We of course had apples expected anticipated september 2021 event. This is where they announced the new iphone lineup, the new iphone 13s and a couple other small things as well heres. The thing this is a pretty small update overall, but you know apples events are always these huge grandiose things they had tons of drone shots this year and, of course, these amazing transitions, cinematography and lighting all through the roof. It looked incredible, but then its all to announce like a couple small updates to a few things so felt like it didnt quite match, but i still have a bunch of thoughts on a lot of the things they actually did talk about, plus some stuff. You might not have caught from inside the keynote, so this is all of that in one place, so they actually started with the ipads. So we got a new refresh baseline ipad honestly, its still the best deal in the entire tablet world. In my opinion, it is basically the same on the outside its the same 10.2 inch size, the same design and that famous 329 dollar price, but with refreshed insides, you got a new a13 bionic chip inside and theres. Also, a new 12 megapixel ultra wide selfie with center stage, just like the ipad pro so even more than the ipad mini. This is the number one entry point for most people getting their first ipad, its still the most popular ipad and yeah, pretty minor updates, small stuff, but again to get ipad.

Os, 15, 64 gigs of base storage and, like a pretty tried and true design, its fine. It wont make a lot of headlines but thats the easiest tablet to recommend, but then we also did get a new ipad mini as well its been a while since they refreshed this. But this would be the biggest redesign or the biggest refresh of the day. Just because this was the redesign outside and inside its basically now a tiny ipad air, so full metal jacket in four new colors and some nice curves at the corners as youd expect still a single camera at the back now, but with a camera bump. This time, the last ipad mini did not have a camera bump and thats a new 12 megapixel camera, along with a new ultra wide at the front, with center stage as well. Its got an a15 bionic inside, even though they didnt say it on stage and also new 5g support in the mini. The star of the show, though, is definitely the new 8.3 inch display with thin bezels that fits in the palm of your hand and also usb c in this one as well. So that means now all of apples, ipads have different chips and they all now have usbc, except for the baseline ipad, which still has lightning and its kind of interesting. Now, if you look at the lineup its clear that the ipad air needs another update, because now the ipad mini officially has a better newer chip and better insides than that ipad air, but generally im like a little bit torn on.

If i actually want this mini or not, i really like the small form factor ive liked it for a long time, but uh im going to miss 120 hertz, not being there. This is a 60 hertz ipad and i love the 120 hertz on the ipad pro and i think thats going to be the reason i stick with it, but other than that. The mini is looking really good and well talk more about 120 hertz in a second dont worry, but then we got onto the apple watch. We got apple watch series 7.. Now we might have seen some of those rumors floating around about maybe a square design. That was just not happening its not true, so we have another apple watch in the same shape as before, but this is mostly just a bigger screen update happening here. So the bezels all the way around are 40 thinner than the series 6 and the screen now does curve and sort of flow over the edges a little bit right up to the metal body, and they really highlighted this. They made a big deal about it and theres lots of other stuff about the watch. Thats either the same or wasnt talked about as much looks like the same sensors, maybe the same chip as far as i can tell same buttons and the same digital crown. I i like the way the bigger screen looks, but i want to see it in person im not sure how to feel about it yet and its not even a durability thing like i, i beat up the apple watch all the time, its never cracked never broken.

Never even really scratched that much i play ultimate in it. I land on it its in the dirt and turf all the time. Its fine and the new one actually has harder ceramic and harder glass on the outside, but its more of how itll look and weve seen this shape for a while, with the reflections all the way around the sort of curved outsides of the apple watch. I feel like curving the display all the way to the very very outside, like this and bringing text, and things like that. All the way to the outside, while you can fit more on the screen, might reflect even more and make some of that stuff harder to read. Well, see, though, i mean im planning on getting my hands on everything i talk about in this video. So if you want to see the review of the apple watch when it comes out, itll be here pretty soon definitely get subscribed, but yeah apple watch, pretty minor, update same shape just slightly bumped on that screen. It also charges 33 faster with an included usb c charger, and the larger display is also a bit brighter, so it should be more visible. More often, oh, they also added shared workouts in fitness plus. So, basically, if youre on facetime and you have share play, they added fitness plus workouts to shareplay, so you can work out with someone across the country with an apple fitness plus workout. But what i really wanted them to add is group competitions.

You know the competitions where you close, your ring apple. The one thing i want from a new apple watch update is just to have group fitness competitions. Thats. All i ask, but then okay, we finally get to the phones, the real update. A lot of you were here for which is the lineup of iphone 13 iphone 13 mini iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max. So most of what weve been seeing develop turns out to be correct, which is that the iphone 13 series looks a lot like the iphone 12 series, but with two main updates worth talking about the display and the cameras. So with the display, all the new iphones have brighter screens for visibility and hdr, a thousand nits on the iphone 13 and 1200 nits peak on the 13 pros, and they all have a 20 smaller notch. So all the same face id hardware is up there same selfie camera and all that theyve just finally compressed it a bit to make the notch a bit smaller. Give you some of that screen real estate back and then the 13 pro and 13 pro max have. Finally done it, they finally added 120 hertz display to these pro phones and i kind of suspected they would do this, but theyve done it. Its a pro motion display and its actually a variable refresh rate from 10 hertz, all the way up to 120 hertz, and this is interesting, because this is now a real differentiator between the 13 and the 13 pro and well see if regular people like actually notice The difference and really want to upgrade for the 120 hertz.

