It will feature classic yet contemporary interiors, complemented by unprecedented views. The celebrated foundation of luxury offered by the terra nova address will reassure and inspire a discerning clientele elevate, your senses, through a green building concept that enables you to feel your best in naturally lit air conditioned interior spaces when its time to unwind know that you can Be your best whether dining staying in relaxing in the zen meditation garden lounging in the sky experience zone all while enjoying sweeping views of kingston city live your best with state of the art indoor gym, multiple open air spaces, including the rooftop pool and jogging trail, discover One two and three bedroom apartments featuring expensive, balconies, boasting top tier finishes retrofitted for voice activated home controls. Music live lavishly in apartment units, ranging from 954 to 3154 square feet of pure luxury. Let the suite life be wherever you are with wi fi access in shared spaces, eclectic entertainment options, concierge, conveniences and lobby. Cafe: wine bar and room service options curated by the award, winning terra nova, all suite hotel Music. Your sweet life awaits the residences at terra nova. Your life in Music, so so Music, all right rush, fam, so im standing basically in front of what will be the residences of taranova thats. What were taking a look at today? All right so were right off salt avenue. We can clearly see the 20 salt apartment complex thats. What started all this revolution in luxury apartments? We can see parkers one and beside parkours.

One is genesis, i think genesis 28. You can see the top of it right here. So now the residence is after another. Will be the fourth one in this area, so its been marketed its been marketed as one of the most luxurious uh gated living. It will be twice the back of the terra nova, hotel Applause, poor diamond hospitality, so because its on the grounds of the hotel, you can order from the hotel so thats something new that we havent seen uh, we know places like 20 salt has a concession store. Some of them have convenience store, but this one because its on the property at the hotel, you can order from the hotel, so thats kind of cool. What do you guys think secure luxury catered to your lifestyle and, as i said, it can have fine dining in your apartment, multiple amenities and lavish green zones so to zoom in on the proposed book, so its a rooster pool greenery, you see lots about 20. Lots of glass the next pool right here, i think theyll – have some of the other amenities, such as underground parking gym. You know and other amenities for sure, so theyre just starting off uh foundation. So this is really a first look for you guys, the first video from rush to discover, boss and similar to via bremar. I always mention when i go to that development. I like how this one as well decorate the perimeter fence, so it doesnt disturb the community.

This is a very upscale community, close to alpha tree right off, salt avenue and alisa can see what is coming to the property. You can see the design, so you know exactly whats happening. They are stating it to finish by 2023, Music, so thats, the residences of the renova. Of course this is a drone video. So if you guessed you guessed correctly uh so stay tuned towards the end were gon na set up the drone just to get some aerial shots um, as i said, not nothing much except the foundation um and stuff, like probably the underground parking, so you guys definitely Stay tuned, for that remember to like remember, to comment remember to share and subscribing is free, so remember to subscribe as well. Alright, so you know, i guess the real estate or the luxury real estate apartment, complex market is, is booming. You know because everybody is trying to all do the other like genesis. 28, have a sauna of a theater but which one, you think will eventually stand in the number one spot guys we have ambani estates as well. We have ‘ w. We have a lot of them. We have dream 36 in montego b, but what do you guys are? Which one do you guys think is gon na? Take the number one spot we have 20, so we have parkers one. So let me know in the comment section what or which one you would put in the number one spot, and i guess whichever one is mentioned the most time.

I guess we can nominate that one in the number one spot until a better one comes along all right, guys lets jump into another sea. All right so well be taking a drive from right here, which i think will be the front entrance im, not sure if it will be front or back entrance, because im sure you will be able to enter from the terra nova hotel but were driving from here. To the component of the terra nova, so you guys can you know see exactly where we are so we have parkers one in front of us and genesis: 28 20 sold so were coming off, merrick avenue going on 20th avenue then on to waterloo road and then Well be entering the component of the terranova hotel and the future home of the residences after another, so this gated apartment complex will be luxury and it will be on the component of our hotel, so thats, i think thats a uniqueness in everything because you know we Have seen a lot of other crazy upscale luxury apartments, but you know theyre not on a hotel complex so with this one they can, you know, promote. You know, fine dining, and you know restaurant type, dinners being delivered to your room stuff like that. So that concept is kind of neat, so were on waterloo road. I think our entrance will be coming up, so this is now the entrance for the hotel itself, terra nova, hotel and restaurant all right all right, so weve just entered since ive been to another restaurant over here they have a fine, dining restaurant.

They have a restaurant on the bar all right, so this is the terra nova hotel. So what were trying to add to is where they have coordinates for the construction of the residences after anova, and i guess the concept of the apartment is just as though turnover is very fruity, a lot of vegetation, a lot of greenery on the hotel itself. I guess thats what theyre bringing to the apartment so its right down here. This is where they have cordoned off, should have given you guys, a quick view so remember to like comment, share and subscribe. So this is, i think this will be the other entrance. All right, all right guys, so thanks for watching thanks for clicking and were gon na, send up the drone real soon so stay for the drone shots. Dont go anywhere.