I figured okay. Well, i can’t fly this in the house on a windy day. Let me it’s, i i mean i could, but i might you know, chuckling kids heads off or something so i went ahead and bought. I went on youtube and youtube some little drones, beginner drones and this popped up got a little little camera on it. Kind of blurry, it’s staticky don’t go far this little you can’t control. It has no positioning it. It goes everywhere. You can’t control it so i’m. Thinking how can i practice with this? How can you practice something that isn’t like a dji mini that stays steady so, if i’m practicing with this piece of i’m getting nowhere i’m, basically all over the damn place? So if i get the controller for the mini i’m gon na be all over downplays i’m gon na ain’t gon na know what to do. My thumbs are gon na react, so i ran it to my old lady’s hair and she was pissed. I had to dig it out her hair, so she’s scared of that thing now so the other side. Well, when the when the mini got here, i was like well i’m gon na get me another beginner. Drone i’m gon na get me another one that i think can uh hold its position in the air and i can fly around the house that’s safe for kids to play with or be around so i bought this tele.

So i got the telo love this drone guys perfect beginner drone for in the house. It holds steady in the light if it’s a little dark, you’ll get little it’ll go off, of course, but i love it for the price uh it’s 99 bucks. I think it cost me like 240 or some like that with a controller, and i use the old phone with it. It connects wi fi, so it’s, fine old phone, and i got the blue case with it and took the white one off, because extra propellers comes with two extra batteries and they run about 15 minutes they’re, pretty they last a pretty good bit. Now i got the guard for it: the propeller guard to cover the whole top because, like i said, i got kids, so you know i didn’t want to stick their fingers or whack it or something like that and get their finger caught in it. It comes with the guards here in the combo pack, so these work great if i’m, outside or something like that. I don’t want the extra weight on it uh and then also i went ahead and ordered the controller and it is pretty it’s not cheap, like that. One, if this is more like a ps4 controller, it’s, solid and uh, you can mount your phone to. It works great. It even works with my uh case on my phone, but it was hard to squeeze in so i just got an old phone squeeze it in.

There works fine, download that and uh that way, it’s on an old phone. I can just keep it with it. You know i ain’t got to use my phone for it so and uh so then i went to after that this one i fly regularly most of the time. So then i got my dji and so now i’m doing videos with it so i’m i’m practicing working on the part 107 it’s registered but came with the drone i’m sure everybody seen reviews on it, i’ve seen reviews where people said turn the batteries backwards, so that’s. What i do to let them discharge and uh all that good stuff and here in a minute, i’ll go over the accessories that i’ve got with my drone and see, if you all prove of them. But another thing i want to talk about. A lot of people has done reviews over the instago 360.. Well, mine just came in the mail today, and i was disappointed about some reviews. Some reviews said that it don’t stick real good and everything else that the bad quality uh, that the pendant don’t work well and all this stuff with the pendant part. I agree with on a certain level, but as far as quality, this thing is solid. It is solid quality. The camera don’t feel cheap at all. It feels high quality. I mean it. Don’T feel cheap uh there. It is, if you want to see it next to the tiny drone about the same size uh.

But what i’m disappointed with is what people said like there was one reviewer. That said, he put the amount on a bicep on his little girl’s bicep. Okay, now i don’t know how rough this little girl was driving or riding uh, but he i think he said he was. She was four or five or something like that. But let me show you, i mean if you mounted this on a bicycle: okay, it’s it’s stuck in their magnets. Let me show you something here: how hard is this little girl riding her goddamn bike? Is my my question: how hard is she riding that bike? So here’s the here’s, the hat clip clip pocket clip. You can clip it on your pants. Let people look at the dick, all kinds of but let’s see so it’s in there. So because i was thinking i’m gon na need a rubber band or zip ties or something to zip tie these in the clips, so they don’t fall out, but for 300 bucks you think you get some quality and you do uh now. I agree with the reviewers that said, the button is easy to press because it is, but you got ta understand something it sticks in stuff. It wants it. You got ta, be able to press it very easy. So i wouldn’t advise, keep it in your pocket, like this i’ll put it in the case and put it in your pocket, which that’s what you should do anyways that way it keeps it charged and ready to go whenever you need it, and now the charger it’s High quality high quality charger uh i mean the controllers are fairly simple: uh.

