Yesterday, we arrived here at the point surf camp. This is one of my dream surf camps. To always go to. I did visit the one in portugal if you’re unfamiliar with la pointe. They have surf camp on several locations across the world, just to mention some sri lanka, portugal, bali here in santo teresa and costa rica. So it was really a thing i wanted to go to and i’m super excited that we made it here. We’Re gon na stay here for three nights. My point is a surf camp where you can meet a lot of like minded people. Currently there are 22 guests. Staying here so with me and ava we’re 24., we got our own little room here, which we’re super super thankful for our air conditioned. You know um we’ve been staying in an rv for the last five days, we’re doing an rv trip across costa rica, so we’re just crashing in here on this camp for a couple of days to find a community around surfing, have some fun uh really enjoy our Time we came here on a thursday and thursdays are party night at the camps. So yesterday we got a little bit in on the fun that’s. Why we’re waking up a little late today, but we have an adventure. We’Re gon na go into uh to explore. Waterfall apparently rent some rvs have some fun i’ll. Try to show you guys what a day on the camp in la pointe looks like.

I also hope i get to show you santa teresa of the town here when i came driving in it was really like. Wow, am i back in charge. The island life just hit me there’s, dirt, roads, dirt, bikes, really really nice guys come along for the vlog let’s go Music all right out in the morning. Looking for a place to rent a motorcycle, i have finally rented a motorcycle 34 000 colognes for one day. Five dollar insurance we’re excited to go all right check. This beast out, it’s, actually an xr 200. This time a little bit bigger bike and my friends from new york over here Applause so what’s, the name of the waterfall we’re, going to today, montezuma zuma, yeah so i’m, going to tailgate these guys through the guides. Today, let’s go Music all right guys about a 40 minute drive over the mountain we’ve reached to the city of montezuma it’s, more like a town, very cool town, big hills surrounding it – and this is where we’re gon na try to eat now for lunch and then Go for a waterfall later sick, beautiful day, too Music, so Music Applause, Music. When you’re coming here, don’t forget to check out the restaurant chicos right on the beach gorgeous seafood. They also have chicken and they have some ceviche that’s, not on the menu. But if you ask them, they might be able to hook you up with that. What a day this is turning out to be.

We are now going to head for that waterfall that i promise you i’m excited for that i’ve heard it’s about one hour trek, but on the top, apparently there’s gon na be a cliff of about 12 to 15 meters to jump from okay guys. We have parked by this lodge up in the mountains and we’re gon na try to find a trail leading down to the waterfalls. By doing it, this way we’re going to save a lot of time. Hopefully we’ll get there in just 10 minutes: Music Applause, Music. Okay guys so we paid a thousand clones per person to get in here. We’Re gon na get access to three different waterfalls, one big one and two smaller ones, which apparently is really nice for cliff. Jumping. First we’re gon na go and check out the big one. All right guys, we have reached a river and see the falls from here. Another three minutes: hike there’s, definitely places on both sides of the rivers where you can hike to get up there, Music, Music, wow there it is. We arrived very easy to walk five minutes. Rope all the way our friends are here. That thing is so beautiful and there’s a rope swing at the end. We’Re definitely gon na have to hit that up. What’S up guys, Music, Music, Music discovery, Music, guys we’re, leaving a big waterfall behind. Thank you. That was really really fun able to swim behind it jump from it, there’s a rope swing and now we’re going to track about 15 minutes up uphill we’re gon na get to two other waterfalls, so stay along okay, you can say that yeah.

Okay, just tell me what to say: go action like and subscribe. Thank you guys. Bye bye enjoy the hike. Thank you. Okay. We have arrived at the second and the third waterfall, so here it looks like you’re gon na have to jump in swim over and then you can jump down the last big waterfall Music. We are here Music, Music. Before i left to costa rica, a company called power, russian sent me their newest drone. This drone is called the power egg x, as you guys can see it has water skids. It has this water housing around the drone. This is a very, very interesting drone. I’Ve. Never seen anything like this, i am going to put it to the test, so i think, as a beginner with this type of drone, i think it’s awesome that we have a pool here in the backyard of the camp, where i can try to lift up from Water for the first time i just had my first flight ever with the drone and it was operating like uh. I was used to with other drone companies that was cool to see. It was flying perfectly regularly. So let’s put it to the test and see how it is to land and take off on the water with the power egg x. Okay, guys now we got it out in the sunlight. Look at this beauty look at this massive drone and then this powerful camera let’s put it on the water, see if it floats dude, it floats.

Oh my gosh yeah, i mean Music, me, Music, oh Music, all right guys! We have had the first flight with this one of a kind waterproof ai drone from power vision. I’Ll tell you that that was an interesting experience. I’Ve been flying drones for about five years now and i’ve, never ever seen a drone that can do uh. This drone. Just did land and take off of water. It is also said that this thing can fly in the rain, which i am going to try later on this trip. 100 uh costa rica, such bi, diverse country, and we were him during the rainy season and now that i know and can trust the drone. I always like to test it off. First, i’m, definitely going to try that once we hit some other spots in costa rica, that’s going to be interesting, there’s also an option on this drone where you can take off the entire water housing, the skids and these propeller arms, and you can use it as A handheld gimbal, which i’m going to try a little bit later, we’re going to go up to a hotel in the hillside. Here nice pool bar i’m going to try to get some shots with it. It’S just cool that they’re trying to make a drone that’s. All in one personally, i think it is a bit large, but you know it comes with its advantages as well: it’s more stable, and i think definitely when you’re going to build a drone that needs to land on water.

