The first thing is the supported devices, so if you have an iphone se, the first generation iphone 6s, 6s plus or newer youll have a supported device. Any device that supports ios 14 also supports ios 15.. When it comes to the ipod touch. The seventh generation ipod touch is also supported. If you have ios 14 again, you can update to ios 15.. The same is true on ipad. If you have ipad os 14 youll be able to update to ipad os 15.. So if you have an ipad air 2, like i have here, also an ipad mini 4 or ipad 5th generation, youll also have the option to update as well. So all of those devices are supported and will get many of the features in ios 15.. Now there are some features that will not be coming to ios 15 on some older devices, and i have a separate video all about that. If you want to know whats excluded, but basically anything with an a12 bionic processor and newer gets all the features. Processors that are older than that do not get all the features, so it just depends on your device now. The first thing i recommend you typically do is to do a backup. Now you can do this a couple different ways. One way is to connect through your computer, so whether youre using itunes on windows or youre, using a mac through finder, connect your phone via lightning and then create a backup just go into the application and youll be able to back up its pretty simple.

Now, if you want to do that over icloud, its even easier and if you want to do that, you can go into your settings under settings tap on your name at the top once youre in your icloud settings scroll down until you see icloud backup. Now, if you have all of these different things turned on these are already going to be backed up. So whether or not you have messages on or off contacts, all of those are being backed up already, but for a backup that consists of all of your settings and everything else go to icloud backup, make sure its turned on and then tap on backup. Now you can see your last successful backup and it says for me its 7 30 21. So i definitely need to do a backup on this device before i update it, so that will back up everything on your device so that you have all of your settings and everything else. Should you have a problem now its very rare, to have a problem when youre updating to a major ios update version, but its not unheard of either? So i highly recommend a backup, or at least have a bunch of these things checked, so that its backing up all of your mail accounts and photos, and if you dont, have the storage here, you can always use it itunes to back that up as well. So youll have that option now, theres another thing: if youre having problems on ios, 14, 14.

7.1 or 14.8, like i have on this device or even if youre running ios 15 betas, i would recommend resetting all settings if youre having problems – and i dont mean to erase The device, but i mean reset the settings in general and you can do that under the main page of settings, so well go back and under your main settings, what you want to do is go to general scroll down to reset. Now we dont want to wipe the phone, but we just simply want to reset all settings. What this will do is remove all of the settings from the device everything from your wi fi password to any other settings that are set up. Maybe you turned off a background, app refresh or something else that will wipe all of those settings, and it really seems to help a lot of issues, everything from network to bluetooth, to to wi fi issues. All of those things seem to be resolved after i reset that not 100 of the time, but for many people that have done that, i recommend it if youre having major problems. Otherwise i would leave it alone now. Youll also want to make sure you have enough storage available, especially on older devices, as the updates tend to be between five and eight gigabytes in size now, typically, theyll install and then overwrite the old operating system and not take up additional space compared to what it Had before, but i highly recommend that you make sure you have enough storage available, especially on older devices such as the iphone se, where you may have had a lower storage option.

Now, if you are having those issues, you can always install the update using itunes to sort of get around those storage issues, but you can make sure you have enough storage available by going into settings again going to general and under general, go to iphone storage under Iphone storage: this will show you everything here and it even gives you recommendations on how to save some storage. So youll see here, it says: save 37.47 gigabytes automatically upload and safely store all of your photos and videos in icloud. Now, of course, you need to make sure you have enough icloud storage – if you do that, also it can get rid of recently deleted in your photos and then theres more so you can see whats taking up the most space. So for me in podcasts i could go in here. I could delete the app in general or just go back and delete some of my old podcasts by swiping and then deleting that will free up a lot of storage. Since i dont need to listen to all of the episodes, i just want the recent ones, so these are taking up a lot of space and you can tap on edit and then just delete them the same way so its the same sort of through its a Little bit easier just to swipe them off the screen, but i think you get the idea. So as long as you have enough storage available, youll be able to install this, and the other thing youll need to install this is enough.

Battery life apple requires that you have at least fifty percent of your battery life available when it starts to install. So it will download the update after the updates downloaded. It will prepare the update and then it will begin to install it or ask you to install it if it doesnt have fifty percent battery life here, youll need to plug in your phone or make sure that youre charged above that before you begin thats, just something That youll need, in order to be able to do that now, once the update is released to the public ill, have a separate video on that with all of the details in it. But youll want to go to your settings if youre not seeing it and then go to general, and then software update here it will check for an update if youre not seeing that update. Typically, that means you have automatic updates turned on so tap on automatic updates. Turn it off and check again and then hopefully youll see that update it releases at the same time everywhere around the world. So if people are saying that its out theyre, showing screenshots that its out its out for everyone, so it should be available then now one other thing to keep in mind is if youre, on the beta test program, whether youre a public, beta, tester or a developer. Typically, when the final version is out, it will usually be the same as the release candidate or the golden master that they used to call it before or gm.

So the rc or release candidate will typically be the exact same version with the same, build number and youll just want to remove your beta profile. If thats the case remove the profile check for an update, if theres no update, you already have it. So just keep that in mind. If you are on the beta program – and you want to get out of it – you dont want additional betas when they start to update ios 15 to future versions such as ios 15.1 and newer. Then i would remove that beta profile. Now, if youre on ios 14, its in one spot in ios 15 its in a different spot, if you have that beta profile, so let me show you that quickly on ios 15. so well unlock my phone here. Well, go to settings and under settings on ios 15 youll go to general, then youll go down to vpn device management and under that youll see the profile tap on the profile and then remove the profile. Reboot your phone check for an update and, if theres an update, youre not on the latest version, youll need to update. If there is no update, you have the latest version and apple decided to use the release candidate as the final version, as they often do so. Hopefully thats helpful and helps you get prepared for ios 15.. There are a ton of changes like i said, ill have a separate video about that theres 300 to 400 changes.

Overall, some are larger. Some are smaller but theres quite a bit and some of its very helpful for those that work from home and more. If you have any other suggestions or questions id love to hear from you in the comments below and if youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper ill link it in the description like, i normally do.