Stereo landscape speakers apple pencil 2, if no magic keyboard mini sub 6 5g, if no millimeter wave, but also its rocking, that a15 chipset and center stage capable front camera. But in addition to losing the home button, its also lost the headphone jack and while its the most feature packed ipad mini ever its also the most expensive ipad mini ever starting at the same 64 gigabytes, but newly priced at 4.99. So is apples biggest mini ever worth it im rene ritchie, thanks to curiositystream, with nebula for sponsoring ive been using it for a week, and this is my ipad mini review and yes ill still be doing a ton of nerdy deep dives throughout the week. So its a subscribe button and bell, so you dont miss any of them. First, the iphone 10 got a modern redesign. Then the apple watch, then no, not you ipad mini then the ipad pro. Then, no still not you awkward, the ipad air, then i dont know. Maybe the homepod, but now finally its the ipad minis turn the way apples implemented. The new design language is both incredibly familiar similar to what they did last year with the ipad air, but in a way thats also unique to the mini, because mini the home button is gone of course, and about a quarter of the bezel with it. Whats left is rounded now at the corners and stretched from the original 7.9 inches to a new 8.

3 inches. It doesnt have quite as many pixels as the air anymore because of the bezel to screen size ratio, but its still got the highest density of any ipad display. So text and graphics are super sharp and crisp, and it just feels remarkably roomy for a mini, especially for watching tv shows and movies, its like a youtube video machine and for ar experiences where the light weight also makes it way way easier to use for longer Periods of time for work and for fun and for a price which ill get to in a minute now, because theres, no home button, you navigate with gestures like swiping up to go home same as the recent ipad pro ipad air and the last several generations of Iphone it takes about an hour to a day to get used to it and then youre flying especially with the new multitasking multi window button and app library that comes as part of ipad os 15., because theres no headphone jack. You have to use usbc headphones or go wireless with airpods or something similar, but for me at least, wireless really seems to fit the on the go nature of the ipad mini where the ipad pro feels like a big professional rig. The ipad mini really feels like run and gun, run and gun for computing for people who need something bigger than a phone, but not as big as a traditional tablet and why the mini has proven so popular with people who want or need to take their work.

Take their play into the field on rounds into the lab on site or into the sky, but there are a few things i am semi salty about the minis gotten one less color than the air space gray, because yes, good old space gray, but starlight instead of Silver, which has just a dash of gold in it pink instead of rose gold and a new purple, which i straight up, love and the air doesnt have. But then the air has sky, blue and mint green, and if you want to compare for yourself ill link, my ipad air review in the description right below the like button now, the mini does have something else. The air does not 5g and r. At least frequency range 1, 5g sub 6, the low and mid bands, no fr2 high band millimeter wave. I get sub 6 in my area and it gives me roughly twice the speed of lte between 250 and 300, down which isnt millimeter wave speeds, but also doesnt, get blocked by you know, leaves and rain and turning a corner. It also has wi fi six, if not wi, fi 6e, which is the latest six gigahertz version. All that to say the new mini has among the fastest wireless networking available, just not the absolute fastest, and how much that matters to you depends on what your home router is and what your local cell phone carriers provide. It also has usbc, which just continues to replace lightning or usba on every single apple product, not named iphone its pure usbc, like the ipad air, not thunderbolt as well like the ipad pro or like the max, but its compatible with a wide wide range of popular.

Modern computer peripherals, which is the whole entire point, and its also powered by the a15 bionic apples latest generation, chipset the same one powering the iphone 13 pro, specifically the pro because its the 5 gpu core version like the pro and that extra graphics firepower and the New video, encode and decode blocks, as well as the rest of the generational improvements in the silicon. Ip will help you with everything, from heavy hardcore gaming to multi stream, video editing with effects just layers of effects, but just like i did a deep dive on the a14 and the m1 last year, im going to be doing a deep dive on the a15 this Year and potentially the m2, if we get that this year so seriously make sure you hit subscribe now, the image signal, processor or isp on the a15 also brings smart hdr 3 to the ipad mini thats. The same computational photography system as the iphone 12, not the iphone 13.. The difference is mainly that smart hdr4, aside from the just generational improvements, can separately and specifically process individual faces in a group shot, especially because the cameras have gotten just a really big boost. This year, the back wide angle is now 12 megapixels and f 1.8, with a true tone flash if you need it the front wide angle, well, its now an ultra wide angle. This is the ipad mini front facing camera and microphone. This is the previous ipad mini front facing camera and microphone.

