This luck were gon na. Try to get a wonder were okay, ah another crash, god signal keeps cutting out. Where is it? Oh, no, its probably in the forest somewhere this time you can see it well, we uh chop some some bushes, but it appears to be good. Still. Oh, they broke it. This is proving to be much more difficult, not because of the flying, but because of the signal issues thats twice now. Oh okay lets try one more time: im not gon na im, not gon na lie. It didnt go quite to play, but pretty close, oh man, look at that. The iphone is alive. Oh boy, okay, lets look at the footage, all right that was uh. That was one wheel riding that was flying. Oh, i dont even need real steady. I tapped my car there almost trimmed eilers hair here. Yes, good good skills, see you want to see my shots. You want to see how they do this and thats my perspective so tempo when youre editing. This you want to. You want to put a lot of my shots in here, hows it looking quite exquisite. Exquisite nimble feet are working well, so were staying here at the hinter house, which is this like ultra modern cabin in the middle of the woods. These kind of like mountains over here and its really just like built to fit into the natural surroundings, and probably my favorite part – is that theyve really taken this like scandinavian, finnish, uh, japanese style, uh so ill.

Give you guys a little quick tour here. Of course, they have a perfect spot for the tesla and uh tesla charger. I approve of that before we go inside. This is really cool, like slat system, where clearly they have some incredible windows, but if you want some shade or some privacy, you can just move these over and youve got your privacy, epic cool. I like also take this as a good test of the iphone 13. In multiple ways, different lights were going to have a less light inside more light outside uh lets go inside. Welcome, like you, cant get more modern and minimalist uh. I really like this kind of design. I love the floors, the finished concrete look. I love the wood slats on the on the roof. The ceiling love this whole setup in the living room, and this kitchen is like as modern as you can get full black black out everything cool little ive. Never seen have you seen this before never seen this before hey. This is like the coolest cutting board system, and then you have your like herbs. You got basil here and pizza stuff whats. This one lets smell it, no idea. Oregano! Is that a thing so yeah? You have all your like cabinets, hidden, snack, drawer washer. This is actually a fridge here and i, like this whole like this – is all one part this like dining table, and then i dont know its just really well designed.

This is super cool, nice, hallway, theres, two bedrooms in here. This is the first bedroom which apparently tyler claimed uh, and then we have the bathroom here. Really nice cool, super, modern uh and then the best part is the heated floors. Oh, yes, you can feel toasty on your feet and then i guess this is kind of like the master bedroom. Second bedroom. Look at those views just straight from you just lying there in bed, you wake up and youre, literally sleeping in the middle of the woods. Its i got ta say i definitely recommend staying here, but theres theres. One part that makes this like perfect for us. I have to show you guys come yonder. This way cool little staircase going down. This right here has to be one of the coolest cool coolest saunas, ive ever seen in my life, so theres an outdoor shower here, very nice. You get the full experience of the sauna right here and look. Look at these views when youre sitting here saw enough. That thats pretty good were going tonight again right, of course, we already already christened it yesterday, definitely going to go again tonight. Just look at this place like the coolest most modern. Aha, i really like this combination of like modern but not obtrusive to the nature here. Lets just like that, just that house up there the cabin perfect 10 out of 10 10 out of 10.. This is seriously i cant wait to hopefully someday someday, build a house like this.

Maybe all right hope you guys enjoyed that tour. Hope you guys are enjoying all this footage that were filming risking the biscuit lets get some more. You think maddies going to crash this time around absolutely soaked, uh, so much fun. Trying out the new 13s, always surprised at how good this technology is getting. Is it perfect? No definitely not were going to talk about all of the flaws and the good stuff in the next video the review, but this was very interesting. I still cant believe some of those shots are just shot on a smartphone im telling you mirrorless cameras. Might be going obsolete, the big fancy stuff all right, see you in the next video. Well. Did you see those hops tyler? Those are some. Those are some hops yeah a little bit forward. Just perfect yeah, oh yeah. The freestyle like that look out there, its like youre in norway, but were in trombola. We almost got that one, oh yeah, but it works. It works cool tempo, theres, a car coming truck coming. I can hear it and hear it. This is my job stay away. Stay from the truck: this is my job in all the iphone videos. How quickly did i call that truck? That was good. That was good. That was like 45 seconds out. This is this is why maddie pays me. The big bucks, more successful fpv. That stuff was. Oh they get this. This was way less stressful than what we were doing earlier.

No more wonders more of this whats the leg working for maddie, exhilarating but exhausting those teppo toes coming in hot, always dark in the shot. A little bit iphone tries to make a lot thats point number three get the hdr kicking yeah. Sometimes it doesnt want to kick, go down.