Ever since we met with them at ces a couple of years back and i saw some of their early products, i thought to myself. This is really the holy grail of recording, because if a camera can record 360 degrees of what it can see – and i can go in later and adjust the framing to get exactly what i want, i don’t have to worry any longer about pointing it in the Right direction and missing something over here and the problem with a lot of other cameras is they’re incredibly complicated to work with and it becomes a novelty after a while or you record something and it’s so hard to get it into the software and actually edit. The footage you give up on it. What i love about these guys is they’ve thought through the user experience, so they make it incredibly simple to record the video and even simpler in a lot of cases, to edit that video to give you exactly the shot you want now, a 360 degree camera seems Like it’s a complicated thing, and when am i going to ever use it, but this camera is a bit of a swiss army knife because it’s an action, camera it’s, a stabilized, gimbal camera and it records in 360.. So you have a lot of different things. You can do with it. They’Ve also built a ton of artificial intelligence into it, so it can actually track objects. In that 360 degree view it’s got flow state stabilization, which means you can move it around a lot it’s going to keep the horizon completely level and it’s going to keep it stable in a lot of ways.

It’S really like way ahead of what technology should be doing in this 360 space today, so what i’d like to do with this clip? Is this just arrived this morning i haven’t opened the box, yet i can’t wait to get into it and start playing with it and recording things. But i thought let me sit down, take a breath and actually open the box with you here. So you can see exactly what’s included with the kit and then i’ll take a closer look at the camera and all the accessories and explain what they do and then i’m going to run outside and i’m going to start. Shooting some footage and i’ll put some conclusions at the end, because i know when people hear 360 degree cameras. You immediately start thinking about video footage. You use with vr goggles and that’s kind of cool, but this camera may be the very last camera you’ve got to bring with you in any situation because it allows you to record 180 degrees, 360 degrees. You can use it as an action. Camera it’s got tons of features built into it, so some of the things off the top of my head is it records 5.7 k, video, which is amazing, it’ll, also record 180 degree view or 360 degree view like i said, it’s got flow state stabilization, which means It’S it’s got the brains inside of it to look at an image, you’re recording and keep everything level, so it’s got digital image, stabilization built into it and it’s.

Absolutely incredible. If it’s anything like the original version of this thing, i can’t wait to test that. It also has four microphones on it, so it’ll record 360 degree sound, it’s, waterproof down to 10 meters. You don’t need a case. You can just take it diving with you down to 10 meters, which is about 33 feet underwater and record. Some amazing footage, so everything you need is included with the box to get started i’m, also going to do reviews on a lot of the accessories, because they’ve got some incredibly cool stuff out for this, for example, they have a selfie stick that the software and the Camera can make invisible and when i first saw that i thought to myself, how are they doing that that’s like spooky technology? So the fact that i can hold it on a selfie stick and not see the selfie. Stick is a pretty amazing thing. So anyway, i’m gon na do the unboxing. Now then, i’ll come back with some footage. I’M, only gon na run outside because we’re having a blizzard here in the northeast i’m, going to put this thing up and take a look at it in the snow and see what i can capture. Just a couple of quick clips. To show you some of the cool stuff it can do and then i’ll come back with some conclusions at the end, but trust me i’m, going to do a full review of this with examples on how you can use things like bullet time and how you can Use the invisible selfie stick and give you an idea of some of the cool things you can do with it in future clips.

So i’ll have a bunch of those clips coming where i talk about that and i review the accessories as well. So stay tuned and i’ll unbox it next. Okay, let’s get inside the box because quite honestly, at this point the anticipation is almost overwhelming for me, because i’m already thinking about all the cool things i want to do with this camera once i can power it up and get outside and actually start filming. But i can’t do any of that until i pop open the box, so let’s take a breath for a minute because anytime, a new product like this comes out. The engineering team spends a lot of time working on the nerdy details and build a product that actually is better than their last generation: product they’re, trying to wow the market from a nerd perspective and, believe me, this engineering team has done their job. This is an incredibly cool product, but in addition to the engineering team, you have production, you have marketing, you have development, a lot of other teams get together to actually put a product out and a lot of times. They don’t really get the credit so you’re. Looking at a box here that was put together by their marketing and design team and i think they’ve done a wonderful job, because if you didn’t have those teams working on it, you could have the best technology on the planet. But if you sell it in the paper bag and people can’t understand what it does.

