every corner of your home, creating a systematic cleaning path for the most efficient cleaning route. X8. Ai map technology identifies and stores the layout of not one but multiple floors of your home plus access to the ufe app allows you to utilize other features such as tap and go sending x8 to specific rooms or locations in your home to clean now, theres. Also, a hybrid model of the x8, which includes a mopping feature now heres, the cool part yuffie, is actually going to give away eight x8 units on their twitter handle at you fee official. So all you got to do is head over there and make sure youre following them, but you can also keep an eye on my twitter because im gon na have the details in there as well, thanks to both anker and yuffie.