, so lets get into that video, hey guys! So welcome to the video ive been away im back now back in the drivers seat, so ive got loads of new videos coming soon, but something which ive been working on for a while by getting loads of different clips when ive been out and about all over The country is by using this thing the instago 2 camera. Now this has been out for a while. Now when it first came out, you saw all the reviews, the unboxings people using this, and it had good and bad points and its got better in time. So im going to be going through today show you some clips of different footage that ive been able to capture using this, and just why this is my favorite action camera and the main reason similar to that the mini two drones is because its so portable so Easy to use this is your all in one camera. You could use this for vlogging for taking footage when youre out and about and look how small it is if we compare it to some apple airpods. The actual difference isnt that much so this is why its so convenient but thats not the best thing, its the accessories that also come with this product. So when you get the go to in the box, it comes with some accessories already included, so you dont have to go out and buy some more to get these creative shots and my favorite one by far is this, and this is the magnetic neck strap.

So this is absolutely brilliant use this so many times for some creative images and videos using this. So when youve got this necklace on, you can take the into 360 out and then you can either place it straight over. Your t shirt like this and its on instantly or what i tend to do is you put the necklace underneath a jacket or t shirt, and then you can just place cnc3c on and its a gun there away. You go youre completely ready to get hands. Free footage i like to go for a bit of a higher look, so if you just pull the magnet up a little bit on here and thats really comfortable, do i look cool? I know i dont, but it comes with different stickers as well. You can get stickers on their website. Put these on im, not bothered with ive. Just i embrace the silliness of using this, but the footage you can get from this is more than worth it. We played football recently and i was able to get that first person view using this. Its brilliant go jogging. You got all your hands in the action as well and youre completely hands free. So this is a free accessory is brilliant, its also comfortable to wear. So when i go out – and i know im going to be taking this with me – i just keep this necklace on all the time and then its just ready.

If i see something i got right, i want to just put it onto my actual chest and use the chest mount. Take this out, put it on here and im ready to go. It also comes with a baseball clip as well, and we got some creative shots of this im going to put some of these on the screen. Now so by using this clip onto a back of a cap or the front, you can get a nice top down shot. So here my daughter is on her skateboard and were able then to use this view to capture some shots here and its really great to see that these come included in the box as well. And this is an accessory which doesnt come with the box. But its only about 15 20 pounds dollars to pick this up, and this is the insta 360 selfie stick now. This extends really long all the way out here. So from this you can on the top of it, you can connect your into 360. and then. What i like to do is, as i put this behind me, so as im walking, you can get a nice rear shot as youre walking or running, and its a really good really lightweight stick. This is not heavy in the slightest. I forget the actual weight of this, but its so lightweight folds, down, really neat put it in your bag. You can put this in your pocket. Great youve got everything you need.

Whats really great about this case is because of the legs on the bottom of it. As you can see here, youve now got your own little mini tripod, so the legs fold out on the back and then you can have it placed in position like this press record and then you could, if youre doing this for vlogging, you could just put that On a table and talk directly into it, so its great that these little integrated legs just fold out and then youve got your own mini tripod there. If it goes back in place yeah there you go. What else is great about this case? I love well, not only does it charge the actual camera, so you get about an hour and a halfs actual battery life, maybe a little bit more about an hour and maybe 50 minutes out of this ive found and thats using the pro mode, video which well Talk about in a second, so this charge is the actual camera, so you can use this camera on its own when its like say attached to your magnet or, if youre, just holding it like this and youll, get about 30 minutes of recording time from this. Once this starts to go flat or you get a warning, then you can put it back in here and it just clips in magnetic and then itll start to charge it for you. This is usbc, so it charges really fast as well, and i most of the time i have a power bank with me, so i can get at least an hour and a halfs worth of footage using this.

And then, if you say having some lunch or a coffee or something put this into a power bank and it charges super fast and then you can get nearly a full days worth of footage from this. What i also love about this remote – and this is really unique – is because this is a little magnet on the back of it. So as weve seen, you can attach this to anything magnetic, but this serves as a remote control as well. So there was an instance where several engines actually, but i had this attached to a goal post. So i just connected this to a goal post. Just imagine: thats thats a goal post there all right and then this now is your remote control. So you can be quite far away and then use this as a bluetooth remote. So just when you hit record on here that will then start to record. You can also use this to change different modes, so you can put it into photo mode pro mode and then you can stop and start recording, and you can also see on this screen how long youve been recording for so you can use this as well. To start recording, you can customize this, however, you want so ive got it set. So when i press this button once it will start recording in pro mode and if i double click it, it will go into a time lapse and three clicks.

It will go to a photo, so you can customize that all you want. You dont need a memory card for this. This is good and bad. So it comes about 30 gigabytes of storage in here that does fill up fairly quick, but what you can do is you can take your phone and then it does use the go to insta app and then you can record the footage on the go through wi Fi and then store it on your phone. So if you are worried that youre only going to get 30 gigabytes out of this once its maybe a quarter or half full, just transfer them to your actual phone or your computer or something and then you can delete this and carry on so now. Weve talked about the features, the remote control, the actual camera. I mean just look at it. Look how small that is, you know the possibilities of what you could do with this thing are endless. The magnetic click on the back of it is brilliant, and this is what sets it apart and why its different to gopro or osmo action, and then this size as well im not saying gopros, are large because theyre not, but just having something like this. If all you need put it in your pocket and youre off away, you go so lets. Look back over the last few months now ive put some clips together, ill talk over them and then ill show you just some of the different scenarios you can get with this just finally, the actual this is waterproof as well.