You’Re not going to sell a lot of products, so i think they’ve done an excellent job of presenting what the product looks like just by looking at the box. So, on the front really nice picture of the camera, you can see both sides of it. On the one side, a lot of action. Shots have been taken with the camera, giving you examples of exactly what you can do if you’re using this camera out in the wild on the back you’ve got packing list. That shows you everything, that’s included in the box and on the final side, all the specifications are listed and i love that they talk about the things that are different from this product compared to other products on the market. Now i mentioned originally, it can record 5.7 k video footage, which is incredible for an action, camera it’s as good or better than anything out there. In addition to that, it can shoot both 360 and 180 degree footage, so you can use it as a standard action. Camera to get the 180 view or you can turn on the 360 and record 360 degrees and then decide later on what the frame is going to look like that’s, pretty incredible. They built an electronic image, stabilization and it’s a thing called flow state stabilization, which is super important with an action camera which will keep your subjects rock solid when you’re moving it around. I want to test that, because electronic image stabilization over the years has gotten better and i’m hoping that this keeps it rock solid, but they didn’t stop there.

They also built in a thing called level horizon which is kind of a wizardry thing where it actually uses the gyros inside the product to determine where the horizon is and when you’re filming. If you move the camera around you’re not going to have janky movements like this it’s going to try and keep your subject completely level with the horizon, so i can’t wait to try that, in addition to that, there’s, an ultra bright touchscreen on the front and that’s Important because a lot of these action, cameras or cameras like this require companion application like you, can record with it, but you don’t have a lot of control over what’s going on. So you have to use a companion application on your phone and that’s a headache, because you got to spin up the camera spin up your phone connect them over wi, fi or bluetooth, and then use that function when you’re trying to record it’s just a headache. There’S. No spontaneity to it with this one, because it’s got the touch screen on the front. I can pull it out of my pocket, hit the record button and start recording, and i have complete control over. Am i in 180 degree or 360 degree? Can i shift my perspective in 360? Can i walk through the menus? All of that can be done from the front screen and they have an amazing application that partners with it that does editing artificial intelligence, editing to sort of keep track of a subject when he’s moving around all the things you care about are through the application.

So you can use it when you need it, but you can use the camera on its own, which is pretty cool. They built in four microphones, so it’s got 360 degree, video and 360 degree audio, which is pretty incredible. They also built it to be waterproof. So, like i mentioned before, you can take this out of your pocket dive into a lake and go down to 10 meters below the water surface 33 feet and still be able to use it record. Some amazing footage, so i think that’s pretty cool as well. All things being equal, i don’t know i can’t wait to get this thing open, because it’s it’s sort of like everything you want in an action – camera it’s stabilized it has waterproofing it’s rugged. You can take it outside and it records 360 degree footage. So anyway, let’s get into the box enough talking, rick, so great job on the boxer design team man i’m. So excited about this all right here we go. Oh all right, so very simple presentation right there. Let me get it out of the box all right! So, very nice, very stable should say substantial product it’s got a nice rubberized feel to the outside of it a lot of stickers on there there’s the touchscreen. I was talking about before that’s a record button down the bottom. I imagine i’ll, take it on my pocket. Hit that i haven’t read the manual yet hit that it’ll probably start recording here are the two lenses for your 360.

. Now again, the brilliance of this is the engineering team, looks at a little larger than 180 degrees, because otherwise you’d have a line between them. A little larger than 180 degrees and the software can stitch that overlap, so you don’t see it so it actually blends those two together for that 360., pretty cool, now, i’m, going to actually take a closer look at this in a second. So let me set this aside, put it back in the case, so i don’t scratch anything. What else have we got? Oh there’s, another box in the bottom let’s open that up all right, so that fits in the bottom. Nothing else that’s not going to come out of there so that’s that let me pop this guy open. This is exciting stuff. I can’t wait to see what else we got there’s some stickers there you go. Instant 360 stickers looks like a bunch of other stuff. All right there’s, the box whoop there’s more stuff in there. Okay, so we got that all right. So this looks like a case. Let me open that up. Yep that’s a case so it’s a nice carrying case that you can slide the unit into because again, you’ve got those two lenses. You want to be really careful that you don’t lay this thing down on the surface and scratch up those lenses all right. So that goes in the case boom that’s in there. What else we got in here let’s take a look: oh there’s, desiccant don’t, throw that around where your dogs can get out of it.

