This is an awesome, little 360 camera with a lens on either side and if youve been following. My channel youll see that ive been using this pretty much exclusively to film all my recent videos now theres a couple of reasons why i really love this camera im going to show you some cool tricks that you can do with it, but before we come on To all of that, lets just show you what this looks like on a nice sunny day because today, to be honest, its a little bit gray, Music, so Music, all right! That was pretty awesome, but i know what youre thinking youre like. Where is that selfie? Stick? What is he holding? Is it flying? Because the number one comment i get down below whenever i use this camera in a video, is that how did you make the selfie stick disappear? Because, if you look over here hello, you can see right now, im still holding it yet in the 360 camera shot its not there. Where has it gone and its really really simple to do this? You dont need any fancy, editing software. You can do it on the free app that comes to your phone or on the computer, app and ill come to all of that in a minute and its because you get this really cool unique view. You know you cant see this pole when youre filming yourself, but for me that is the number one reason that i love using this for my snowboarding videos, because it just really doesnt get in the way of the action.

The stuff that im trying to trying to show – and it is so so easy to use – which is the next best thing about this camera, because it films everything. So let me just spin it around there. This camera is capturing everything around me and then afterwards in the editing you just choose where you want it to point it. Is that simple so on to the next thing specifically for me, i dont like to go around with a big backpack on and this camera. This is the only action camera that really allows me to do this. I can pack it down that small, but the selfie stick and i actually even have another one in my pocket right now. So something im going to show you later, but i can fit that all in my pocket just like that, and let me get the little lens cap out here, pop that on there just tuck that away in my pocket too and were ready to go snowboarding. No backpacks, nothing extra needed all right lets. Take this thing for a ride and see what it can do. Indy you coming come on time today, guindy for his walk and guys if youre interested in this camera click on the link in the description just down below and if you buy through that link, youre going to grab yourself a bunch of free accessories with this camera Winner winner, chicken dinner, all right lets go come on indy and, as i mentioned, the really cool thing about this camera is you can decide exactly where you want it to point, so i can have it pointing me or youll fall of that you want to see Indy flip it around lets, follow him Music back on me.

Tell you what lets zoom right out – hello, okay, thats a bit! Much lets bring it back in and, as i mentioned, the awesome thing about this camera is that you really dont need to worry where its pointing so ill show you what lets. Stick it up over here behind me. It doesnt matter at all where the camera is sticking, because i know in the editing software afterwards. I can just get it pointing back on me and because of that, you get so many options, so many different cool shots. So what were going to do now were going to step back into the computer, editing software im going to show you exactly what i did and how easy, and how quick it was to make that little clip there. So in the desktop app and the first thing ive done, there is just hit the direction lock button. I then use the cursor to just pull the camera around to point at me and then, as long as i dont move the camera its going to stay pointing back at me. I add a keyframe there thats going to lock it in place now going down a little bit further into the clip. Ive moved the camera a little bit, so i just then shift its view. Make sure its back centered on me and its just going to follow me so now were at the bit where i want to flip the camera around to follow indy.

So literally, just like that, i spill it around indies. In the middle add another keyframe lets go back, give it a watch action on me up to that keyframe then ive changed the view, and you can see its now on indy now to bring it back to me. I do the same thing in reverse: just twizzle. The camera around press that button thats, how you add, the keyframes and thats how you choose what the camera is pointing at so now. This is a bit where i zoom right out so add a keyframe there and were going to press this tiny planet button, so that really pulls the field of view right out and gives you this cool effect im going to add in another keyframe there just to Hold it there and then thats me saying: i want to pull it back in so im gon na go to about that point. Add another keyframe and ill. Just go back to the default view. The one i use for all my sort of selfie stick settings and you really can sort of twizzle around with all of these settings to get any field of view. Any combination that you want lets have a look see how that one worked. Camera pans out – and i put it back in its really really simple guys and this whole clip probably took me about six or seven minutes to edit, so were now at that. One where i put the camera behind me.

So as i do that its pointing in the wrong direction, as i did with indie ill just spin it around, have it pointing on me, add the keyframe there you go couldnt be easier now, most of you, arent necessarily going to want to make longer videos youre Going to want to use this camera to make some cool quick clips that you can share on your socials and right now, im filming a time lapse out the window of the gondola, and when i get to the top, i can hit that stop button and then Very quickly on the phone app, i can just have a look at the footage, its going to look really cool a bit like theres a drone flying outside, because, as always, this selfie stick is invisible and i can just choose where the camera is going to look. So i can add in some cool panning motion in and out spinning around whatever i want, so you can see right now how i do that on the phone – and this is the final clip – what it looks like, which is also a good excuse for me to Plug my instagram, you can see the link down there and you can see this footage on my instagram as well. So the next one im going to show you is just a simple but very effective headcam. It gives you those awesome quite realistic. First person, point of view, shots and the awesome thing about this camera compared to other action cameras is that you can spend a lot of time kind of being.

