I just i wanted to capture this number one. If i dont capture it now, while its snowing, we may not see it for three years, but its this. This state is just unbelievable, so the last like eight days as ive made mention in our last videos, its been in the 60s even 70s, close to 75 degrees. So much so, i need to mow and planned on doing it today or tomorrow. Well, we didnt see this coming well. Yesterday, you know, i was watching the news and they say hey. We got a front coming through, oh by the way, maybe some wintry mix last night at 11. It was 59 degrees, 60 degrees outside 11. Last night, the front rained all night rain this morning very heavily flooded all over the place and then its just changed over now to snow, so heres, mr fergusons lawn in the snow, as you can see its melting as it hits the driveway but its covering on The ground so uh i still need to move but uh. If i dont capture it, we wont see it for those out west to see it all the time you know oh snow. You know us in the mid. You know the easter east coast, the the south. We dont see it a lot so anyways its pretty well at last, pretty well, it will last Music whats up youtube its mr ferguson here once again. Thank you guys for coming back for another video here in central north carolina.

Yes, that is snow behind me. You should have seen a clip in the beginning if i placed it in the right spot, where i thought i would craziest weather ive ever seen in a very long time here in north carolina. The last you know, 10 days or so weve been in the 60s and 70s and then today we get snow. The flagship lets start there with the color. I know the camera sometimes can play tricks on us, but you can compare it to mr brandon next door. The flagship we put out a couple videos back man. It is just greened it up phenomenally because weve had a lot of rain that we havent had in the past 10 or 12 or 15 days, weve gotten a fair weve, gotten tons of rain up to close to three inches of rain um between the last three Or four days, but thank you so much for clicking on the video. If youre new to the channel, i am a diy er im, not a lawn care. Professional, never worked in lawn care im, just a north carolina guy. That is married with a family of three and uh. Come out here. Try to have the best lawn that we can film it record it, the good, the bad, the ugly. So thank you so much for joining subscribe. If you would consider doing so, we would appreciate it helps to support me. Get the channel out there get the videos out there so uh.

We want to talk about a new piece of elan equipment that i got over christmas, that im very excited for well a little bit after christmas part of the christmas money i got. I went and bought something thats going to be used not only for youtube and you guys, but also for the lawn and also just for fun. I know that pete has one of these. I know ryan, nor has one of these, but i want to show you my new drone that i got for christmas. One of the professional type i was debating between two uh on what my brother came and you saw the the new intro we introduced. Hope you guys like that. Let me know if its cool to you, i think its awesome thats, my brother. He got the dgi maverick um, two hes had it for about a year now i think and loved it its a bigger drone fluid. Well, i debated getting that same one because it was more my price range i actually dropped down and got the mini version. So i got the mini 2. Very popular, apparently with people that like to fly drone so were going to go inside, were going to check it out im going to show it to you if youre techie, like me, you like cameras, you like youtube, and you like the lawn. This is a piece of equipment that i love to have at my disposal now, so lets go inside, get out of the cold.

Lets. Take a look at the dji mini 2, so we wont make it a very long video or go over too much. But this right here is the fly more combo for the dji mini 2, and this is the drone and its tricky on camera, because when i saw it i was like some people are like you can fit that in your pocket and its thick. But you literally can fit this in your pocket and travel around and break this bad boy out, fly it and uh and and capture up to 4k footage with this drone so theres a whole lot of details. Whole lot of specs. We wont go into major details about it, but i wanted to show you this, because this is going to provide im going to be able to throw the drone in the air capture. More aerial footage capture footage, while i mow and – and i actually can still apply it to my phone, where i edit on my youtube videos and uh and use it in a very useful way as well as just have fun. So i have to say that, like every year my father, mr ferguson senior, he always wants to buy me drones because he knows weve always enjoyed flying these things and we get the little rinky dink. You know 20 30 ones that are just fun to play crash and throw it away after a couple weeks after christmas. So this is more the professional line and, as i said, my brother came visiting me from wilmington.

As you guys know, hes in the movie industry down in wilmington, so i think just the other week he was filming with mel gibson on the set. So he does the big time movies. The good things well, hes got one that is a little bit more advanced. Its more the thousand to twelve hundred dollar range. This whole kit, everything that you see here roughly cost me between about 640 bucks for everything you see here on amazon, its a 599 for the fly more combo and you get two extra batteries with a battery charger, and this thing is cool, because when you put Your three batteries in it charges one at a time and you simply just plug it up its got usbc on the side, its got um its got usb. You can power it on and you can check that they all have theyre all full right now and then you just got your little charger here that you plug into the wall. You plug this into the side. You charge this as it charges this now, while youre charging this. You also have like a usb port where you can charge your phone or something so its pretty cool, so that com comes with the combo, then you got the actual drone. Well take that out. In a second, then, you got the the little remote control you pop this thing up from the back, your phone sets in here and its hard while im filming, but your phone sets in here you take out your little joysticks from down here at the bottom and Youre gon na plug these in and youre gon na screw these in up here, if you have a drone, you know all this.