It didn’t take about an hour to charge full charge or something like that. So it has a mount. Three tripods has a c charger. I think it’s great honestly i’ve made a little video. I will uh post here later, but i will do more videos in the future with it so but uh one reviewer was right about the legs. The legs are a little floppy they’re they bend back, they don’t they don’t sit steady they’re. Not i don’t know. If that was a design flaw or what what they’ve done, but if they meant to do that, but whatever whatever they wanted, but they said that you can replace them. You know whatever. I probably want to use that tripod much i’m, probably going to end up using this. So just but now the pendant let’s go to the pendant now here’s, where everybody says they’re complaining about that sticking under your shirt. It don’t stick well well, that’s! True, it don’t. Stick well like here’s, a rope it’s pretty thick. I mean it’s sticking pretty good through the rope and i mean it’s pretty thick so uh through a shirt being active stuff. I can imagine lose connection, but just to show you how well it does stick. If you live on outside your shirt, i mean yeah it’s, not going nowhere. I mean that magnet is steady. So, as you see the camera’s in the same spot, didn’t turn twist or nothing same spot so yeah.

I would recommend people buying this. For your i mean i wouldn’t say it was good for the sports people that want to go uh, get gopros and pay all that money for gopros and their whole kits and want to be dressed up like they’re going war or some with a camera. Then go ahead: that’s that’s, you uh, but as far as family filming. If i want to put this on one of my kids, you know where around the neck i’m not scared to go anywhere. You know, as far as a little girl riding a bicycle or something i’m, not scared, uh. Putting on my son’s shirt while he’s on his hoverboard. No, i mean i ain’t worried about going anywhere because these are holding pretty damn well. So i think all the reviews are a little misleading. It does hold very, very well so, with that said, uh. Let me go to another product. This is pissed off about it’s kind of funny. I bought a little mouse from walmart or a cheap mouse, because i i went by the expenses, but i’ll buy a little cheap mouse from a laptop and i plugged in it didn’t work. I was like okay, so i stretched out plugged in didn’t work or for some reason, this little doohickey here moved and when i stretch it back, it left it flopping. So damn there’s some cheap it. They wouldn’t compatible with them laptop. So whatever that’s that’s crap let’s don’t have the garbage anyways uh, like i said, don’t buy this this piece, the batteries last three minutes, maybe don’t buy.

If you want a beginner drone, go straight to the telo, get the taillow you’ll be satisfied. Once you get the tailload and you get practice on it, the fight around house, you know you do flips in front of kids and and y’all had to get the iron man wings and the blue top four and everything comes three batteries, it’s badass and then, if You want to step up from that beginner drone i’d go with dji, mini 2 i’d go with it and right now i will talk about the accessories. Okay, let’s go over some accessories for the dji mirror. This is what i picked. Okay, i’ve watched videos and views of it, and i was like well. Some of these stuff are hitting this. I really don’t need some of this stuff, but here’s. What was important to me. The camera on the dji mini, is very flimsy, uh sensitive. It may break if you crash it, so i got the guard, it will also block out the sun. Everything else and let me get the drone i’ll show you let’s see here there we go okay, so you take the gimbal protector off okay, then you get it and you just stick it in there, like the game protector goes on. Basically, it will protect it from the wind. You know it keeps it all around protected, so something hits. It hits something head on anything landing. Anything like that, so yeah that’s that’s. One thing that i would recommend.