It needs to be of a certain size for that to be possible. Other features you need to be aware of here on the drone is that it has an automatic fly home button, that’s, very, very nice. If you lose reception or you just don’t want to land it yourself, you click one button and the drone will land where it took off. This drone shoots in 4k, 60 frames per second there’s, also different modes. It shoots photos and videos. This drone is also said to be wind resistant up to level 5, which is 36 knots per hour. This drone also has obstacle avoidance, making it able to detect the landscape you’re flying in, and then you know lowering the risk of you actually crashing it, because, usually, when a drone crash it’s human error, this drone can easily transform from a drone to a handheld gimbal. Like i told you guys, and also it has a tripod which this drone can stand on and with this ai technology, it’s seamlessly tracking you, so they try to think of everything here and i think it’s really cool that a company wants to try to evolve. The drone market a little bit yeah and it comes in this very nice casing, which i can just take around and carry everywhere. I think this is a good option for someone looking for their first drone, definitely educate yourself on what’s out there, but here you have an all in one compact, ai power drone from power missions Music.

I haven’t been driving a motorcycle since i left the philippines. So being here in costa rica being able to rent a motorcycle driving dirt roads – quite quite nice, really nice experience and right now i have teamed up with avi there. She is ava’s been editing all day, so she didn’t come to the adventure this uh this afternoon, but you know she’s here now and i’ve been driving all the way through the town at the very end, to watch this beautiful sunset go down and i’m pretty sure. So i think this is our favorite sunset spot. Now we got lucky yesterday when we found this, we got lost because our internet wasn’t working yeah. Now we are here wow. Let me show it to you: abby you’ll, be the model wow worldwide, yeah ava has her own bikini line. If you guys didn’t, know and i’m going to link it in the description. If you guys want to check it out, there’s a lot of tide pools here too, which makes it a lot cooler, because the sun is reflecting in the pools and giving it that extra Music vibrant Music good morning guys. My camera is a little bit foggy, but hey i’m picking out a board. This is how you do it here on the point surf camp wake up in the morning. There are two groups one group serves at 5 45. Super early second group serves at 7 45. You know me i like to sleep so i’m happy.

I got in on that group. I’M gon na go with the guys on level three today, the more advanced surfers. So there are three levels on the camp. You have beginners media mediocre and then you have the more advanced surfers which are able to read the ocean and surf by themselves. As you can see, boards in every class here, all the way down to short boards i’m gon na try a 7 6 today it’s a little bit shorter than what i usually surf on i’m, a longboarder so eight feet. My favorite i’m excited to do this, so they have a couple vans. Picking us up down here on the road now we’re gon na drive the vans bring all the boards into a beach called playa. Hermosa let’s go let’s roll it out Music. What alive? Hey guys! So we have been driving to fly hermosa. This is where all the surf activities are happening. It looks like it’s looks like it’s really good waves. Today, i’m pretty excited, and hopefully they’ll have a leash for me because i didn’t find one on the Music cabin Music. You Music Music for the last times, know you’re gone in the morning, but i’ll be Music. Okay, Music is Music. Just hold me closer i’ll be okay. We have returned our motorbike we’re done surfing. It was one day yeah. It was really fun. It’S like living in the philippines, again yeah, it was really fun and now we’re gon na go check out a local shop here that we’ve been recommended.

It’S called the bakery, apparently it’s, a very hip spot where a lot of people go i’m excited to eat. You know i’m pretty hungry after that long surf session Music. So back at the camp after that really really good lunch. Definitely the bakery is a place. I would also recommend not only for the food, but also for the juices. Now what happens at this hour? Oh, my god, i just have to point out the lizard up there, yeah he’s, just i think, that’s his house he’s been there it’s around 1pm and there’s, nothing. You really have to do on the camp until night hours. Some people go surfing at sunset, which is something i might do if i’m feeling, the energy. If not, there are beer pong tables, and then we all always have a common lunch at 7. 00 p.m. All right! Pretty nice i’ll show you the outdoor areas here: Music, Music, it’s party, time Music. We have arrived at vistas, the olas meaning ocean view front. It is a very amazing infinity pool here, probably the best view you’re gon na find in santa teresa. You can come as a large group of friends. They are very simple. With the rules the rule is you have a 25 minimum consumable per person? You need to pay that when you enter the pool when you enter the premises and you can actually drink for 25. So that’s pretty awesome, i’m. Pretty excited to be here.

Everybody from the camp decided to come along. So i think we are a good group and we’re gon na have a lot of fun, so this is definitely a place. You need to check out when you visit santa teresa looks like the dogs are really happy here: Music, Music, all right guys, it’s! Our last day here at the point camps, we’ve stayed here for a total of four nights now and we’re. Just cramming out some work. Taking advantage of that awesome, wi fi, that is not easy to find when you’re living in an rv. So i just wanted to tell you guys how awesome it’s been to meet all these people and maybe some tips and tricks to why you should consider the point camp for one of your next destinations and vacations. You get to meet so many new people from all over the place like on this trip. I think we were probably more than 10 different nations, so you you’re forming relationship with people all across the globe. You are improving your surfing skills, but not just the camp is not just about surfing. Obviously, it’s about a lot of different things. We’Ve been having game nights, we’ve been having party nights, we’ve been having full volleyball matches. We have a table tennis over there and we’ve. Also been going out on excursions together as a team, so you know just staying here for four days. I feel like we made a lot of really good friends.

People come here all the way from ages, 18 up to 30. there’s a little bit of um age gap there, but everybody just goes along very easy and it’s really nice to see man like some people are traveling solo. Other people come as couples, so there are different dorm rooms and also private villas here on this camp in costa rica, it’s really good. I really hope you’ve been enjoying this video and that it gave you a little insight into what to expect when you make it to a point camp. You know they have camps all across the globe, not just here in costa rica, but i would highly recommend you to check out this one, because this country is awesome. Thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to like and subscribe, and check out guys as well and check out our other videos on the channel.