If its new to you like it was to me, you screw in your little joysticks there on both sides, and then you got different modes, you can fly it in. It can return home and theres your little joystick. So its its been a pleasure. Ive only got the flight one time besides flying my brothers, so its still new to me and what you do is put your phone up here in the controller you open the dji app and connect it to the drone and then youre able to just see what The drone sees on your phone as you fly, remote control and it can go up to. I believe, like five miles distance up to, i think regulation for the ffa is somewhere around 400 feet. You want to stay under 400 feet so thats the basics and then, of course, they give you some propellers and some extra propellers some cords for if you got android an extra little screwdriver or extra joysticks there, plus it comes with this bag. If you get the combo, i was telling you about so you can store all your stuff in here. My brother had one like that and so heres the actual drone. It has this little thing just to keep it together, but you just pop this little thing off and it comes off of this little thing which just keeps the propellers and there you can see where the 4k camera is its just got a gimbal system, and you Take off the little plastic you pop out the arms theres, where your battery is and where your uh usbc and your memory card it can take up to a 256, i think, is the is the most.

What most people use 128 gigs to 256., its got a little sensors on the bottom so that when it comes in and lands it knows when to shut off the propellers. So well definitely do a flight and uh and show you the footage and show you how to fly it one day, but just wanted to do a video uh here on friday and just say man im so excited about this. Its just fun to fly. I dont have my memory card in yet they amazon, apparently, as you guys know, gets swamped at christmas, and so i dont have any internal memory in the mini. It will save to my phone 720p um clips um. So i dont like putting that in i like making all my videos 1080p. So you need the memory card and then once you get the memory card, you can record videos and take pictures and itll actually be in a higher quality that you can save to your phone. So that part not so thrilled about. If you get a better model. Drone, like my brothers, the images that saves to your phone is actually in 1080 or above so thats, one of the cheaper. I went with the cheaper model. I didnt want to break the bank didnt want to spend. You know thousands of dollars on this, but i did want to get something that we can throw up while were mowing it will just hover. It will just it will follow me or it will stay on the lawn where we position it and you can just do a bunch of different cool things with it.

I dont want to get into too much of the details, but if youre looking at something ive been looking at these drones for years and notice, the pete you know when he does his stripes hell, take him up and show you what it looks like and youve Seen some of the pictures i may have already shown you on screen some of the pictures i played around with and taken, but its just so much fun and you do have to be more careful with this mini one. It dont have any sensors to let you know theres obstructions by when its in the air, so you got to be careful with it, but just a joy to have um and and lots of things we can use it for um to be able to go up In the air, its quieter than some of the bigger bigger ones so and its like, i said, travel, you can throw it in this little case and just take it with you. So just wanted to show you guys that not so much brag. I just wanted to show you if you see some of these aerial clips like man. How did mr ferguson do all that? We got a drone now, and this is what it looks like if youve never been interested. Look it up check into it. Dji is one of the premier companies that is reliable and trustworthy theres, so many different drone companies out there um.

I i i can only speak for these – that i know these have worked well. For my brother hes got great footage. Theres lots of people thats tried them out and you see in the ratings theres tons of different companies cheaper models, but what type of what they say is the biggest thing when you go with some of these other knockoffs. If you will just for lack of a better term its the transmission from drone to controller that sometimes can be where they you, if you will so, if youre, paying well im gon na pay half of what mr ferguson paid and get this for. A hundred bucks and its the same thing: well sometimes they say you can lose transmission rate or get staticky or terrible when at a very short distance compared to these that will go very long distances, so anyways im not sure well, keep you updated on how the Drone does if we crash and burn well definitely let you know but wanted to show that to you guys all right. So fortunately i can do this with my other phone, and here is kind of when you have your phone plugged up to the drone. You guys can kind of see its on were in sport mode, which is your fastest mode. You got cine mode, which is when you want to take pictures its a little more smoother than normal, is between but thats what the cameras seeing right now on my phone.

So its kind of hard with the glare i apologize, but you kind of get the gist of it: its down theres the drone its looking at the tripod. So you can kind of see here, theres the tripod in me. If i wave down here, you can see behind me so were going to take it off and lets get it in the air. The first thing we want to do is were going to hit this button right here and were going to hold it down for takeoff. There you go and hes in the air and if we go up down, we can come a little see how close we can get to the uh. The camera here, hello, larry, the drone come see. Uh come see our other camera a little bit closer. So there you go and hes just kinda. If we look at the uh, the model here lets see. If i can raise it up a little bit go up and you guys can kind of see what its looking like uh and the gimbal will kind of put the. So you can kind of see right now, as i talk to you its looking at that. So its kind of weird doing it with two phones but uh there. You go theres, mr drone, so you know hes able to go forward and backwards and Music uh play around so its its its fun man. So youve not had the pleasure playing around with one.

I recommend it so me and the little ones were gon na fly it up in the air and well uh capture some of the pictures here: Music, oh Music, Music, bye, Music. There you go so we we flew over to the girls school, which is about a mile from our house, and i got a strong wind warning and for the first time i started to lose signal. That was pretty scary, so we brought it on back. We used about half our battery the flight times about 30 minutes or so but um, but he made it so uh good deal and now its just a matter of turning it off and uh and going inside so im freezing so lets do that. Oh, it is freezing out there, especially with the bad haircut i had to cut off and uh shave my head, its cold, so uh anyways, thats uh, the dji app is right here and you can go in and look at the albums and look at some of The stuff you recorded on your phone, so its really cool man, ive, really enjoyed uh being able to fly besides right there, when i off camera, um ill signal with it for the first time, because its a little too far but uh but anyways its a pleasure. Its a jewelry glad we got this, so we can see our stripes from above from an aerial view with a totally different perspective, birds eye view.

So let me know if you have one. Let me know if youve been flying these things for a while. Maybe you got advice from me, but anyways its been fun and anxious to have this in my arsenal for lawn care and for youtube, so hope you guys have a great weekend well catch you on the next lawn care video on monday.