The only getaway that i had this year and the only camera other than the mobile phone, the only camera that i took was insta360 go to, and now it has been around eight months, eight nine months since this was first launched. So i want to do a roundup of review to let you guys know what i particularly like about it, and also there is a sale going on the black friday sale. That goes all the way i think to around 14th of december. So you definitely want to just check out the link down below, but first hear me out, and i want to also share with you guys some shots that i took from the mini getaway Music. So the reason the sole reason for me actually bringing insta360 go to only is that it is super small. It actually goes in this case, which is a charging case, as well as a remote control inside the whole package. There are all these magnetic holders and so on, which are super useful, but i must confess the way that i use this most is actually just putting it on like this, because here there is a placeholder for my finger and also you can use it like a Mini tripod, so i find actually this little camera just sufficient, so this mini get away. I didnt want to bother my friends with me filming or anything. I wanted to just focus on spending time with my friend and also have good fear just enjoy traveling.

So all i brought was actually this little camera thats it and my favorite mode. The mode that i use the most is the pro video mode, because pro video mode, you can actually post edit in insta360 app and all i do – is either go for. Actually, the original ultra wide view or sometimes go linear, just like what i did with this time lapse Music. In this case, i was using time lapse and i was recording it for an hour non. Stop the camera got hot, but it continued filming the time lapse. So other features that i use a lot is hyperlapse, Music, but also inside display. You can clearly see that, yes, there is also the slow mo mode as well, and in this case i was maybe just running around with a seagull and no signal was harmed and actually the slow motion was absolutely beautiful. Music. Recently i did some comparison with insta360. Go 2 against action, 2 and yes, action 2 was a very interesting, very technology, packed device and also, i must say, the white balance. If you want to get the white balance absolutely correct, perhaps the direction 2 white balance was more correct than this one. However, what i find with insta360 go 2 is that the video it does have a little bit more yellowy hue. It does make the color more saturated and more pretty so maybe a little more flattering in social media as well as you can also make your face.

Prettier by changing different modes within the insta360 app Music and as a recent update upgrade over this camera, there is actually, i am holding the 64 gigabyte of insta360 go to originally came out with 32 gigabyte, which i think is totally enough, because i like just taking Little clips, however, if you want bigger space, then yes, you can get the six sig four gigabytes in the website, as well as amazon, etc. So, if anyones interested in some simple camera, thats complementary to your mobile phone, yes, mobile phone is probably the most convenient. However, if you want like the second most convenient camera, then yes, i think insta360 go. 2 is a great little camera. So if you want to get it on a discount, then do check out the link down below and ill definitely come back with more shots from insta360.