Another thing i would recommend is getting new propeller safety guards. Well, they’re, not guards or straps basically, but uh is to hold them back now. Reason is, is because you’re gon na want these legs. You’Re gon na want landing legs because it, otherwise it lands right. On its belly – and you don’t want all that you don’t want to scratch at the bottom of it, the camera be in the dirt or the grass anything like that. So i bought these legs off amazon they’re, pretty good quality great. I mean real great quality really for the price uh, but that way it will elevate it, so it will keep it off the ground. We’Ll move this down away, just keep it off the ground. So now you ain’t got your drone sitting in the dirt. So, but in order to do that, these legs i had to the original strap that came with it would not go around the legs right here right there. They would not go around. So i thought. Well. Okay, let me see if i find some new straps, so i found these so these little straps right here on amazon, close them up, and you put them on just like that, and that way the legs are not in the way nothing else in the way and They’Re straight across instead the old strap that wouldn’t fit so they’re they’re safe. I didn’t get that on all the way wing and stick out did it anyways, but yeah that’s.

Why? I got new straps for the wings because of the landing gear it seems like when you buy one thing you got: ta buy another and all this, so it ends up being a money pit for a minute anyways. So then i figured okay. Well, i might drive. I might fly later at night, so it might be a little dark or a little dim or something so i got some lights or maybe a little fog or something these lights. Weren’T. A couple bucks on amazon, pretty bright – i don’t know if you tell but they’re pretty bright, and i might pull somebody over with it. So we’ll see all right and then i got my phone has a case on. It has a big case on it to protect it from stuff, so it wouldn’t fit in controller right. Well, it did, but it didn’t and uh. So i bought a a phone holder that had the shield on like this to block out the sun. So i could see the screen, but it still wouldn’t fit in. So i got looking. I found this, so this sticks in your controller and it elevates your phone well after i get that. I ran to another problem. The original cable on the controller would not fit by my case into the charger, so i had to get a usb just got a little usb, so that was a couple dollars and that’s to stretch from controller and go through the hole right here into the phone.

So that helps so now it works pretty good and i just realized now: i’ve got this insta 360. Go that i can make more videos that are closer up of the controller of me. I can do videos of me talking. I can aim it up at my face. I can aim it down at the controller huh. I just realized this and i can do it at different angles here i can put it underneath, but on the side, whatever i want to do, hmm so that’s. Another reason to buy the insta 360 go to so anyways. Well, let’s go to propeller guards. Now i need some just in case. I was in a dense area with woods and power lines and – and i just wanted to practice around trees or something so i was like because it’s going to happen, you’re going to fly around trees and stuff you don’t really feel comfortable around. So this kind of gives you a little bit of security. I mean they’re flexible. I mean it’s, probably gon, na save the front of your drone a little bit if it runs head person, something so it’s gon na prevent a lot of damage so and save you. A lot of money uh if you do hit something uh. The other thing i got is i’ve seen a guy use these in the water it’s the floatable landing gear to elevate your drone on water it’s, pretty simple, i haven’t! Really i haven’t used them, but they squeeze in here squeeze them in and i’ve seen where it’s probably good, that you balance it out on water in the sink or tub or something before you go out in the real world setting.

And then you mount it to your drone underneath it. I believe it can go like that, so it will sit in it works great. I guess i don’t know, but it looks like it fits great. I put it on. Okay, let’s put that back up all right. Now i’ve bought a landing pad in case you’re in some wet grass or something you get a landing pad. It’S foldable get them online. I ain’t gon na fold it out here i’m sure you’ve seen them okay fold it out, throw it on the ground done with it boom. I say that’s a must have too i mean not necessarily, but i think so now another thing nd filters, so i’ve seen people talk about the free, will free will brand nice little case, so i bought one of them and these were a little bit cheaper right Here i don’t know if you can see that right there, but let’s see this here see they were a little cheaper, but these things right here, they’re sticky, they stick on the front of your gimbal. It comes with two of them. Okay, and these are magnetic. They stick to the front of it, but the problem is, if you bump into something or your drone crashes. The lens is not stuck on there very well it’s going to fall off. It happened to me it’s going to fall off, but there they were cheap. So you know it is what it is: don’t buy them if you don’t want good ones.

If you want good ones, get these get the freewheel they’re small they just snap on, and i would recommend uh getting a kit of eight but that’s. Just me that’s what i’m going to get on order next, which i haven’t done. Many nd filter shots yet, but i’ve done a few with this one and these and these i don’t recommend well that’s it for me today.