I could be careful with that one. Let me put it back in there. Uh looks like a cable, a charging, cable, yep it’s, a full size usb a to usb c, so they’re charging this with usb c, which is super important, because a lot of these action cameras use micro usb, which is not the greatest standard. So usbc means you’re using the latest standard for charging. It’Ll deliver a higher current if you’re, using qc or pd. So you can charge it a lot quicker than you can with a standard charger. Look at that a nice little cleaning cloth. I think hard to get it open here, but they really pack this stuff up nice all right. So in addition to that, i got a ton of manuals as well. Yeah. Look at that really nice cleaning cloth. So, oh, it even says: yeah it’s instant 360 on it that’s pretty cool. So i’ll keep that with me. So i can clean the lenses off before we start filming and then finally, a ton of manuals looks like warranty, information, quick start guide and some charging information. As well, so i love that they include manuals, because a lot of these companies nowadays feel like you know what we’re not going to include a manual we’ll just give them a link, go to the website download the main or reading pdf. I don’t like that. Maybe i’m old school, but i like having a manual i can read now.

I know the printing on this is going to be microscopic, but i’ll still i’ll spend some time going through it trying to understand what’s going on one other thing. They’Ve done really well, and i checked this out on their website – is they’ve got a ton of tutorials out there to talk about things like bullet time, freeze frame hyperlapse, all the things you’re going to want to do with this and believe me over the next couple Of weeks i’m going to be doing, all of those and i’ll probably put individual clips up talking about how do i do bullet time? How do i do freeze frame? How do i do time shift all the things you care about will have on the channel, but i couldn’t get into it today, because we’re already, probably a 20 minute clip now, if you stay tuned, i’m gon na go outside and film with this a little bit. It’S snowing like crazy, so i don’t know if i’ll get any good footage, but i’ll come back and show you a couple of examples and then i’ll come back with some brief conclusions of how this is different than other action. Cameras on the market and i’ll do a full review in another clip. This was mostly an unboxing and an overview clip, but anyway, stay tuned for those final thoughts inside the box, you’ll find the insta360 one x2 camera and a really nice carrying case that’s small, and you can slide the camera inside of it to protect the lenses you’ll.

Also find a cleaning cloth, a charging cable, it has a usb a on one end and a usb c connection. On the other end, you can plug this into any standard usb charger. This end plugs into the camera and that’s what you’ll use to charge it you’ll. Also find a quick start guide, warranty information and a document that talks about the waterproofing of the camera, because it’s really important to understand how to close this up and make sure it’s sealed up before you take it under water and then you’ll also find a couple Of stickers, a regular one and one you can put on glass, that is really nice and white. Now we’ll take a closer look at the camera. Next, the camera feels really well built with a very professional fit and finish to it. The front surface is rubberized, as well as the rear and along the edge it built in this textured pattern, which makes it really easy to hang onto. This is not going to slip out of your hand and because the weight is evenly balanced and it’s got this. Candy bar shape it really settles right down into your hand and makes it very comfortable to bring along for an afternoon filming or to slide in your pocket, it’s really rugged but elegant. At the same time, i think they’ve done an excellent job at the design of this now you’ll notice. These two lenses right here and those enable the 360 degree recording if you’re in 180 degree mode, you use the front lens or the rear lens.

It also has four microphones built in to give you that stereoscopic recording there’s one two, three and four you’ll also find a button on the front. That’Ll put it into recording mode. So if you’re, in a hurry to start recording, pull it out of your pocket, hold that button for a couple of seconds, it’ll come on and immediately start recording. You also have a power switch on this side. You can turn it on with that turn it off. With that and put it in standby mode and in this side, you’ll find the battery compartment and a port cover right here that allows you to charge the unit. I’Ll show you what that looks like in a second on the front. You have that ultra bright touch, screen, display and i’ll turn it on and show you what that looks like in a minute. But this is where you actually make adjustments to the framing if you’re in 360 degree view or access the menus on the bottom, you’ll find the quarter 20. You can attach this to any standard tripod or any desktop tripod that you want, and the last thing i wanted to show you was the battery compartment and i’ll show you how that comes open. You have to open both of these because remember. This is waterproof down to 10 meters, so it’ll go down to 33 feet under water without a case which is pretty cool and there’s the battery it’s a massive battery.

This thing will record for quite a long time on a single battery and obviously you can get extra batteries and replace them. They even make a charging hub for the batteries, but look closely. Let me put this down. I shouldn’t put it down on the lens, but look closely here, see that rubber ring that’s going to seal it against the pressure that it’s going to have to deal with if it gets down there too deep. The way you close it is to push it closed. Now look closely i’ll close one see how that one’s not closed, see that red on there, and that means this end is not actually closed. So you have to be really careful to make sure both of these ends. Snap closed before you take it under water and you’ll, hear it actually, snap close like that and now they’re both closed now to get at the charging port you’ll pull this up and it’ll pop open like that and there’s the charging port, the usbc port. You can connect that up with the cable that’s included and do all the charging you need to one other thing i wanted to show. You was the memory card location, so i’ll pull out the battery right here. You can barely see it but there’s a slot right. There that’s, where the memory card goes now. What blew me away about? This is most of the time we’re recording it’s at 64, gig, 256, 512 gig 512 gig is a gigantic card.