I think a lot of people will notice, but this will be the real test and then also you might be thinking. Oh okay, hows the battery life going to be now that were expecting a brighter 120hz display on the pro phones, but its good to know that apples actually expecting a slightly better battery life from one and a half to two and a half hours of use better. Depending on which phone you get um, which is good, i mean im gon na, have to put these phones through their paces and see what that actually turns into with my real world use, but its good to see that they dont expect the battery life to go Down so thats the display, then there are the cameras so lots of stuff here per usual. Obviously you can see theres a slightly new layout with those dual cameras diagonal from each other. This time and the camera bumps are definitely a bit larger, especially with those pro phones look at the cameras. Theyre getting pretty thick now not gon na lie, but the 13 and 13 mini have new dual cameras, both still 12 megapixels, both with larger sensors and larger apertures, all around and sensor shift optical image stabilization on the main sensor in theory. This is great. There should be a bigger sensor plus better stabilization, to give you much better low light and should catch up to the competition, but we shall see. But then the 13 pro and 13 pro max appear to have matching cameras this year and they are all better than the regular 13.

, so its triple cameras again theyre all 12 megapixels again and theyre all with wider apertures than every camera on the 13 for even Shallower natural depth of field and even better light gathering so also the telephoto lens is 3x this year up from 2.5 x and all the cameras have night mode now so im pumped to test these new cameras. Obviously, with new hardware and a new generation image signal processor, it should be both better photos and videos. Also, the new ultra wide can shoot macro photos now, but what im really most excited about is actually some of the features they announced in video mode. So video on the iphone ive already said is, i think, still the best in any phone, but two of the new features: theyve added are two new video features and those are cinematic mode and prores video. So the cinematic mode has a bunch of focus, tricks and tools to help video shooters, better control focus. This is something a lot of people play with on the iphone camera all the time, theres a smooth focus racking and an ai based depth. Detection that lets you adjust the level of fake blur and focus rack between subjects in a way that smoothly moves that blur. It sounds really cool in theory, but basically im watching apples, demos and ive watched them back now, a bunch of times and apples. Demos are typically the absolute best case scenario of what you can expect the phones cameras to be capable of.

But these to me didnt, look that good now, maybe im pixel peeping, maybe im expecting a little too much out of a tiny smartphone sensor and lenses. But the focus racks still hunted a little bit, sometimes like any other normal smartphone tap to focus. And, of course, when you go from a really close up shot to a really far one focus racking, you can see the edge of the frame move, because the iphones lenses are not parfocal but im definitely nitpicking here. This is, you know, apple, claiming a better focus control system with the iphone camera. I got ta, try it and ill definitely report back, but thats something ill be diving into then. The other thing i mentioned was prores, so you can now shoot with the pros 4k 30fps prores video on the iphone unless you get the 128 gig baseline pro iphone, in which case only 1080.. So, instead of moving the baseline storage up to 256, they just literally disable this one feature and its like its kind of brutal. I guess there could be a really good technical reason for it. Maybe the 128 gig chips, arent reading or writing fast enough to shoot 4k 30 prores. Maybe theyre. Just like scared. Youll fill up your storage too fast on 128 gigs and they just want to disable the feature either way seems like they should explain, but thats really. The major iphone updates with the screen and the cameras this year.

Aside from that, you do have new specs, the new a15 bionic chip is in all these phones, with a five core gpu and the pro phone and a four core in the regular. There is also a slight battery bump, like i mentioned its physically bigger batteries, and the new iphones are actually a tiny bit thicker and a little heavier than last year to accommodate that same ceramic shield. Same ip68 same flat, side materials as last year, so youre looking at 699 for the iphone 13 mini 799 for the iphone 13 9.99 for the 13 pro and 10.99. For the 13 pro max – and since i know you were wondering just so – you know its 15.99 for the fully maxed out one terabyte iphone 13 pro max youre welcome so yeah a bunch of a bunch of small upgrades. Overall, i i think the ipad mini might be the biggest upgrade, but on the phones you know, im pretty confident without even handling the phones, yet that you probably dont, need to run out and get an iphone 13. If you already have an iphone 12, but that 120 hertz on the pro phones im into it, obviously – and i really like a good 120 hertz screen but well – have to see that might be a good reason for people with older iphones and maybe even up to An 11 or 12 to think about the pro phone well see all this stuff pretty soon.

Let me know what you want to see in the reviews in the comment section below theres, a lot of stuff that i havent mentioned: thats just even little tiny stuff thatll be on the spec sheet.