So you can take this in the water. Take it underwater no problem at all this isnt waterproof, so give this a bit of a wipe down before you put it back in the case, but weve used this and jumping in pools and its absolutely fine and great fun as well. The quality is spot on, and then what well do is when youve seen these clips well go then outside im, going to show you what its like outside as well from vlogging point of view, and also what that audio is like. So here we are walking around costco and ive got my insta360 attached to that magnetic neck strap, which we talked about before, and this is brilliant. Not only is this discreet but its a lot of fun isnt, it im able to walk around capture some footage here. Maybe theres something you want to buy and you forget about it. You can look back later, but if you just look around, no one is noticing that ive got some camera strapped to me. You know its really. Nice im completely hands free, and this is whats great about that neck mount using the tripod legs as well. This is a great b cam to take with you to get those extra angles in shots, so here im able to just put it just to the side of the air 2s as it takes off, and we can see this nice b roll shot, as the drone Is just hovering in place and then it will fly off to the distance, and this is whats great about this as well that its so small you can put this into areas without maybe like your mount able to fit or without taking some big gimbals or stands.

This just has them tripod legs and its great. It also comes with another little attachment as well in the box, and this has a sticky base. So i stuck this on top of the dji mini 2. You can mount this to anything, just wipe it down and you can keep sticking it on. You can use this in a car stuck to a car windscreen, and this was a great shot as well using it on the dji mini 2.. Here is another example. Using that neck magnet as well, my daughters here got the magnet just over her clothing, because you can see here there is a bit of shake when using it like this. But again you get a brilliant hands free image. Would you be able to do this using a gopro? Will we need a chest mount on there as well or a phone? It will be really hard to do so you to have that ability to be able to completely hand free is fantastic. Heres an example using the go to camera as a magnetic mount, so ive just got the go to camera here, ive, just stuck it to this metal pole and you get this great actual shot here just by clipping it on. I mean its so straightforward and fun to use and thats whats great about it. So this is a fun camera and its unique as well being able to just mount it to say this goal. Post here is brilliant, so its so small, you can use a tripod legs or you by using that magnetic mount its unique and versatile.

But in such a small package like this, it folds down really easily and it pops out to be this really unique and cute camera its a bag full of fun. This shot here. We just had it on the ground, put it into pro mode and then got a nice time lapse. While we played some football, you can also change the different angles as well really easily using all of those accessories. It comes with so now for that fpv look! Ive got it mounted around me on that neck strap and then it also has a horizon lock. So in pro mode, you wont get any wonky footage because it locks that horizon so by utilizing, the different accessories were able to get fpv shots top down shots and from behind shots is brilliant in pro mode as well. It also makes use of the flow state stabilization, which is brilliant, ive, never seen an actual camera to have stability as good as this. I use this a lot for youtube videos. I use it as a second camera. I use it to set different angles up and i was going past on a scooter and its brilliant and so easy to use. Ive used this for videos which ive not even released yet to get brilliant angles and footage, and just look how smooth this footage is with it hanging out the window at 60 miles an hour. It is great, i highly recommend it, but what about that workflow? So on the app youve got the live view mode.

Where you can change the settings itself or you can use the go to app as well as an editor. It gives you some nice little easy intermediate and hard little editing techniques. You can edit all from your phone or you can use an ipad or a tablet or an actual desktop. So there is lots of different ways of how you can edit on your mobile as well, which is great when on the app you can go to album, and that will take you to everything that youve been filming on the phone and then you can export it. As direct onto your phone or you can edit it through this app if youre using pro video, it does take a bit longer to export. Some of those file sizes are larger, but the quality is going to be better youre going to have that stability is going to be increased and also the horizon lock as well. So i do use pro video more just to be able to get that higher. Better quality but pro mode will take longer to download it onto your phone. What i tend to do is, as i just connect it direct up to my laptop use, the included wire, and then i can transfer all the files, then to the go to studio when outside its perfect for a vlogging camera. Its really small, but also its discreet. As well so nobodys going to be looking at, you, like youve, got 10 heads because youve got some huge camera with 15 different microphones out of it a gimbal and everything else.

This is so small, its everything you could need for vlogging. You can use different things which are near you, so ive got it here attached to my petrol cap, so easy as i is now attached to my car and ive got my own tripod. Holding this in place so im completely hands free, and i can talk to this. We have got a bit of wind here today as well. So what do you think about this audio? I dont think its that bad as well. I keep wind reduction off because that sometimes just messes up the audio completely, and this is in the normal color profile. I think the colors direct out of this are pretty good or you can also use different things. So here im just using the tripod legs and ive got it mounted on the actual tree, and i can use that as my own portable tripod, so its great its unique and youve just got to be creative when youre using a device like this. Another great thing about this is that you dont have to hold this really far out because of the wide field of view on this camera. This super wide look. You dont have to have your arm really stretched out, like you do on other vlogging cameras, so ive now switched over to pro video mode, its in the same video frame rate, but now the footage should be even more stable im walking around about the same speed Same location, but you can use this mode if you want as well and then it is really stable.

Someone has just started drilling over there, so i hope its worked. So this is great. Now now ive got it laid flat and ive got the controller in my hand. So this is not only actual a tripod so mount this, but you can use this as your portable remote control. All right. So ive now gone back in the car because that drilling noise was driving me insane. But i hope you get a good idea of what it was like outside, and an indoor environment now like in a car. The audio is even better so its a great device, and i highly recommend it. So if you like this, video go and check it out ill link in description below, but i love using this the quality isnt amazing, but it is good enough. The audio the same as well its good enough, its a great portable camera, something which i use a lot and its always there with me in my kit bag, so take care guys thanks.