This can handle a terabyte card, so i haven’t even seen a terabyte card yet, but you can slide up to a terabyte of storage micro, sd storage in there and record on it. So you can get a lot of time on that recording now. My recommendation is always to use a card that’s, maybe 128 or 256., when you fill that up, pull it out, put it in your pocket put another one in because sometimes those cards go bad and if you get corrupted cards, you’ll lose all your filming. For the day, all right so to turn this unit on you’ll hold the power button. It’Ll take a second or two to wake up goes through a little power on self test makes that really nice noise and then you’re accessing the menus right there. You can also see my finger in front of it, so the lenses are active at this point and then you can swipe either direction. You can spin see other perspective spins and you can also access the menu through there that’s, where you start recording as well. That’S. Pretty much it for the camera it’s a beauty. Now i wanted to show you a couple of quick examples of me using the camera now as outside fooling around with it. This first one is a bullet time, and this is kind of a cool feature that you can tell i’ve got to get better at because i’m just holding it over my head, but it gives you sort of that matrix view of spinning around a person while they’re Standing still, this next shot i’m trying to simulate an fpv flying along that dock and i’ve got it connected to that long 300, centimeter, selfie, stick and i’ve got it way out in front of me and i’m.

Coming close to the pole, coming close to the other pole, then i’m flying through the actual end of the dock, and i spun it out and spun the perspective around. To look back at me. Pull the camera back out and then start walking back down the dock, and you can see how powerful that is to change your perspective. Okay, those are just a couple of short examples of what you can do with it. I promise you once the weather clears up. I’Ll be outside filming a lot with it and showing you more examples. But i know a lot of people are thinking. Gee 360 degree, camera it’s, not something i’m, going to use a lot i’m here to tell you that most of the 360 degree cameras that i’ve used in the past were really designed to capture footage that you could build into some kind of vr world. Where you put a set of goggles on and then the viewer could look around and could make decisions of what they were going to look at, and this camera will do that. But for me the advantage of a 360 degree. Camera like this is that when i’m filming, i don’t have to worry about getting the perfect framing, so i can basically hold this up in a selfie. Stick it’s going to record everything and then later i can come back in the editing room and decide. I want to look at the car. No, i want to look at the trees.

No, let me look up there’s a plane above me. I don’t have to worry about that, because all of that footage has been recorded on this insta360, so that’s. The beauty of it is that it allows me to adjust my framing later now. It could be the only action camera you actually need, because all the action cameras out there today do a real good job of waterproofing and they’re rugged, and they do some image stabilization. But the fact that i can turn this thing into a 180 degree. Camera means i’ve got the perfect action. Camera i’ve got great microphones on it. I’Ve got the flow state stabilization built into it, but with the touch of a touch screen on the front, i can turn it into a 360 degree, camera and capture everything around me and adjust that framing later on so to me, it’s, like the ultimate swiss army Knife for recording, because the footage is fantastic, the audio is really good. It’S, waterproof and i’ve got all these tricks. I can do on it. I didn’t even mention the invisible selfie stick. I don’t know how they do that, to figure that one out myself, because as a nerd that’s, pretty magical so i’m going to work on that one. But you have an invisible selfie, stick where you can hold it in a selfie stick and it it gets rid of because of the stitching. The artificial intelligence makes the selfie stick disappear.

So it looks like somebody’s standing 10 15 feet away from you and there’s an extended selfie. Stick too that’s 300 centimeters i’ll be showing you that one so it’s like having a camera crew with me, where i can change the perspective on the fly and does everything i need it to do. So. If you enjoyed this clip, please stay tuned to the channel, because i promise you there’s a ton of accessories that i’ll be going through talking about what they do and why they’re beneficial i’m also going to show you exactly how to do things like bullet time and Time shift and all the other things i talked about because i think the camera honestly, i was expecting it to be good um. I was blown away with the features that i was able to play with, just in a couple hours that i was outside messing around with it and i’ll spend a lot more time going through those things in detail, but anyway that’s it for today. So i hope you found this clip helpful. I cannot wait to get this thing outside and play with it a little bit more and i’ll be putting those clips up soon. If you have questions about anything, i’ve covered today drop those in the comments below i’ll answer. As many as i can as quickly as i can, and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, what are you waiting for hit that button down there and join the drone valley family? We have a ton more clips coming on high tech gear, like this drones and all kinds of other cool things that you’re definitely going to want to see.