There goes the clean car after 10 hours of driving weve made it up to the arctic circle were here in levee finland, which is like really nice place up north and im really surprised at our accommodations, because my in laws actually booked it and it looks sick. I mean come on hanging out here for a week doing some remote working, not half bad. I thought id give you guys a tour just to show you what its like inside, because its interesting for people who are from finland to see whats it like to do a winter holiday here in northern finland. Ah theres gon na be a lot of hours spent fun under the fireplace here we go inside. Take our shoes off. Of course, this is our cabin beautiful windows. All over got our dining table here. Kitchen bedroom number one two bedrooms up there, but now i got ta show you what i think is the best part of this whole place and, of course, its the sauna im gon na be spending a whole lot of time here, its been a pretty long day. So were just gon na eat sleep and then tomorrow were gon na hit the slopes and do some snowboarding. So what should we be excited about when it comes to the insta360 one rs? Well, this modular system has everything you need on the fly with its two. In one camera system we have the 4k boost lens, which has the half inch 48 megapixel sensor, and then we have the 5.

7 k 360 camera, which weve all learned to love with the insta360 system. I love this camera because a you never have to decide which angle were going to be filming. You can get literally everything all at once, meaning youre never going to miss a moment and b. It has this really cool flying drone effect, because the pole that youre filming with disappears with the insta360 software, the one rs as well, has an upgraded core and processor, giving you smoother stabilization and wi fi transfer speeds. Also. Now we have the flow state stabilization, which is built in giving you gimbal like smoothness right here in the camera as well. Weve got crispier audio with three microphones: an updated algorithm and a windproof cover and thats. Not all. We also have 21 more battery life, and this guy can go 16 feet under water. I definitely need to test that out, maybe by jumping in the pool or doing a little arctic dip into the ocean. Some other features im very interested in testing out with this little guy is 4k 60 frames per second cant. Wait to see that nice slow motion on the slopes, 48 megapixel camera im very curious to see what kind of photos can we get out of such a small little camera as well. The active hdr im curious to see how much more dynamic range well get while filming with that setting on then as well. The 360 leveling, i think, thats going to come in very handy, especially while snow burning, because you dont want to go off axis.

You want to have a nice leveled horizon and, lastly, i want to try the 6k widescreen mode, because i think thats going to give a really nice hollywood cinematic feel to the footage. So for those of you guys who have never used the insta 360 modular system, i thought itd be fun to take this apart and show you guys just how easy it is so basically theres these little button right here, that you can click and that will pull Off the bottom part, we have this part, then we have this. So this is the screen. This is the 4k boost, and then we have the 360 lens, so theres, three parts with then the bottom part, and then you can decide which one you want. So if i want the 360 part, you just put them easily together, you just click them here and then you take the bottom part and then you click them together. This is always so much harder to do when someones watching me. Very many people are watching me. No wonder its not going through, i put it the wrong way. Okay, so you just put the 360 together there we go, then you put this on the bottom Music and then just click this in and there we go. We have that set up and the camera just went on and then, if you want to switch to the 4k lens again, you just take it out. Unplug put it together make sure that the square is on the bottom, because then you can put it on to the bottom plate thats.

How easy it is to switch from the 360 camera to the 4k boost lens, so not really a problem at all. If youre out and about filming with this and its so small, so you can literally just put this into your pocket Music foreign Music, my father in law has arrived. Oh yeah, the whole gang has got together. How do you think your dads gon na do on the slope its his first time in 15 years, Music, Music, Music, Music um? How do you know when youve been at the slopes for a long day? Your cheeks are very rosy and red. I dont know about you guys, but this happens to me every time im outside in the cold. The wind is blowing my face the moment i come inside. Its warm got some nice rosy, cheeks anyways. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed that footage from the slopes from the insta360 one rs. I had a blast shooting with this guy. I was just flipping from the 4k lens to the 360 lens, trying out slow motion and all these other features of the camera and had a really fun time reviewing and testing this guy out. So what i love about this system? Well, i love the diversity. You have the option of having the action, camera style or, if you do want the 360 camera you can just easily in two seconds. Take it apart, put it together – and i was doing this on the fly on the chair – lifts the gondola even at the top of the mountain, and i had no problems doing it.