This is the ipad air front facing camera and microphone. This is the 11 inch ipad pro front facing camera and microphone. Its also center stage enabled thats what apple calls this technology that they debuted with the new ipad pro back in april. It basically crops down and then pans and scans around you to keep you in the frame as you walk around and then zooms in or out. If and when more people join you or leave you in the frame and its super fun, if you have a family or a group of friends or you know, or hosting a youtube cooking channel or just like standing and pacing at work. But all of this does come at a price, specifically a hundred dollars more than the previous ipad mini 4.99 for 32 gigabytes, 649 for 256 gigabytes and add 150. On top of that, if you want 5g, which will be a lot legitimately a lot for some people, especially because the bigger simultaneously updated, but still on the older design, 10.2 inch ipad 9th generation still starts at 329. For that exact, same 64, gigs but apple has just never positioned the mini as an entry level product its always been a premium product where the size isnt a bug it isnt a discount. It is absolutely a feature and one that a lot of people really appreciate. So with 64 gigabytes that could work for you. If you stream and cloud store all the things and work primarily in front ends and with web apps.

But if not youll have to go all the way to 256 gigabytes, because theres, just no 128 gigabytes sweet spot. In the middle, and even if thats not enough for you, then youll have to abandon the mini entirely and go pure on full on pro, where you can get up to two terabytes, but either way anyway. Heres hoping that apple pays down the tech in the new mini and air as fast as they can, so we can see prices go back down as fast as they can now when it comes to accessories, theres, no tiny, magic keyboard mini which isnt at all surprising, Because mini, but it is just a tiny bit disappointing insofar as i would love, i would all caps love to see what apple could come up with what kind of big solution they could have for that small problem theres. Also, no smart connector, though, which means no dockable. Third party alternatives would even be possible, but of course any bluetooth keyboard will still work. What there is is the apple pencil 2, which, after the new design, is absolutely my favorite part of this new upgrade ive been using it since 2018, on the ipad pro and since last year on the ipad air – and i love it – i absolutely adore it. It attaches magnetically charges, inductively and i basically forget it even has a battery in it because its just always there its just always instantly available and its also got a capacitive button on the side that you can use for.

Switching tools like from drawing or writing to erasing now the last mini got the original apple pencil in the last update back in 2019, and it made it into the ultimate traveling sketch pad the apple pencil 2 makes it just that much more better, which is not Grammatically, correct is exactly how i feel now putting the pencil on the side means moving the volume buttons to the top, which is weird at first but and this is cool theyre orientation aware. So, if you spin, the ipad mini 180 degrees, the up and down buttons. Reverse they just end up where you expect them to be, and i didnt notice that at first because they were where i expected them to be similar, if not the same, for touch id and the power button apple prompts you to register both left and right fingers As part of the setup process and that way, whether youre holding it in portrait or landscape left or right top or bottom youll, always have a finger in very close proximity to authenticate with now, if im sounding just way too many shades of enthusiastic about the new Mini its because i am its terrific, its the ultimate comic book reader, fine, all kinds of book, reader, portable gaming system, digital field, notes on location, portfolio, flight manual, chart research, pretty much on the go everything and that just makes it so incredibly convenient, especially with the Shave haircut, which makes maximum use of this minimal space.

So should you upgrade from a previous ipad, mini or shrink grade from an older, regular ipad or air, and it depends on how compelling any or all of the new features really are for you from the redesign to the apple pencil 2 to the a15? Not just for being faster now but being able to handle ipad os and app updates for the next five or more years, going forward and thats. Why? My advice is always wait as long as you possibly can to upgrade upgrade when you really need to get the best you can afford at the time and then enjoy the hell out of it with zero regrets, because therell always be something new and something next. Just like on nebula, where i post all of my videos, with no ads no sponsors and often with bonus and extended content. Like my iphone 13 review, where i had a bunch of random extraneous thoughts that really didnt fit in the flow of the youtube video, but fit perfectly for people who love that kind of stuff, the most on nebula same with my original ipad keynote reactions. All of my interviews and its not just me its mkbhd iphonedo georgia, dow jordan, harrod low spec, gamer, real science, ali abdul and so many more all ad free, sponsor, free and with original and bonus content, exclusive content on nebula and bundled in for free. When you sign up with todays, sponsor curiositystream.comrichie or click the link below and right now, because youre watching this video, you can get curiosity stream for 26 off less than 15 a day less than the price of a bistro burger for a whole entire year.

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