Sure the stuff inside of the box is very similar but lets get into it. So were gon na unbox, every phone in the new lineup and im gon na start with the standard iphone 13 in this new blue color. That, i think, is actually my favorite of the new phones and its this thin box. Again, as you can see, because theres no power, brick included in the box but as you may have noticed, theres also no plastic shrink wrap this year. So i guess its time to give apple a little bit of credit for their use of recycled materials to offset their environmental impact, so recycled, box, cardboard, recycled, aluminum, recycled phone design, but here we can see the phone in all its glory and i can just fire It up real, quick before looking at the accessories, but the rest of the stuff in the box is pretty much the same. You get a lightning to usbc, cable and you get some paperwork, a sim card tool and an apple sticker that is not colored. Just a white apple sticker, but yeah thats, the iphone 13 in the hand for the first time lets grab the 13 mini next. So this is actually a new darker color, its called midnight, its not quite black, but it is a very, very, very dark blue, but i think the camera bump might actually also be close to black on this midnight iphone. Then the pro iphones here, the pro iphones, come in black boxes again.

So this is the gold 13 pro a lot of the same stuff, again: white apple sticker, normal accessories and then the sierra blue 13 pro max big phone, big camera bump, which ill get to in a second and just have to make sure. But yes, they do in fact all come with white apple stickers, but that is the unboxing, and that is your iphone 13 lineup. So by the time youre watching this, i have been testing these new iphones for the better part of five days now which not quite enough time for a full review, but definitely enough for some solid first impressions, so thats. What im going to give you today also make sure to subscribe, to be among the first to see the full reviews when they drop and also, let me know which one you want to see reviewed first but yeah from the outside. It looks almost identical to last years phone and in the hand, it feels almost the same too, although it is a quarter of a millimeter thicker, which i dont notice at all, but then also about 20 grams, heavier which i do notice not by much. But i did notice because im so calibrated to the 12.. Now most of this extra heft is from a slightly larger battery capacity and the more i use these phones. This is starting to be interesting, the more im starting to think that this may be the most underrated new change on these iphones.

I have been very impressed with the battery here, especially on the larger phones, so i had a day with the 13 pro where i had nearly five hours of screen on time with half battery left, which is crazy, good and thats, not even the pro max. So well see if this continues to hold up, but thats definitely something to keep an eye on this year that i wasnt expecting as much. You know, obviously its a pretty minor update, but in the grand scheme of things, even if apple didnt, add crazy, fast charging or ultra fast wireless charging. The fact that they did make the phone a little thicker and a little heavier for a little bit of a bigger battery all right, yeah thumbs up, but really the only other two updates to evaluate are the cameras and the screen. So for these cameras i already have a bunch of sample photos here and i encourage you to follow me on twitter or instagram, because im going to keep posting new sample photos and videos, as i keep testing these. But overall, my impression so far is still a great set of cameras, especially in broad daylight, of course, and the bigger improvements will be seen in more edge cases like low light, fast moving subjects, etc. Definitely going to shoot some more of that type of stuff. But the star of the show really is all the sensors are bigger and better and theyre still 12 megapixels each, but that ultra wide in particular looks much better with the sharpness across the whole frame and im pumped that the new telephoto on the pro is 3x Slightly better than the 2.

5 x on the pro max last year and again, a larger sensor but thats, why all these cameras are so massive on the back of the phones too, its of course, an aesthetic change between this years phone and last year. The cameras are also now diagonal on the 13 and 13 mini not just to look different, but to fit that new hardware and its just an overall bigger camera bump thats super duper thick, damn boy. I do already have a couple quirks things that ive noticed about these cameras, though one prores, so these pro cameras, the 13 pro 13 pro max were supposed to have pro res video super high quality. Kodak thats used all the time in the video world uh its. Not here its not here yet anyway, this is a coming soon feature that will apparently be pushed sometime with a software update again, i cant evaluate it its supposed to be here, but its not and apples, usually pretty good about eventually delivering things they promise, especially in Software but its not here yet, but then number two, the the new macro capability on the iphone pros: ultra wides. So when you get close enough to an object within about 14 centimeters or something the cameras automatically switch to the ultra wide and thats, because it has the super close up capability, so you can keep going in and get as close as two centimeters from something and Itll still be in focus, which is great its better than some dinky two megapixel macro camera, its super high quality, its taking a crop from a higher quality sensor, instead its been fun to play with, but but this all happens automatically with no manual override at all.