So this is a very flexible modular system, its very easy to change up, which i really appreciated. With this system, you really do get the best of both worlds. You got the action camera world and the 360 camera rolled all in one bunch. On top of that, not only was it easy to use the cameras, but the whole post processing is just so quick and easy. You can literally just film all day long and then in the car or at the chalet, just pull out your phone look through your footage. Export a few clips for social media on the fly, which i really love, that insta360 is invested into their apps, so that you cannot only just work with the footage on a computer but as well with on your phone. They actually have this new feature called snap. Wizard, which allows you to fast and easily reframe the shots export them out, so you can get them onto your instagram reels talk about stabilization, the insta360 one rs is insane. There was just no shake while snowboarding and for all of you guys who are snowboarders or skiers. You know that when youre snowboarding its like with your board and youre shaking and all over, but the footage looks so smooth not only on the 4k lens, but even smoother, on the 360 lens, which i personally love when it comes to image quality with the 4k Half inch sensor and the 360 lens it looks really good its really crispy, especially on a nice bright, sunny day like when youre on the slopes.

The footage is pristine when it comes to slow motion. I did notice that if you go 4k 60 frames per second, the quality does drop a little bit, but definitely not to the point where you cant use it. I would highly recommend still using the 4k 60 frames per second and then on the 360 lens. I actually really enjoyed the look of the 100 frames per second, i was trying to get these shots of me carving and throwing some snow or slush at the camera, thankfully its waterproof. So i was trying to get this cool 100 frames per second slush flying at me for the battery life. On this little guy. I was actually thoroughly impressed. We snowboarded for about four to five hours and the battery didnt die. I was able to film with this one battery the whole day and thats saying a lot, because for all you guys from cold countries, you know what its like, when you film in the cold, the battery never lasts as long as they say, but the battery lasted Very long time – and i highly appreciate that on this model, they made the battery life longer for audio. I did some tests with the case on and then without the case. This is what it sounded like with the case. So this is what the audio sounds like when you have the case on the insta360 one rs, and this is what it sounded like without the case, and this is what it sounds like when you dont have the case on just the insta360 one rs bare bones Is what the audio sounds like? I think the sound quality is pretty good for an action camera.

I mean its probably not going to be the same quality as me, using a full on shotgun mic on top of a mirrorless camera. But if i was to vlog with this camera, i definitely would incorporate some talking vlog shots into my video with the microphones on the insta360 one rs, while using the active hdr mode, you definitely notice there is more dynamic range. I did this shot where i was filming my hand going towards the window at my office and when i didnt have the hdr mode on the highlights and shadows were a lot more darker and brighter clipping. Whereas then, with active hdr, there was a lot more dynamic range, so that was cool feature on the camera 6k widescreen mode. I really like the feel of it gives this wide cinematic feel if you want more cinematic, looking shots for your video to end the review of this camera. I do want to brag about the 360 lens. I cant believe this little guy attached to the screen with them. The battery this small setup allows you to create such epic footage. I love the fact with a 360 lens that the stick is invisible. I just had my father in law. Ask me like wait. Were you filming those shots with a drone? It looked like the drone was falling. You so closely was it. It was almost dangerous and i just started laughing. I was like no, its just the 360 camera following me, because the pole gets removed and its just so smooth so high quality, especially that pro res uh quality that i just love filming action sports with the 360 lens, not to mention you never miss a moment When youre filming in front of you, if something in front of you happened uh, you can get that shot.

If something happens to you, you get that shot. Somethings happening to you on the left or the right you get that shot. I am a firm believer of the 360 lenses because, when youre filming action cameras, you dont want to miss a moment, and it would be such a shame filming yourself only when something in front of you happened or youre feeling the front of you and something happens To you, so i love the fact that insta360 has incorporated not only the action camera lens but as well the 360 lens in this modular system. Once again, i just want to give thanks to the sponsor of this episode. Insta360. Thank you for enabling me to make content up here in the arctic. Circle enjoy a few days of snowboarding and hang out here. If you are interested in investing in the insta360 one rs ive actually put the link in my description, so feel free to click.