Okay is the camera too far down? Is it too far up, but because this has such a wide field of view, its capturing everything up to the sky and everything down to my feet? I dont really have to worry too much about where its pointing, because i know when i look at the footage. Afterwards, ive got all that room and i can tilt it lower down. If i need to or i can bring it higher up ill, be able to get that perfectly framed shot. So lets go for a little ride. Now, when youre doing head cam shots, it can be tricky to get a little bit of whats going on below your feet. So i snowboard underneath me without cropping out the top of the mountain, but you can clearly see at the top of the frame there. Youve got the top of the mountain in as well as a snowboard beneath my feet and its thanks to this cameras really wide field of view that you just wont get on a standard action, camera and im just using the auto settings here. So, as you can see, i go into the tunnel, it automatically brightens it up and, as i come out, it adjusts to match the light and im just using all the other auto settings here too. But you can get a bit more into them and make your own adjustments thats. What you want to do as well all right, this one is the aptly named unicorn mount so were gon na give this one a go.

First, try for me! I havent done this. One before, but it should, in theory, give me some quite cool looking shots, though theres a camera above me just looking down overhead, never get my helmet strapped up and start making some turns there. We go so drop it down in the comments. Whats your favorite mount or if youve got any ideas any that you have that i havent done sorry, let some other people know because theres so many things you can do with this camera. It really is cool. This is funny having this over my head. Oh, the snow is sticky today. Okay, lets get a little bit more creative with this one ive got that unicorn mount that i had on my helmet a minute ago. Im just gon na see perfect jam it in the snow there, im gon na hike up carve around it and lets get some cool shots. So at the top i just hit the record button on the app on my phone little cars around the camera. I wonder how that one looked and then just in the phone app im using this deep track function where you can see. I just draw around myself and its going to automatically follow me through and end up with the shot like this hey quiet down here cool. So for this next one im going to try and film a cool drone, looking shot im simply going to ride through here check, im recording, yes, i am im going to ride through here.

Hold the camera out in front of me, move it up and down a bit and youll, see what i can create now. Normally this camera automatically locks the horizon level, which makes for really stable, looking smooth shots and its super helpful for everything else. I use it for, but in the editing software, just unlocking that horizon allows you to create these tilting and rolling motions kind of mimicking an fpv drone, its pretty cool effect, actually something im going to play around with a little bit more in the future. If youre wondering how durable these cameras are theyre pretty tough, i actually just dropped this one in the snow in this ice right on the lens, but its totally fine, but im gon na put the lens cap back on for now, and these things are fully waterproof. As well so no need to worry about using these in the snow, but on to my next trick pole times one pole times: two screw it in the bottom Music. What do you have long pole ive got to watch out because theres some cables above me im very intrigued to see what this looks like. The camera is miles away, come on, indeed stuck in a tight spot like this gondola dont worry this camera captures everything indeed say hello. Look how dirty he is so not the most glamorous of gondolas, pretty old. This one imagine youre going helly skiing with your mates. You could literally turn this on super quickly, youre going to capture everything thats going on around you.

Oh, my voice is going all right lets hit that pause button there, and i just want to show you something else: thats really cool with this camera. So let me just pull that off there. The battery on this thing is awesome, its a really small camera, but just let me show you if i pull it out, the battery is massive, and this is actually the one battery that ive been using all day to film all these clips you dont, have to Worry about dying in the cold, nothing like that! You can charge this up and you know youll be good to go for the day its the only one i have and ive never had any issues with it all right. So what are my final thoughts on this camera? Well, youve seen it can do a bunch of cool tricks, its an absolute workhorse, its got a massive battery. It lasts for ages, but for me, the number one functionality of it has to be for what im doing right now, you literally extend that pole. Put it out hit record. You dont have to worry at all about what its filming, because you know its going to capture all that action and its going to give you that cool, invisible, selfie stick, look which, for me, is awesome for getting these point of view, snowboarding shots. So once again, guys dont forget that you can grab this camera through the link below and if you follow that link youre gon na grab yourself some free accessories to go along with it.

Thank you, as always for watching. If youve got any questions on this, camera drop them down in the comment section below and ill try my best to get back to you and yeah. Let me know if you have one and what you like to do with it, because yeah theyre just really good fun baby, even like this right now. I should really finish this video, but have a look ahead. Theres some little boxes have a look back at me. This is me doing the boxes, its just a wicked camera, its so easy to use right, im gon na stop digging it up now, but simple as good camera grab yourself.