In this episode of the rewind, we explore the iphone 12 and discuss some of its most compelling features and whether or not you should consider upgrading, if you have an older iphone right now and as always, if you appreciated this video leave me a thumbs up and Be sure to subscribe for more videos like this, but first a word from our sponsor 905 mac is sponsored by air buddy 2 a must have utility for airpods users. The original version was great, but air. Buddy 2 comes with tons of new incredible features. It extends mac os to improve your airpods experience and it’s fully compatible with bixer and apple silicon. Just open your charging case next to your mac, to see a beautiful ui with info on batteries, connection and status with airbuddy2, you can connect and change listening modes at the same time with a single trackpad gesture, automate system, volume, audio input and listening mode, so you’re Ready to go into a video call with just a single click and you can enjoy custom global keyboard, shortcuts that allow you to quickly connect to disconnect from or change listening modes on your devices go to air buddy dot, app, slash nine to five mac to learn More the first one hundred nine to five mac viewers to use that url will get airbuddy with a 20 discount and stay tuned to the end of this video to learn about even more things that air buddy 2 can do for you welcome to the rewind iphone 12 purple edition this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a purple colorway grace the iphone.

In fact, just last year, the iphone 11 launched with the purple color option that we covered right here on 9 to 5 mac but it’s the design of the iphone 12. With its flat iphone 4 era, antenna bands that makes the purple contrast and stand out more than it did on the iphone 11. now, obviously, the purple color does nothing for the iphone 12 in the way of performance or capability, but i think it’s, probably the best. Looking iphone 12 color configuration available it’s a little unfortunate for people who would have definitely preferred to have purchased this color at the iphone 12 launch. But perhaps apple was hoping. The new colorway would add a boost to iphone 12 cells, although it doesn’t seem, like apple, really needs help in that area. The launch of the purple iphone 12 also means that users gain access to a new purple live wallpaper, which perfectly complements the deep lavender exterior of the iphone 12.. In addition, apple has launched brand new spring case options for the iphone 12. and, unsurprisingly, several of those options appear to cater to the purple exterior of apple’s newest iphone. If you’d like to see a hand zone showcase of those new spring case, colors, then leave me a thumbs up, as i noted in my full review and top features overviews of the iphone 12. This is my favorite smartphone design ever the iphone 12 takes all the good elements from the iphone 4 era and combines them with the body of a modern iphone.

The aforementioned flat aluminum band that wraps around the exterior is decidedly on brand and the color match glass back tops off a classic look. What’S more is that the iphone 12 is a smaller device than its predecessor, while retaining the same 6.1 inch display size. Now, for most people, the iphone 12 is the sweet spot in apple’s smartphone lineup. As far as size is concerned, the iphone 12 mini, while undeniably adorable comfortable to hold and uber portable, lacks in screen real estate in battery life. And although i am an iphone 12 pro max user, i think many will find the 6.7 inch smartphone quite unwieldy in the hand revisiting the iphone 12 in this hand, zone has given me another opportunity to appreciate just how good the super retina xdr display is a True oled display it features a ridiculous 2 million of one contrast: ratio for inky, blacks and eye poppingly gorgeous hdr. It really is a night and day difference when comparing the iphone 12’s oled display to the lcd found in the iphone 11.. As you would expect, photos and videos look great, but especially do hdr videos look fantastic and at nine to five mac, we’ve largely transitioned over into producing hdr content on our youtube channel. Let me know if you noticed that down below in the comments – and let me know what you think about it overall and although we’re still trying to strike a good balance and perfect the look.

There’S no question to me that hdr videos are way more than just a new buzzword or fad. Like 3d video was now when people think of hdr. Perhaps the first thing that comes to their mind is brightness and while that’s certainly true with the iphone 12 supporting 1200 nits max brightness for hdr, the tech is about more than just brightness. Hdr also adds considerable pop and fidelity to colors, because 10 bit hdr content can contain significantly more color data it’s hard to explain without seeing it for yourself, but once you see it, you get it. Everything just appears more vibrant and true to life. Now, in addition to the under the hood, improvements apple has also gone to great lengths to protect the outer surface of the screen from damage ceramic shield technology which infuses the display glass with nano ceramic crystals results in dramatically increased drop performance and toughness. Now my experience has been pretty good with this, because i’ve dropped my iphone 12 max more times than i’d, like to admit, i use my iphone without a case 99 of the time and have dropped it countless times on the carpet hardwood on tile floors and even On concrete and the ceramic shield cover has resisted breaking or chipping throughout roughly six months of usage, and let me tell you, i am not easy on this device now. Unfortunately, ceramic shield only goes so far. It doesn’t prevent scratches, and i have several of those deep scratches to prove it.

If you’re coming from the iphone 11 with its a13 bionic system on a chip, then upgrading to the a14 bionic won’t necessarily blow your mind, the upgrade is a modest one. In terms of raw performance, but in certain areas, most specifically in machine learning performance you’re, going to get some big boosts with the a14. The new 16 core neural engine is up to 80 percent faster for machine learning tests, something that ios relies on more and more with every passing year, especially with the camera system. Now, like its predecessor, the a14 bionic features two high performance cores paired with four efficiency cores, but this time it’s built on a five nanometer process and the chip is unsurprisingly good at handling demanding tasks when needed, but can also set power to help the iphone 12 Achieve its rated 17 hours of offline video, playback and 11 hours of stream, video playback, both the iphone 11 and the iphone 12 feature four gigabytes of ram with similar memory performance between the two. So, if you’re coming from an iphone 11, i don’t consider the processor to be a compelling enough upgrade to make it the sole reason why you would decide to purchase an iphone 12.. However, if coming from an older iphone an eight era or the 10s era, then the speed improvements are a little bit more convincing. Now, in addition to the a14 bionic chip, the a12, like the iphone 11 features the apple design, u1 ultra wideband chip.

