It is insta360 go to so you can see how tiny that is. It can just fit in my pocket, it’s. Probably why i’ve been using for so many occasions for the past two months, so i thought you know since i’ve been using it for the last two months non stop. I thought you know. I should really give you guys a very thorough and honest review about what i actually really think about this camera so i’m, going to talk about three negatives and five positives, so i’m, just gon na start with the bad news. You know it’s better to have bad news out first and then i’m also going to have a timestamp down below. So, if you guys do want to, you know, skip to the positive part, then feel free to do so, and also please, like this video and don’t. Forget to subscribe, if you haven’t done so already so the negatives about this camera, three things that i don’t particularly enjoy about this camera, and the first i have to say, is the mic. So mike actually is not that bad. If you’re, you know sitting in a very quiet place in a countryside with like zero wind, however, you know this is basically an action, camera, so i’m sure you’re gon na be doing a lot of different activities. You know out by the sea, perhaps riding bicycle and stuff, and you are going to get a lot of wind. So if you actually try to speak to the camera, especially when you’re using these cameras on standalone bases, it is going to catch a lot of wind.

Just like here, okay, so today, is super duper windy. So if i know that i need to vlog a lot, i need to speak a lot. What i would normally do is actually take my pocket too, since i have this camera where there is a separate mic. But you know i’m gon na also talk about a few months review, thorough review about dji pocket 2. So do stay tuned and the second thing that i don’t love about this camera in comparison to other insta360 cameras such as you know, x2, the 360 degree camera. Let me just i just wanted to show you double lens that’s all. I think these 360 degree cameras they actually make most use out of their insta360 app, which is super well built. So there is a special section called short lapse. There are all these effects where you can just slap it on to your raw video clip and then they’ll, just edit, the entire video for you, but with this insta360 go to because it only takes the flat video format, not the 360 degree. So the short lips that you can use with this particular video clip is a bit limited and may not be as interesting as special as some other 360 degree. Footage is out there Music, and the final thing that i don’t like about this camera before we go into the positives, is that because it doesn’t have gimbal or anything, for example, in a one hour camera you usually use it with selfie stick, so you can actually Change the angle and with dji pocket 2, you do have gimbal, so you can actually, you know, change the angle of the frame, whereas insta360 go to if you use it on this little mount.

You know this case charging case. Of course you can change the angle. So normally, i would actually use this on standalone basis. You know stuck on the metal or something, and in that case you can’t, actually change the angle of the frame so it’s not like such a big issue. Of course, because you can later you know, crop the size to actually get the sort of best. You know framing, but still there are times that i wish you know it can sort of tilt while it’s on the metal. However, i’m, not entirely sure how you can do that, but i’ve already said enough negative things about this camera, because at the end of the day i actually really do enjoy using this camera that’s. Why it’s just been in my pocket in my bag everywhere i go so the first thing that i absolutely love about this camera is that it is a tiny, so i normally actually just carry this case and perhaps the magnetic like necklace like this one. However, not even much, but i normally just carry this charging case and that’s it. So it goes into my pocket. It goes into my drum bag so that you know i can actually supplement some of the drone footages from the land and because it’s wide angle, you know i can just easily hold like this or actually you know normally, i would actually just use a standalone basis. Hold it like this, and there is a button where you can just press and then it will start the pro video mode where you can later actually change the framing and edit in insta360 camera app and the most notable thing that you can actually tell by looking At the footages directly from this camera is that it is vibrant.

The color is absolutely fantastic, especially under the sunlight, and then, if you really want to further edit it, although i think sometimes you know it can be too vibrant. If you actually slap on the color plus during editing process in the app, however, so far other than my main camera, i think insta360 go to color scheme is my favorite out there and the next feature that i absolutely love about this camera is how it is Magnetic and i also make very good use of lampposts because usually they have magnetic metal and also on the bike, to actually film myself, as well as film myself, while i’m sitting on the ground, to actually talk to the camera and vlog away. And lastly, i really do enjoy charging case as opposed to what we’re used to in go like one. The very original of this go series with the charging case. I can just navigate around it works as a remote control as well. So i have no issue in you know seeing what’s going on, so i can actually just navigate and instruct what’s going on inside this camera, and also i can see you know how many seconds it has taken of the time lapse and so on. So you can very easily, you know, get the shots that you want. Oh, and i must say because you know it records maximum at 1440p, so it’s very easy on my hard drive because very recently, a couple of weeks ago i had to actually buy yet another hard drive, because you know all these footages from you know.

360 degree. Camera and also especially my drone footages they’re, all taken in 4k, because i really want to capture the beauty of nature. So you know i have to get another four terabyte hard disk, but probably you know this is gon na get filled up pretty soon as well. So insta360 go to it’s easy on my memory space as well, as you know, in physical form as well. So, even though i have a lot of different cameras, useful for action and so on, i actually have been using insta360 go to most for the reasons that i talked in this video. What do you guys think do you have this insta360 go to then? Please do let me know down below what do you guys think about so far because i’d love to hear from you, and maybe you know if they come up with go 3, then we can. Let them know what we want to see in the next iteration. So i’ll come back with other. You know thorough and honest review about products that i have been using for a while.