Not a huge deal to some people but like you, can see the switch when it happens in the viewfinder, but there is no indication that it has switched cameras at all. So you walk in closer to something it switches to the crop of the ultra wide, but it still says 1x on the right side, like its still coming from the main camera when it isnt. But now all the natural bokeh from the primary cameras focal length is gone and it doesnt. Let me switch back thats the thing i can hit the 1x. All i want nothing happens and thats the difference between getting this and moving one inch closer, auto, switching and getting this it just looks worse now. Maybe they do that automatically to prevent some of the fringing that can come with close up subjects from these larger primary sensors, but on a pro phone i would like at least to be able to hit the 1x button and switch back to the primary sensor. Just give me the the button for the control small complaint, though, but then also there is the new cinematic mode, which is on all the phones, and it is such a new. It is a software feature, but it is so processor intensive that its only going to be on iphone 13 and later its not coming to older iphones, but this was described on stage as a focus rocking and ai based face tracking for shooting more cinematic videos.

I think this is going to look like to regular people like video portrait mode, so, first of all in the camera modes, its got its own dedicated swipe over panel, so theres portrait photos then regular photos, then regular videos, then cinematic mode, which immediately applies the fake Extra depth of field now theres way more manual control, so im thinking maybe ill. Try to shoot a whole video or something with this to see if its worth your time for people trying to make videos on the iphone. But for now for normal people getting this phone yeah that background blur is gon na, get the most attention its like video portrait mode. So i got a lot of camera testing to do, but you know it didnt. Take me very long to evaluate is the new screens, so theyre all the same sizes last year, but they are brighter. Theyve got a slightly 20 smaller notch, thanks to the movement of that earpiece up top and the pro versions now have 120 hertz promotion. So the smaller notch, its all right, i guess to my eye honestly. It makes almost no difference because you dont actually get much screen real estate back apple didnt even have the courtesy to add an option to see the battery percentage up there in the status bar or do anything with the extra screen real estate. The 120 hertz promotion, though its legit, its amazing, its very nice looking and its about damn time and im, going to probably say the same thing again when it finally comes to the pixel 6 also this year, but yeah its about time now to be fair.

Apples had, in my description, some of the smoothest feeling 60 hertz phones of the past, but the second i unlocked the 13 pro for the first time out the box, and i could see that high refresh rate i loved it. I mean you can see my actual real time reaction in the bts video that we just dropped on the studio channel, but it looks great super smooth, animations and pretty much every single app and every single animation. Even pre launch of the phone is moving at 120 hertz right off the bat, even the classics like instagram and tiktok, that still need to get updated. To look correct on this. Barely released phone are 120 hertz, but yeah high refresh rate for the win. It wont translate here, of course, on camera in this 30 fps video, but yeah youll have to trust my words, its really good, even now, better than the ipad pro, because its oled now its 120 hertz hdr oled its beautiful aside from that heres, some a15 bionic Geekbench scores just to sort of round out the initial impressions, its obviously a very fast chip. It is a little bit of a bump. Over last year. There you go that sort of rounds up my initial thoughts on the iphone 13.. A lot of friends are asking: should i update? Is it worth it even though its a small update over the 12? Maybe they have an older phone? Should they get this phone? First of all, friends wait for the full review its coming very soon.

Thatll have all the details, but yeah. It is such a minor set of changes that i think, if you were thinking about getting the 13 specifically, then you might consider a freshly discounted 12 because the phone is so similar and it just dropped out. The 13 came out with the mini the battery life on the smaller one was bad, so maybe youll get the 13 mini instead with the better battery life and with the pros, of course, theres 120 hertz to consider, but overall for people with older phones like iphone 10S, iphone 8s any older phone. This represents a solid now, a good buy again and hey. If you do get the 13, you might as well protect your investment. I mean that one terabyte iphone 13 pro max cost 1600 bucks wouldnt want that to crack. On the first week, would you shout out to the d, bear and grip case no better way to protect your investment ill link that below? But let me know in the comments: what stuff do you want to see covered in detail in the full review and also which one should i review? First, i have a feeling: itll probably be the 13 standard, but let me know anyway well check those out either way.