The u1 chip provides spatial awareness to help users precisely locate other u1 equipped apple devices. Now, when the iphone 11 launched there weren’t that many practical use case scenarios for ultra wide band technology, but with the release of the air tag, users have a much more compelling reason to upgrade to a smartphone with the u1 chip. While air tag tracking features will work with devices that don’t have the u1 chip, you won’t get the precise tracking measurements. The u1 chip can detect locations within 10. Centimeters, like you, would, with an ultra wideband equipped device from apple. So, in other words, if you want to get the most out of air tag, you really need to upgrade to an iphone 11 or an iphone 12. magsafe functionality is one of those key differences that legitimately separates the iphone 12 from its forebears, a new ecosystem of Accessories that feature magnets to easily attach to the rear of your iphone maxsafe provides users with unique cases, wallets docks and charger options and mac safe accessories can also be combined and stacked together, for example, i can connect a magsafe case and then attach a mac safe Wallet on the rear of the case, and it all works together, but mac safe isn’t, just about making physical attachments to the magnetic ring embedded on the rear of the iphone 12. maxsafe is also present in software, with users receiving an animation and corresponding sound effect. When attaching an official magsafe device, and not only does wirelessly charging with max safe, ensure a proper connection thanks to the auto aligning magnet system, but charging is faster as well.

Wirelessly charging via the maxsafe wireless charger yields improved wireless charging performance up to 15 watts versus just 7.5 watts that you get from a standard qi charger. So by itself i don’t think mac safe is worth upgrading from an iphone 11 to the iphone 12. But i don’t think it’s a gimmick when you consider everything else that the iphone 12 has to offer it’s, definitely one of the most important new features on apple’s latest smartphone. And finally, there is the updated iphone 12 camera which features some noticeable improvements and enhancements over its direct predecessor, while the iphone 12 retains a dual camera setup on the rear, which makes a wide angle camera with an ultra wide camera. The wide angle camera is new, gaining a faster aperture that takes it from f 1.8 in the iphone 11 to f 1.6 in the iphone 12. now aperture improvements are relatively rare for the iphone camera system and it results in better low light performance, less noise and Shallower depth of field in photos and videos, and you get significant night mode capabilities thanks to the machine learning improvements provided by the updated neural engine in the a14 bionic with the wide angle camera better at capturing extreme low light shots thanks to a mix of machine Learning and the faster lens as good as still photography, is on the iphone 12 it’s. Really, the video that blows me away hands down the video features found in the iphone 12 headlined by an end to end dolby vision, 10 bit hdr workflow is what puts the iphone 11 to shame so to speak.

Not only can you view dolby vision, hdr content, but you can also capture hdr video directly using the iphone stock camera system, and you don’t even have to offload the footage to your mac in order to retain hdr, because users can edit hdr videos directly in the Photos app with imovie and even with third party apps like the award winning luma fusion recording in dolby vision means 10 bit video capable of capturing 700 million colors, like i stated earlier, hdr 10 bit video isn’t just about the insane amount of dynamic range, but also About the colors in the available color palette as a result, footage has a visual, fidelity and pop that just isn’t possible when shooting standard dynamic range. If photography and videography are super important to you, then you might want to consider the iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro max apple’s flagship, smartphone gains software advantages when taking photos supporting apple’s pro raw format for natively capturing raw photos that provide more editing, flexibility in post And then there’s also noteworthy upgrades on the hardware in for camera aficionados. The iphone 12 pro max features an enhanced 12 megapixel wide angle, sensor, that’s 47, larger for pixels that are capable of capturing more light. There’S also sensor shift optical image stabilization that stabilizes the sensor. Instead of the lens for improved handheld capturing and the iphone 12 pro max gains, an upgraded 65 millimeter telephoto lens for up close photography and videography that’s capable of providing more pleasing background bokeh with 5x optical zoom range across all three cameras.

Obviously, i wouldn’t recommend buying the iphone 12 simply because it’s now available in a purple colorway. However, there are several compelling reasons to upgrade, depending on the smartphone that you currently have. For instance, if you’re using an older device like an iphone 10r which lacks an oled display, this is going to be a massive upgrade for you, and also, if you have a pre, iphone 11 device, and you want to use air tag to its fullest potential, then Either the iphone 11 or the iphone 12 will let you do just that. But of course, the iphone 12 has the exclusive mac safe feature that allows you to magnetically connect, all sorts of really cool accessories, batteries, chargers, wallets cases etc, and you get faster wireless charging in tow pair with that super retina xdr display you get an end to End dolby vision, workflow. So not only can you view hdr content, but you can capture and edit right there on your iphone 12., and that is, in my opinion, the standout feature. Now, whether or not you actually need that is going to be up to you, i mean the iphone 13 is only six months away, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. Really you just kind of have to play out all the variables and decide if it’s worth it for you, but all that being said, i don’t think you will be upset if you’re, if you’re rocking an older device when upgrading to the iphone 12, because it is Like i said a great upgrade, especially in that awesome new purple color, what do you guys think? What do you think about the purple iphone? What do you think about the iphone 12 after about six months or so? Would you recommend buying one right now if you had an older device or would you recommend waiting until the iphone 13.

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